Thursday, November 03, 2011

Racist Jews and their lackeys terminated heroic African-American patriot from employment for speaking out against Zionist Jewry's debt-slavery agenda

Schoolteacher Persecuted for Her Beliefs

(American Free Press) -- by Victor Thorn --

Patricia McAllister is a hero, and she stands as the undisputed reigning champion of free speech in America. Her “Rosa Parks moment” arrived on Oct. 12 when, during an Occupy Los Angeles rally, Reason TV recorded her on camera saying: “I’m here representing myself, but I do work for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). I think the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve—which is not run by the federal government—need to be run out of this country.”

On Oct. 18, LAUSD officials fired McAllister. In an exclusive interview with AFP, McAllister explained her dismissal to this writer. “Ira Berman, the director of employee relations for LAUSD, told me, ‘You’re out of a job.’ When I asked for the reason, he responded, ‘I don’t want to talk about why.’”

Superintendent John Deasy later said in a press release, “We recognize the law is very protective of the freedom-of-speech rights of public employees when they are speaking as private citizens during non-working time . . . but we will never stand for behavior that is disrespectful, intolerant or discriminatory.”

This issue became so prominent and explosive that on Oct. 20 the Los Angeles Times devoted an editorial to it. They began: “This newspaper ardently supports the right of free speech, even when that speech is controversial, hateful or ignorant. But no right is absolute, and Patricia McAllister crossed a line.”

Their commentary continued with this curious endorsement: “On Tuesday [Oct. 18] Supt. John Deasy fired her. Good for him.”

However, in the following paragraph, the editors seemed to backtrack: “[McAllister] was careful to note that she was not speaking as a representative of L.A. Unified. And Deasy knows as well as anyone that courts have historically—and correctly—protected teachers’ free-speech rights.”

Not surprisingly, after McAllister was terminated for her supposedly anti-Semitic comments, the ADL’s LA regional director, Amanda Susskind, congratulated Deasy and the school board for their decision.

Occupy LA supporters protested in front of LAUSD headquarters following McAllister’s dismissal.

McAllister on Front Lines of Battle for Free Speech
During an Oct. 21 interview with AFP, Patricia McAllister exercised her right to free speech to the fullest. Here are her comments.

WHERE SHE LEARNED ABOUT ZIONISTS: “I grew up in Chicago when Jewish people still lived with blacks. They don’t do that anymore. Ever since my childhood, I kept asking people: what prompted Adolf Hitler to do what he did? No one had an answer, so I did the research for myself. I discovered why we’re in the position we’re in today—because of Zionist Jews and the Federal Reserve.”

ON THE FEDERAL RESERVE: “Nine Jewish owners, including the Rothschilds, Lazard Brothers, Kuhn Loeb, the Warburgs, Lehman and Goldman Sachs, among others, print money that is backed by nothing. The American people are then taxed to pay interest on money that Zionist Jews put in their pockets. It’s called racketeering, and it’s illegal. The IRS and Federal Reserve are both illegal, and the taxes they collect from us to pay interest is highway robbery.”

FOX NEWS 11 QUOTE: On Oct. 18 during a live telecast, McAllister said: “Jews have been run out of 109 countries throughout history, and we need to run them out of this one.” She told AFP: “The Jews have a long history of resentment because people hate them. But they’re not hated for being Jews, but due to their behavior. By going in and taking over everything, they’ve actually destroyed civilizations. When it comes to socialization, the Jews are sociopaths. They won’t assimilate. They’ve been causing problems for years, and we need to expel them from the U.S. They also need to release control of the Federal Reserve, and they can’t ever be allowed to come here again.

“We need to do what Hitler did and run them out of our country. . . . I’m not talking about everyday Jews, but instead Zionists at the Federal Reserve. They’re getting more and more ruthless, and we have to do something.

“I think Hitler saw something that we don’t see. I also don’t believe that 6 million Jews were killed. That’s just something to pull our heartstrings.”

KTLA CHANNEL 5 QUOTE: On Oct. 18 McAllister stressed: “Anyone who speaks against the Jews is called racist nowadays. It is not racist; it’s the truth.” She expanded on these ideas to AFP: “God put this in my heart. This isn’t me talking. We can’t let the Zionists ruin this world. They’re responsible for every perversion, and as a teacher I’ve seen how they’ve taken God out of the classroom.

“Jews are boastful of how significant they are and the power they have in carrying this nation. But what isn’t told is how they got their power: By lying, cheating, killing and swindling. They’re a sick people.”

ON THE LACK OF SUPPORT: “The teachers union isn’t rallying around me after I got fired. I did some research, and found that Jews have taken over teachers unions across the U.S. The ACLU is run by Zionist Jews, too, to protect their own interests. They’ve put all these organizations in place to protect their evildoing and silence anyone that tells the truth about them. But they’re not going to silence me. If we can run Zionist Jews out of this nation, we have a chance to save our country.”

ON HER LEGAL ACTION: “I plan on suing the LA Unified School District. We must let Americans know they can’t intimidate us. My First Amendment rights have been violated, and now it’s time to stand up against the Jews who really have power and are putting out a threat among the American people.”...MORE...LINK

Patricia McAllister was told ‘You’re out of a job" by a gloating Ira Berman, the director of employee relations for LAUSD, for speaking out against racist Zionist Jews and their agenda to enslave Americans in debt

Chris Moore comments:

Zionism is a racist, Jewish supremacist agenda. The overwhelming majority of Jews are Zionists. The overwhelming majority of Jews are racists, even though many pose otherwise.

MacAllister has figured out that Zionist Jewish leadership intends to enslave not only Americans, but much of the world, to debt servitude, via the Fed and other Jewish-dominated international bankster mechanisms. Anyone who is not racist should certainly be able to appreciate why African-Americans are sensitive to re-enslavement via debt slavery.

The fact that Zionist Jewish bankers and their collaborators claim to be going about this debt enslavement agenda "legally" is no excuse. These are racist slavers, any way you cut it.

Indeed, Jewry has a long history in the slave trade.

So Zionist Jews are merely being true to form.

It seems some racist Whites who insist on sticking up for "Judaism," think they can partner with Jewry in the new slave agenda, and perhaps get rich themselves.

Deals with the devil never pay off in the end. The lot is going to made to regret, and be held accountable for, their fascism sooner or later.

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