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Opportunistic establishment Republicans chase Judeofascist oligarchy wealth as "liberal" Jewish establishment whitewashes it all

In the following blog, Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss notes that Jewish David Remnick of the New Yorker recently wrote for his American audience that neocon Republicans like Newt Gingrich are chasing the Jewish "vote," but in an interview with an Israeli newspaper, Remnick let slip the whole story, which is that what establishment GOPers are really after is "campaign contributions" from wealthy "Jewish Americans [who] give quite a lot of money."

Weiss implies that Remnick or his (Jewish Zionist?) bosses deliberately concealed the real story from their American audience, and says they did this because they fear an outbreak of anti-Semitism in the U.S. if average Americans learned the whole truth, the same way that Jewish Tom Friedman of the New York Times concealed from his American audience the truth about the mostly Jewish neocons being the primary intellectual force behind instigating and lying America into the Iraq war, but spilled the beans in an interview with an Israeli journalist.

Weiss says these Jewish operators pulling the strings behind all of these secrets shouldn't fear an outbreak of anti-Semitism in the U.S., but with them carrying out fascist operations like the Iraq war conspiracy of lies and the self-enriching, Jewish oligarchy racket, and with average Jews refusing to blow the whistle on any of this, why shouldn't there be a break out of anti-Jewishness?

I recognize that the way the self-serving, wealthiest Jewish Zionist elites play the game is to pull their fascist, inside jobs, and then conceal themselves behind average Jews as camouflage, and so they can additionally hide behind cries of anti-Semitism when critics observe the Jewishness of their racket, but why do average Jews allow this if they themselves are not part of the racket?

Given the allegedly long history of anti-Semitism, one would think that average Jews would be the first to flog these conspiring fascist Jews from their midst, and declare "You're not hiding behind us, you lowdown, filthy fascist rats!"

But they don't. Why is this?

It's because modern Diaspora organized Judaism, just like its fascist Israeli Zionist manifestation, is itself is a fascist racket, and the vast majority of Jews, who are raised in a culture of insatiable greed, subscribe to the "trickle down" theory wherein the wealthiest Jewish Zionist oligarchs in the racket (e.g. the group of Jewry that makes up 35% of the Forbes 400 even though Jews are only 2% of the country) will see to it that those lower down on the pyramid will also get rich.

And this calculations seems to be correct, as Jewry is by far the wealthiest "religious" cult in the country, with 46% of U.S. Jewry making over $100,000 per year.

So Weiss is correct that Jewry is incredibly wealthy, and right that neo-fascist establishment Republicans have their eye on pandering to Jewry to get their hands on some of that filthy Jewish lucre, and he's right that Jewish neocons (with Jewish neolibs backing them) were the cohesive intellectual clique behind propagating the Iraq war bodyguard of lies, but he's wrong that fascist Jewry is being paranoid about an outbreak of "anti-Semitism."

Well, actually maybe he's right, because there won't be an outbreak of racist anti-Semitism, but rather an outbreak of anti-fascism, anti-racketeering Jewry, and well there should be.

These fascist rackets can simply no longer be tolerated if this country is to survive, and the Judeofascists already have their "holy land" of Israel to pollute with their noxious doctrine.

I'm not sure why Weiss, who claims to be anti-war and a left-winger, seems to think an outbreak of anti-Judeofascism is a bad thing, particularly since he's well aware of the fact that these Diaspora Judeofascists are the primary force behind international warmongering, but lefties aren't exactly known for their planning competence, nor for intolerance of crypto-Judeofascism, any more than are the corrupt, Jewish-golem, modern establishment Democrats and Republicans currently occupying Washington.


‘New Yorker’ editor tells American readers one thing– and Israeli readers something else

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

In The New Yorker that came out Monday, David Remnick wrote that Newt Gingrich's goal is the Jewish "vote." He didn't say it once, but four or five times (emphasis mine):
Late last week, as part of a Republican pander-fest for the Jewish vote... Newt Gingrich... called the Palestinians an “invented” people...

The Palestinian vote will not decide swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, or, above all, Florida; a considerable shift in the Jewish vote could.

Gingrich and his fellow Republicans have sensed a potential softening in the Jewish vote. In 2008, only African-Americans were more solidly behind Barack Obama, who, according to exit polls, won seventy-eight per cent of the Jewish vote. But the Republicans are hoping to woo at least the more conservative sector of Jewish Americans—those who feel that Obama has been too hard on Benjamin Netanyahu.
Chemi Shalev of Haaretz, the leading Israeli newspaper, then interviewed Remnick about his story and ran an interview Tuesday. Here's Shalev's first question and the beginning of Remnick's answer. Emphases mine.
Q. How do you view the extraordinary presence of Israel in the Republican race?

Remnick: Well, it’s not unprecedented. Israel even figures into things like New York mayoral races, as if the New York mayor had a foreign policy. So it’s not surprising that it would make an appearance to some degree or another, but you’re right, it’s a larger one this time around.

The reason is very simple: it is the hope of the Republican Party that the criticism of Obama regarding the Middle East and Netanyahu and everything related to it will somehow translate into a softening Jewish vote, that last time gave Obama 78%, second only to the African American community.

The Republicans won’t get a majority [of the Jewish votes] but they hope to get more votes in swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and especially Florida. And I think they are also hoping to see if they can get some money from the obvious corners in the Jewish community. It’s not a secret to them that in terms of campaign contributions, Jewish Americans give quite a lot of money.
Remnick has been a leading voice on the issue in the last year, but in his New Yorker piece he is obfuscating, and the reason is obvious; Remnick is concerned that talk about Jewish money will arouse anti-Semitism in the United States. NPR's Robert Siegel did the same obfuscation last May. These men don't trust their audience. I'm reminded of Tom Friedman's interview with Ari Shavit in 2003, in which he said that the Iraq war was the war that a neoconservative "elite" wanted, something he wasn't going to write in his column: "I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened."...MORE...LINK

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