Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why was “anti-Semitic” African-American Occupy protesters fired, but not Jewish supremacist Occupy critic?

Occupy Wall Street: Undertones of Anti-Semitism

(The Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

In my recent blog “Jews and the Occupy Wall St. Protests” I mentioned that popular Los Angeles-area radio talk host Bill Handel said he wasn’t upset with Wall St. because “my tribe controls Wall St.” Handel is happily continuing his lucrative career without any problems at all. But Patricia McAlister, a Black substitute teacher in the LA school system has been fired for saying that the ”Zionist Jews who run these big banks and the Federal Reserve … need to be run out of this country.”


Granted, McAlister went quite a bit beyond Handel in advocating that Jews be expelled, but I rather doubt that that is the issue. Simply pointing to Jews in the context of the financial meltdown would have been quite enough. Indeed, there has been quite a bit of comment about lone protesters like David Smith, a regular at the New York protest, who has gotten quite a bit of attention for his signs, including “Google: Zionist Jews control Wall St.”...

Adbusters may have been widely condemned, but it was surely right to emphasize the Jews who were involved in promoting the Iraq war. People are simply not paying attention or engaging in self-deception if they fail to accept the critical role of the Israel Lobby, the Israeli government, and strongly identified American Jews with close family and personal ties to the Israeli right and ensconced in high positions in the American government (Mearsheimer and Walt; Steve Sniegoski; my version; there are many others).

The JTA wording shows once again that actual data on Jewish power and influence are completely irrelevant to Jewish activists. Similarly, Alana Goodman, writing for Commentary, is concerned about the involvement of Adbusters, referring to its article naming Jewish neocons: Adbusters “peddled some of the more feverish theories about American Jews, neoconservatism, and the Bush administration.” (See also Charlie Wolf’s blog in the Mail Online, “Organizer Behind “Occupy Wall Street” Has History of Anti-Jewish Writing.”)

For anything except Nobel prize winners, Jewish identity is completely irrelevant.

Obviously, we should certainly not be cowed by Jewish denials from independently investigating the role of Jews in the financial meltdown. In fact, the reflexive denials by Jewish activists reinforce the general impression that the mainstream Jewish community will never engage in a dispassionate, rational discussion of Jewish influence.

Admittedly, the case for Jewish involvement in financial misbehavior is different from situations, such as promoting the Iraq war and the intellectual and political movements discussed in The Culture of Critique, where strongly identified Jews are pursuing specific Jewish interests. Nevertheless, I have presented the case that Jewish economic behavior does indeed reflect historic patterns, including the acceptance of white collar criminals in the Jewish community...MORE...LINK

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