Monday, November 21, 2011

Why does the left insist that Zionism and the Jewish nationalist, ethno-religious ideology of Judaism are separate and distinct?

(By Chris Moore) -- Zionism and Jewish doctrine are inextricable, because Zionism is an organic manifestation of Jewish doctrine and its exceptionalist, particularistic and "chosen" dogma from the Old Testament through the Talmud and Kabbalah through the modern, pseudo-secular, Zionist cannon. Zionism is Jewish nationalism (both Israeli and Diaspora Jewish nationalism), and Jewish nationalism is Zionism. Jewish-entitlement doctrine is Zionist doctrine, and Zionist doctrine is Jewish-entitlement doctrine.

Yet the left rejects and denies analyses like Judeofascism, which accurately and succinctly depict the the innate relationship between Jewish doctrine and clearly fascist Zionist doctrine, and the left actually goes even further and denies any connection whatsoever between the Jewish ethno-religious identity and Zionism at all.

In short, the left seeks to compartmentalize Judaism from Zionism, and entirely scapegoat Zionism for the sins of the Judeofascists, which is a tremendous service to the Judeofascist agenda because it severs inquiry into the formative relationship between Judaism and Zionism that is essential to accurately placing Zionism in its correct historical and contemporary context, and thus properly critiquing its conflation of ethnicity, religion and politics into a single Jewish supremacist identity.

Why does the ostensibly "secular," rational and post-religious left enable Zionism in this manner?

One reason is that Jewish nationalists have effectively hidden behind accusations of anti-Semitism and Nazi-like, genocidal intent whenever Zionism is criticized, claiming critiques are mindless attacks on the Jewish people motivated by irrational religious antipathy, racism and cultural bigotry.

This is ironic in that organized Jewry first conflates a religious-ethno-racial identity with an extreme Jewish supremacist political identity, and then seeks to shelter itself from rational and earnest criticism of this ideology by claiming religious and racial bigotry by its opponents. An equivalent comparison would be if End Times-seeking Judeo-Christian Zionists claimed opposition to their Armageddon agenda is motivated by the irrational, anti-Christian, antipathy of its opponents.

Absurd on its face, and they'd be ridiculed out of the room by the left if they tried it!

Yet similarly ridiculous Jewish rhetoric is allowed to ride, and even encouraged by the left when it comes to Jewry's own ridiculous claims that their critics on the right are entirely motivated by religious and racial bigotry. This then creates a paradigm of "righteous victim" Jewish entitlement that can additionally be exploited against those criticizing Jewry from the left.

Leftists then seeks to get around this Jewish victim framework they themselves helped create by insisting critiques from the left are entirely of Zionism, not critical of Judaism in the least -- a ridiculous, intellectually hollow ritual that totally ignores the fact that Jewish identity, Zionism, and the Jewish nationalist, ethno-religious ideology of Judaism are one in the same.

As organized Jewry increasingly drops its phony "secular" and "objective" pretenses and embraces its organic, Jewish supremacist identity, it is coming under increasing criticism from the left, and naturally, it is responding by declaring its left-wing critics to be radical, irrationally-motivated, anti-Jewish bigots and extremists -- the same device leftists helped Jewry use against its right-wing critics for decades, which enabled Judeofascist ascension to its current dangerous and menacing heights.

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