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Innocent Jews should either leave Judaism, take it back from Zionists, or concede Jewishness is a fascist-nationalist identity and move to Israel

Note: the following was my response to a commenter who said I came across as "racist" when I called Jewish Zionists "evil" in relationship to the Zionist-Globalist-perped 9/11 inside job. -- C.M.

(By Chris Moore) -- Wasn't Nazism a conspiracy involving millions of Germans? Communism a conspiracy involving millions of Russians?

Zionism is a conspiracy involving millions of Jews, and there are now volumes of evidence implicating Zionism in the 9/11 attacks.

It's incumbent upon Jewry to take back Judaism from the Zionists (or not, if they're part and parcel, as so many Jews claim they are), not incumbent upon me to pander to Jewish sensitivities when they don't.

Judaism is an ethno-religious ideology, not a race, so it's impossible for Jewry to be a victim of racism, except by those who incorrectly insist it's a race, like Zionists themselves, and Nazis.

I'm not trying to be flip or combative, here, but innocent Jews need to get it through their heads that the Zionists have implicated them all in their dirty deeds, including 9/11, and either leave the religion, or find a way to take it back.

If they can't or won't do either, they should make plans to move to Israel, because that is the only avenue that the Zionists intend to leave open for them as they continue their calculated warmongering and social and economic antagonism and predations, which they regard as a Jewish survival strategy.

In summary, they should either dis-associate with Jewry, take back the religion and change its fascist-nationalist identity that the Zionists have constructed, or concede the religion itself is a fascist-nationalist identity and head to Israel, which is the only place such a vile "religion" will ultimately be allowed by sane humanity.

UPDATE 12/12:

I'm tired of these claims such as the following, made by a recent commenter on this site: "The Jewish people in the US are not as militant as those in Israel."

First, let's break down "the Jewish people" in the U.S. between Jewish Zionists and non-Zionists. What percentage are Zionists?

It's alleged that no one knows, or is capable of knowing, but as I noted in 2009:
[An] American Jewish Committee survey of American Jewish opinion found that 94% of U.S. Jews think the Palestinians should be required to acknowledge Jewish nationalist Israel as an explicitly Jewish state (see question #12 at the link). This fact suggests that the maintenance of Jewish nationalism and an explicitly Jewish identity is very important to the vast majority of world Jewry, whether located in Zionist Israel or in the Diaspora.
94% of Jewish Americans making demands that Israel be explicitly acknowledged as a Jewish state means 94% of U.S. Jews are to one degree or another Zionists. So it doesn't matter if U.S. Jewish Zionists are as blatantly "militant" as Israeli ones; they're Zionists nonetheless, and are simply more passive aggressive than blatantly militant because of their minority status in the U.S., which makes them less comfortable revealing the true extent of their militancy.

But their aggression comes through in other ways, for example as revealed in the poll that showed 56% of American Jews support a U.S. attack on Iran.

Additionally, as the New York Times' Ross Douthat notes of the liberal Jews who are least likely to identify with Zionism:
liberal Jews are (very gradually) following the same trajectory as liberal Episcopalians before them, keeping their politics but surrendering their distinctive cultural and religious identity...the demise of liberal Zionism says something, not only about the fate of Israel, but about the fate of secular Judaism in the United States. One reason, and perhaps the major reason, that young liberal Jews are less attached to Israel is that Israel has become less liberal. But they also may be less attached to the Jewish homeland because they themselves are simply less Jewish.
Okay, so we have a situation where the overwhelming majority of American Jewry is Zionist, and those that are not are essentially leaving the religion, or rather, leaving the nation of Jewry.

Indeed, as
David Goldman at First Things noted in an article that Douthat linked to from his column on liberal Zionism:
“Secular Jew” is not quite an oxymoron–the Jews are a nation as well as a religion–but in the United States, at least, secular Jews have a fertility barely above 1 and an intermarriage rate of 50 percent, which means their numbers will decline by 75 percent per generation...
Did you catch what Goldman said about how organized Jewry, whether Zionist or agnostic, sees itself: "the Jews are a nation as well as a religion..."

So I ask you, what is a self-serving Jewish nation that is pursing its own agenda and interests even doing in the United States? Why is it even tolerated?

Non-Zionist Jews are assimilating into the American melting pot; the Diaspora Jewish nation, which refuses to assimilate and rejects the concept of the American melting pot entirely in favor of its own nationalist identity belongs in the Israeli Jewish nation, not in the U.S., where it exists as a nation within the nation, by its own admission.

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