Monday, November 21, 2011

More on the left’s failure to forsake and condemn its Diaspora Jewish nationalist partners in crime

(By Chris Moore) -- I was challenged on my post that essentially argued Zionism and organized Judaism are interchangeable, so the left is being intellectually cowardly and disingenuous by claiming otherwise, by a critic who argued that Israel-criticizing groups and individuals such as "Neturei Karta, Israel Shahak, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and hundreds of thousands of others whose politics, ideology combined with their ethnic identity prove" that Judaism and Zionism are not interchangeable.

But as I responded to my critic, these are exceptions to the rule, and in some cases left-wing enablers actually programmed to divert opposition to Judeofascism off into the ether. Some don't even realize that that's what they're doing.

The end effect of these Jewish, supposed "anti-Zionists" who refuse to acknowledge, let alone condemn, Diaspora Jewish nationalism is that opposition to the Israel lobby, wealthy Diaspora Jewish Zionists, Jewish Zionist politicians and power brokers, all of which are integral to Israeli Jewish nationalism, gets stunted or suppressed, and organized Jewry gets a "pass" or an "out" on its fascism by those who claim "not all Jews are Zionists; why, look at Noam Chomsky, et al."

This is crucial for self-serving Jewry's continued operation within left-liberalism, because it prevents organized Jewry from being impugned as the fascist formulation it is.

Additionally, many of these types of Jewish "anti-Zionists," including Chomsky, are beneficiaries of Diaspora Jewish nationalism, and have gotten book contracts, tenure, media promotion, wealth etc. from that association. Some of them may be authentically opposed to Israeli Jewish fascism, but the Israeli Judeofascists correctly resent their hypocrisy for benefiting from the Diaspora Jewish nationalist racket while simultaneously criticizing the Levant Jewish nationalist racket.

To be consistent, Jewish "anti-Zionists" should be criticizing both Levant Jewish nationalism and Diaspora Jewish nationalism, but other than Gilad Atzmon, virtually none explicitly criticize the latter because they are benefiting from it, or hope to benefit from it.

As far as genuine, freelance critics like Norman Finkelstein, I’m not sure why he still even identifies himself as a Jew. This suggests to me that perhaps he incorrectly believes Jewishness is immutable, when in fact it is an elective, ethno-religious ideology and identity, or perhaps he considers the overwhelming majority of Jews who are Zionists to be frauds -- not authentic Jews.

I’m arguing that they in fact are authentic Jews because modern Jewish doctrine is inherently fascistic, the overwhelming support for Israel from organized Jewry spells that out, and even if not 100% of organized Jewry supports Israeli Jewish nationalism, 99% of Jewry supports either Israeli Jewish nationalism or Diaspora Jewish nationalism or both, each of which is a fascistic, racketeering enterprise.

The other 1% or whatever is probably in the process of abandoning Judaism entirely due to its innate fascism.

The religious scholar Ted Pike has done a good job fleshing out the fascist character of modern Judaism. Here is some of his writing on the Talmud, for example.

And here’s Ted Pike on Israel’s proudly racist rabbis, who recently bragged that “racism originated in the Torah.”

Here is scholarship by Christopher Jon Bjerknes on racist Jewish religious doctrine from the Old Testament through the Torah through the Talmud through the Kabbalah, and the doctrinaire Jewish agenda to enslave non-Jews.

These religious scholars all know more about Judaism than most Jews, who are simply told they are Jewish, don’t have a choice, and go along with it because they come from a culture of insatiable greed, and the racket’s money is so good (Jewry is the wealthiest “religious” grouping in the U.S., and at least 35% of the Forbes 400 is Jewish, so it’s self-evident that members of Diaspora Jewish nationalism, including Jewish "anti-Zionists," are profiteering from the racket’s theft and largesse.)

There really is no difference between current Diaspora Jewish nationalists and the Israeli Jewish nationalists other than the fact that Levant Zionists are more naked and cavalier in their fascism, whereas Diaspora Zionists are more couth and subversive in their warmongering, war incitement, or self-serving colonizing.

The Diaspora wasn’t always so couth, though, as the crypto-Jewish nationalist, Jewish Bolsheviks once nakedly murdered millions.

That’s a lot of bad karma these modern Judeofascists have accumulated.

It's unfortunate they elected to pursue such a murderous, fascist interpretation of their "religion," but perhaps it was inevitable given the racist nature of its doctrine and dogma, and simply took centuries to manifest into its true essence, and for Jewry to accumulate enough wealth and power to feel comfortable showing its true face to the world.

But the question remains: how can the left intellectually justify its ongoing failure to call out and condemn the Diaspora Jewish nationalists and their historical record of mass murder in partnership with Leninists and Stalinists?

The fact that it refuses to do so suggests it harbors a secret agenda or ambition to partner with the Judeofascists again in another such enterprise, and is simply attacking the Levant Zionists not out of moral outrage, but rather because their naked fascism is an indictment of the Diaspora Jewish nationalists with which the left has had such a long-term, profitable, and enduring relationship in agitation, subversion and totalitarianism, and hopes to preserve at all costs for future joint endeavors.

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