Monday, October 10, 2011

Both right-wing and left-wing political Jewry is Zionist

(By Chris Moore) -- It’s always a mistake to allow Jewry or its lackeys to compartmentalize political Jewry, as if there is somehow a serious conflict between its various strains, or allow them to even attempt to distinguish the Jewish Left from the Jewish Right in any meaningful way.

For example, liberals like to say “Judaism isn’t the problem; right-wing Jews (or Zionists) are the problem." I think most intelligent people have concluded political Jewry, whether right-wing or left-wing, is all about organized Jewish supremacism, with Zionism simply being more honest and blatant about it than Marxism.

Compartmentalization provides an excuse for Jews who claim not to be Zionists or to be agnostic on Zionism and atheistic in orientation to pursue crypto-Jewish supremacism from the Left, including via cultural Marxism.

Once one recognizes that the ethno-religious-ideology of Judaism has ethno-religious-ideological imperatives to rule the world one way or the other, it becomes clear why their various right-wing and left-wing strains both always end with authoritarianism, totalitarianism, mass murder, and attempted enslavement.

This is one reason why I appreciate former Jewish Zionist, contemporary "anti-Jewishness" author and musician Gilad Atzmon’s attack on what he explicitly calls “the Jewish Left” as the crypto Zionist (Jewish supremacist) enterprise that it is.

Both right-wing Jewish supremacists and left-wing crypto Jewish supremacists have attracted staunch non-Jewish support from their respective sides, with even "anti-Zionist" left-wingers lining up behind the crypto-Jewish supremacist intellectual gurus that lead their movement because they have been subtly conditioned to believe in Jewish supremacy either consciously or sub-consciously, and hence refuse to realize what political Jewry's true ultimate agenda is, and that all Jewish supremacist-engineered political, religious and intellectual movements ultimately end at the same place.

Hence, the way Zionism has evolved, it’s obviously become an entire intellectual movement unto itself having less to do with the Levant and more to do with the proposition of Jewish supremacism, more blatant (i.e. right-wing Judeo-Christian Zionists who believes Jews are God’s religiously superior “chosen” line) or more subtle (i.e. Marxists and their Fabian socialist, left-liberal and progressive liberal offshoots who have come to believe that Jews and their intellectual movements are morally and intellectually superior, possibly as a consequence of natural selection factors).

This is why I refer to the Jewish intellectual core and its enterprise (whether left-wing or right-wing) as Judeofascist...because despite its various masks, red herrings and claims to being humanitarian or mainstream, its true agenda is Jewish supremacist fascism. (Indeed, Hitler is alleged by one time Nazi Hermann Rauschning to have modeled his own fascism on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which may or may not have been written by Jews, but which was clearly fashioned by parties well aware of the Jewish supremacist agenda and its technique.)

In this analysis, the Judeofascists (whether right-wing and explicitly religious or left-wing and avowedly "secular") are the "temple priests," and Zionism (crypto or blatant) is the larger intellectual movement and ideology that is propelling the totalitarian, Jewish supremacist agenda towards fulfillment.

Left-wing, anti-Zionist, self-identifying Jews believe they "prove" that they are not Jewish supremacists by feigning opposition to the technical definition of Zionism (Jewish nationalism) consistent with international Marxism's professed opposition to all nationalism. But the historical fact remains that leftism and Marxism led Jewry inexorably to the reconquest of the Levant by organized Jewry, and even if the Levantine Jews of Israel were "driven into the sea" tomorrow, would no doubt eventually lead to the same place once again, as perhaps Marx and his Jewish Zionist guru Moses Hess always intended.

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