Friday, December 16, 2011

Swedish Professor sees possible neo-fascist, Israeli/Judeo-Christian Zionist alliance in attacks by far right Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik

Swedish professor links Israel to Norway massacre

(Ynet Published) --

A Swedish professor suggested Israel was behind the bloody terror attacks committed by Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik this past July, stirring up controversy in the country.

Research professor Ola Tunander of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) published an article in the Norwegian academic journal Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift in which he called to further examine Brevik's motives.

According to Tunander, it is possible that some country was behind the terror attacks, hinting that Israel might be that country.

Far right extremist Breivik, 32, had previously confessed to the Oslo bombing, which killed eight people, and to the youth camp massacre which killed 69 at the small island of Utoeya northwest of Oslo earlier in July.

In December the confessed killer disputed an expert conclusion that he is criminally insane. His lawyer was quoted as saying: "We have examined a good part of the report that details the conversations he had with the psychologists."

Breivik "reacted by saying that it contained factual errors (and) lies and that his statements were taken out of context," his lawyer added.

Tunander claimed that in order to carry out a terror attack of such magnitude the involvement of state forces is needed, “and we can’t rule out that being the case this time too,” he wrote.

July 22 in history
While quoting the controversial article, the Swedish news site The Local presented the professor's theory. Tunander mentioned the political tensions between Oslo and Jerusalem in the months prior to the terror attacks in light of Norway's intent to recognize a Palestinian state.

He goes on to link between July 22, the date of Breivik's killing spree, and the significance of that date in Israel's history. Tunander brings up the Lillehammer affair of 1973, when Mossad agents accidently killed a Moroccan waiter in the Norwegian city believing he was Ali Hassan Salameh, the chief of operations for the 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli athletes. One of the agents was arrested the day after the murder, on July 22nd.

The Norwegian professor also discussed the bombing at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem carried out by the Irgun on July 22, 1946.

“We have discussed the right-wing extremist Israeli and Judeo-Christian side of Breivik’s network, Israel’s interest in disciplining Norway, and Israel’s celebration of bomb attacks. In this respect, Breivik’s attack appears to resemble a new king David Hotel attack: July 22nd,” he said...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

This Swedish Professor sees a possible neo-fascist, Israeli/Judeo-Christian Zionist alliance in the attacks by far right Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, and he's right to.

Zionism is the Trojan horse of neo-fascism, and pseudo "liberal" Diaspora Jewry is part of the operation. This makes all the sense in the world, given the fascist character of ethno-religious Jewish doctrine.

The larger truth is that Jewry was never opposed to fascism, it just wanted it to revolve around Jewish supremacism (Zionism, both Diaspora and Levant) instead of Aryan supremacism. That's what (Western Jewish banker-backed) Jewish Bolshevism was all about, that's what Jewish neoliberalism was all about, and that's what Jewish neoconservatism is all about.

Now recognizing this, White supremacist Judeo-Christian Zionists terrorists like Anders Behring Breivik and Bruce Ivins have opened up an alliance with Jewish Zionists, including the supposedly "liberal," super-wealthy Jewish Zionists that run the Democratic Party.

When is the Democratic Party going to confront these crypto-fascist Jews? I thought it was supposed to be "progressive," not far right, regressive, Jewish supremacist, bible-thumping.

What frauds, the lot of these Jewish-owned, liberal establishment charlatans are.

It looks like Ron Paul is going to have to clean up this neo-fascist mess on both the left and right.

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