Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zionists probe rising China for weakness on Jewish question; (Just wait until Chinese find out Jewry was behind ideology of mass murderer Mao)

Introduction by Chris Moore:

The Zionists sent a saccharine sweet, Chinese-speaking Jewish-American princess to probe the Chinese on the Jewish question.

Will the Chinese be as easily duped by Zionist Jewry as have been ignorant (and willfully corrupt) Westerners? From the following video, it would certainly appears so.

On the other hand, Russians and eastern Europeans are far wiser on the Jewish question because they are painfully aware of the mass murder, destruction and devastation that Jewish Bolshevism left in its wake.

Similarly, perhaps once the Chinese make the connection between Maoist mass murder and Jewry's historical instigation of Chinese communism, they too will wise up fast, not unlike how more and more Westerners are finally waking up to Jewry's warmongering and financial predations in America and Europe in the wake of the various organized Jewry-instigated American Mideast war fiascos and economic meltdowns.

The Internet is changing everything; no longer can the Judeofascists control the narrative by buying up mass media and buying off politicians and institutions.

This democratization of knowledge, more than anything, will see to it that the Judeofascists and their sickening Left-Right collaborators are ultimately held accountable for their epic crimes against humanity, including the up to 75 million Chinese murdered by Mao's execution of just another version of yet another Jewish-designed, totalitarian Trojan horse built to pursue Judeofascist interests.


What do the Chinese think of Jews?

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