Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Let Zionist Jewry torture and murder with impunity like Jewish Bolsheviks did? Orwellian UN report says spotlighting Judeofascism is morally sinister

As Turkey Freezes Israel Ties, Critics Decry "Whitewashed" UN Report on Gaza Flotilla 1 of 2

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Chris Moore comments:

Let me suggest that if Arabs, Persians and Muslims want sympathy and recourse against Zionism, they owe it to Christendom to acknowledge and indict leftist, Stalinist, and Jewish Bolshevik mass murder, genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated against Christians, dissidents and nationalists in the Russian revolutionary and early Soviet era.

Why should Christians oppose liberal fascist, neocon and Zionist crimes against humanity in the Middle East that pale in comparison to the mass murders perpetrated in the Soviet sphere by the Judeofascists and their collaborators if the Muslims, Arabs and Persians aren't going to acknowledge Christian death and suffering at the hands of the Judeofascists?

There's got to be some sort of reciprocity if the Middle Easterners want relief.

If they want to play the stunted, Jew-like "My tribe is all that matters" game of perpetually and solely concentrating on their own plight and suffering, and totally ignore Christian suffering, they can hardly expect Christians to risk their necks for a people that won't in any way reciprocate the compassion.

It's time for Arabs, Persians and Muslims to engage in an offensive not only against Zionism, but against Marxism, leftism, left-liberalism and Bolshevism as well.

After all, it was the burial, suppression and censorship of the mass murder perpetrated by the Jewish Bolsheviks and their collaborators in the Soviet sphere that led the Jewish Zionists and their collaborators to believe (and still believe) that they can again get away with the same in the Middle East.

Indeed, as the video above demonstrates, the left-wing U.N. is indulging, apologising for and covering up Judeofascist murder, so the left is clearly yet again up to its old, murderous, Orwellian, Jewry-indulging dirty tricks...this time in collaboration with fascist-right neocons.

What all of this makes clear is that Christian civilization and Islamic civilization are both under siege from Judeofascist-instigated atheist-materialism, be it statist-leftism or statist-fascism.

It's time for Islamic civilization to pay its respects to Christendom's suffering at the hands of Jewry and its partners in crime and demands that the Jewish Zionists and their collaborators not be allowed to do to the Muslims under official cover of darkness what the Jewish Bolsheviks and their collaborators were allowed to do to the Christians under official cover of darkness.

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