Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When Judeofascists don't have enough enemies, they systematically create more...and then profess bewilderment and victimhood at world's contempt

The More Enemies, the More Honor

(AntiWar.com) -- by Uri Avnery --

An old photo from World War I shows a company of German soldiers getting on the train on their way to the front. On the wall of the car somebody had scribbled “viel Feind, viel Ehr” (“The more enemies, the more honor.”)

In those days, at the very start of what was to be the First World War, country after country was declaring war on Germany. The spirit of the graffito reflected the hubris of the supreme commander, Kaiser Wilhelm, who relied on the war plan of the legendary German general staff. It was indeed an excellent war plan, and as excellent war plans are apt to do, it started going awry right from the beginning.

The foolish kaiser now has the heirs he deserves. Israel’s deputy prime minister, Moshe Ya’alon, a former army chief of staff whose intelligence is below the average even of that rank, has announced that Israel could not possibly apologize to Turkey, even though its national interests may demand it, because it would hurt our “prestige.”

Many enemies, much prestige.

It seems that we shall soon run out of friends whom we can turn into enemies to gather even more prestige.


Last week a black cat came between Israel and its second best friend: Germany.

High-ranking German officials confided to their Israeli colleagues that their Kanzlerin, Angela Merkel, was “furious” when she heard that the Israeli government had approved the building of 1,100 housing units in Gilo, a neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. Just a few days earlier, the Quartet had invited Israel and the Palestinian Authority to restart negotiations and abstain from “provocations.” If this is not a provocation, what is?

Merkel, generally a woman of placid equanimity, did not keep her rage to herself. She called Benjamin Netanyahu and gave him a severe dressing-down, something that had never happened before.

Until now, Germany has kept to a strict code of behavior toward Israel: After the unspeakable crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jews, there could be no criticism of any Israeli act. Germany would pay for a crucial component of Israel’s armaments. Germany would suspend all moral criteria as far as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was concerned.

Not any more, it seems. We may be losing our only second-best friend...MORE...LINK

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