Thursday, January 26, 2012

Robert Reich, yet another liberal establishment Zionist Jew, goes to extreme lengths of self-censorship to camouflage his neo-fascist clique

Robert Reich pretends he’s stupid

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

This is shocking and outrageous. Robert Reich, the former Labor Secretary now a professor of public policy, affects ignorance on the score of why Sheldon Adelson has given Newt Gingrich all that money. The long quote below is from his blog.

Reich suggests that Adelson's gift has to do with his casino interests. He does not mention Israel or Adelson's friendship with Netanyahu or his millions to Birthright or One Jerusalem (Adelson's cause leading up to 2000 election when he sought to sabotage the peace process). He cannot say what the Wall Street Journal states in the lead of a news story: "A shared interest in supporting Israel, fostered over 15 years, is at the heart of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson's support for Newt Gingrich's presidential bid."

This is an important moment because it epitomizes the refusal of intelligent, prominent liberal American Jews to acknowledge the role of the Israel lobby (let alone dime out their crazy cousins, the neocons)...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

When Weiss writes about "prominent liberal American Jews" and their refusal to acknowledge the role of the "Israel lobby" (a.k.a. the fascist Zionist racket) in the U.S., he's engaged in a bit of self-censorship/self-deception himself.

How so? Because Zionist Jews (who seem to comprise about 94% of U.S. Jews) aren't "liberal" at all, any more than neocon Jews are conservative.

No, they're all ethno-religious fascists, and always were. Their feigned liberalism or conservatism was camouflage from the very beginning, a sort of mask they wear and pose they strike to fool the Goyim suckers that they prey upon as they ethnically network their way to the top of various Gentile institutions, and then wring them for all they're worth in order to advance the self-serving, particularistic Zionist agenda.

There is no way that this could ever have happened in a country with an authentically secular Western and spiritually Christian leadership and elite, instead of the greedy, Judeo-Christian Zionist buffoons on the right, and the greedy, Holocaustianity-worshipping Judeophile liberal buffoons on the left, all of whom pass themselves off as the "responsible" mainstream (apparently as opposed to the "extremist" critics of their fascist Zionist racket).

Some people grind their teeth at what these neo-fascist, Zionist Jews and their corrupt, buffoonish Goyim ass-lickers have done to America and the world, have stolen from America and the world, but I don't anymore. It was destiny that they would betray, just as it was destiny that Judas, the Pharisees, and the Judeans would betray -- it's the nature of the venomous snake to backbite or throat-strike at first available opportunity.

And what it will accomplish, in the end, is the unmasking of a corrupted, decrepit, decaying, crumbling Western civilization that needed to be purged of these fascist and communist parasites once and for all anyway before it could rise from the ashes to greater heights, glory and accomplishments than ever.

These essentially atheist-materialist imperialists, communists, zionists and fascists have been a drag on Christendom for hundreds of years, which is more than long enough.

It's long since time for the lot of them to go under the bus, one way or the other.

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