Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teacher fired for free speech against Jewish Zionist bankers on her private time. Zionism is the Trojan horse for neo-fascism.

Introduction by Chris Moore:

Government facilitated terrorist attacks on 9/11 with Zionist fingerprints all over them. Lied by government into Mideast wars that benefit Israel, the military-industrial complex and bankster dollar hegemony. Ongoing wars in the Mideast to distract from domestic theft, plunder and economic bubbles engineered by Zionist bankers in partnership with crony government, with Israel's "security" as one of the pretexts. Police state "homeland security" harassment of average Americans simply trying to travel from place to place. Police attacks on protesters demonstrating on Wall Street against banksters.

Now, blacklistings, firings, and denial of free speech under the auspices that it is "hate" speech to criticize organized Jewish fascism and theft.

The neo-fascists and Zionists are rallying around each other. Zionism is the Trojan horse for neo-fascism, no question.


Anglo-fascists (e.g. kabbalah-worshipping Freemasons and neo-royalists) are full partners in this Judeofascist master plan. But they need a “victim” and “humanitarian” pretense, and a “liberal” cover, such as “saving the Jews from anti-Semitism,” (subtext rationale for Mideast wars) or “sparing the Jews from anti-Semitism” (rationale for shutting down free speech against fascist Jewry and bankster theft).

Being in total control of the Democratic Party, the Jewish Zionist fascists are perfect partners for neo-royalist Anglo-fascists. Zionism (aka championing the “downtrodden Jews”) is the perfect Trojan horse.

We need a second American revolution against these neo-royalist, neo-fascist and Zionist interlopers seeking to re-win the revolutionary war they lost 225 years ago.

This lady has it right: Zionist Jews don't belong in America. But neither do their Anglo-fascist collaborators, who are also long-time, self-serving enemies of Western civilization.

Patricia MacCallister fired after exercising free speech at Occupy Wall Street

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Let Mel Gibson know how you feel about his movie about the Maccabees.