Friday, September 23, 2011

Orwell's totalitarian nightmare '1984' increasingly a reality in Judeofascist-occupied America

Zionist Visions Of 1984

(Real Zionist News) -- by Brother Nathanael Kapner --


Chris Moore comments:

HERE are some more chilling parallels between Zionism and Communism and ‘1984’ from a commentary I wrote in July.

The piece includes a snippet from a movie version of the book showing where Zionist Jewry (‘The Party’) is taking us, and how it plans to use Big Government to destroy the last vestiges of Western civilization, Christianity, and “the last man” they represent in order to create a world of whipped men who will passively acquiesce to endless war, Jewish supremacy, and Zionist insanity as if it were all normal and inevitable.

This sickly, feeble and fatalistic state of mind they utilize Big Government and Big Media to create, as if there are simply no alternatives to the totalitarian road they have put us on, is perhaps their greatest weapon.


Here’s more commentary:

Orwell echoes Jesus, who foresaw that Jewry would invent and instigate communism and the atheist-materialist liberalism rotting the West today.


IMO, it’s time to begin examining institutional Christianity and the flaws or failures that make it vulnerable to Jewish infiltration and subjugation; the flaws that allow it to again and again be subsumed to the totalitarian Jewish state of mind and agenda.

We saw this with the Catholic Church prior to the Reformation, we saw this with Orthodox Christianity in Russia wherein Jewry was able to use millions of former Christians to advance its totalitarian agenda, and we’ve seen this in U.S. Protestantism wherein Judeo-Christian Zionist evangelicals have subordinated themselves and their religion to the Jewish agenda (as did British Protestantism before them).

We know why corrupt and corrupting leftism, liberalism, capitalism, atheism etc. are easily hoodwinked and dispatched, but what of institutional Christianity?

IMO, it’s crucial that Christianity develop creative and evolving mechanisms to identify where and when it is going astray, being led astray, being corrupted, and exactly who the fallen adherents within who have sold their souls to Jewry and to Jewry’s like-minded allies are.

I would identify a major weakness as Christianity’s general glorification of the Old Testament, and its neglect in canonizing Jesus’ utter and final rejection of Jewry and its world view (a rejection foreshadowed by the Prophets, see: HERE) and why Jesus did so.

Jewry, of course, is both a metaphorical and actual example of the lure and surrender to one, multiple, or all of the seven deadly sins, a surrender of which we are all capable individually or institutionally. Jewry has both surrendered itself institutionally, and glorified the surrender to the seven deadly sins in others.

This is how it corrupts, but how can this be fought both institutionally and individually?

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