Wednesday, September 07, 2011

White people are cool...except for those who collaborate with the Judeofascists in the destruction of Western civilization

White People Are Cool, Part 1 of 33

( -- by DivineFellowship --

Chris Moore comments:

I find it interesting that the White consciousness movement is growing larger and larger, and yet White collaboration with the ultimate enemy of Christendom, Western civilization, and the White race itself -- the Judeofascists -- shows no sign of relenting, despite the endless reams of evidence that Jewry has every intention of overthrowing the entire West via Zionism, Globalism and their various left-right, atheist-materialist ideological and intellectual offshoots.

Why is this, that large factions of Whites are cutting the throat of their own civilization and people by collaborating with Jewry?

Atheistic White greed, which is NOT so cool, and like a social disease, infects far too many Whites on both the Left and Right, and both pious and nihilist.

You see, the Judeofascists are clever. They realized insatiable greed and materialism of the kind that Jesus preached against is the main Achilles heel of huge numbers of Whites. If Jewry could get control of the purse strings -- via Marxism, via leftism, via statism, via corporatism, via neoconservatism, via international banking, via control of the Fed, via any means whatsoever -- large, defective factions of the "cool" White race would fall right into line underneath it in order keep themselves in luxury, maintain their own self-aggrandizement, and excite their deficient, aspiritual, sociopathic neurons.

Large factions of Whites would easily and readily sell their souls to Jewry.

So let's amend the title of this video to: "The White race is cool, except for the large factions of defective Whites who are willing to collaborate with the Judeofascists in the destruction of Western civilization, Christianity, and the rest of the White race out of crass materialism, ambition and self-aggrandizement. Those Whites aren't so cool, and deserve the traditional fate of any and all who are guilty of treason."

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