Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christian anti-Judeofascism at Occupy Wall Street

Introduction by Chris Moore:

Racist organized Jewry is under increasing siege. "Go to Israel" is becoming a more and more common refrain at Occupy Wall Street for those fed up with Jewish predations to make me wonder if the smarter Jews are getting out while the getting is good, given the rapid rate at which their Diaspora racket is unraveling.

But where are Judeofascism's racist goy (non-Jewish) collaborators going to land? Israel is Jews-only, fascist state for the "chosen" race, so it doesn't want their kind there.

I guess they should have thought about that before jumping into bed with fascist Jewry, but while often clever at money-worship, nests of vipers are never very smart in the long-term moral and ethical realm.

From the biblical era through modern times, history teaches us that fascist Jewry is eventually and inevitably severely chastened for its insatiable greed and organized predations on Gentiles.

What could these Gentile idiots who sold their souls to Jewry possibly have been thinking? Did they really think they could get away with the fascist conspiracy with Jewry in front of God and everyone?

Interview with anti-Jewish protester

( -- by GoodGuyArktosReturns --


Anonymous said...

Is that protester in the video you, Chris?

He's obviously a quite intelligent and well informed guy.

It’s painfully clear he has paid a grave price for daring to dig for the truth.

How many more are out there like him?

How many more are bearing this horrible burden just for knowing the truth?

AnonymousCoward said...

Here is a heroic black woman, speaking truth to power on the CATO foundation's 'ReasonTV":

It was a real dick move for the folks at ReasonTV to include her name and that of her employer in this video. She'll probably be fired and endure weeks of harassment from JDL types.

Chris Moore said...

"Is that protester in the video you, Chris?"

No, but in some ways, that protester is nearly all of us Americans, because whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we are all being preyed upon by this neo-fascist racket.

That guy is taking truth to the streets not unlike Brother Nathanael does, and hence has my respect and admiration.