Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Diaspora Jewry-engineered multiculturalism turns against it: Jewish assailants clash with pro-Palestinian protesters at London School of Economics

Introduction by Chris Moore:

From within both Western government bureaucracy and the State Capitalist corporatocracy, Diaspora Zionist Jewry and its corrupt left-right goyim accomplices in crime went about engineering Western multiculturalism to replace the melting pot assimilation of America and traditional Western civilization for multiple reasons:

1) They didn't want Diaspora Jewry, the eternal "nation within a nation," to continue to stick out like a sore thumb, hence they wanted to encourage other tribalistic "nations" to take root in the West, and encourage their insularity.

2) They wanted to maximize both corporate and government revenue by maximizing the population in the Western sphere, and for example, by having illegal immigrant workers with false Social Security cards pay into government programs like Social Security retirement, but never get anything out, hence keeping the long plundered-by-government program solvent, and keeping corporatist profit margins ever-growing along with the size of the marketplace.

3) Their modus-operandi and expertise has long been using their money and influence to pit the various tribes against one another, just as Israeli Zionists do in the Middle East, and then exploiting the conflict to their own benefit. So just as Israel does routinely, they go about deliberately stirring up trouble between groups in the West, and then Diaspora Jewry adopts a grand pose as the "wise" and "ethical" moral authority who will guide the West through the troubled waters.

Of course, because their intentions are malign, and they can only conceal their bad will machinations for so long, their schemes eventually and inevitably blow up in their faces, as has happened today both in terms of their State Capitalist Ponzi scheme, and in terms of the social, political and racial clashes as a consequence of their neo-fascist, Zionist scheming.

They thought they could conceal their corrupt, "hidden hand" role forever by dominating Big Government (via Jewish Zionist domination of the Democratic Party and the neocon Right), Big Banking and Big Media; but they never anticipated the revolution in information democracy that the Internet has facilitated.

Hence, as demonstrated below, Zionist Jews have now been forced to take to the streets themselves to defend their Zionist racket from the very forces of multiculturalism that they and their partners socially engineered.

Eventual and inevitable hostile blowback against malignant Zionist scheming, warmongering and attempted mass social engineering -- the never-ending story of arrogant, delusional and self-serving Jewry's narcissistic "plight."


Jewish LSE Students Clash With Palestinian Protesters

(Huffington Post) -- by ? --

Students at the London School of Economics have been embroiled in a fight over the university's Palestinian Society protest against Israel's human rights record.

Houghton Street, part of LSE's campus, was the scene of a violent altercation on Monday as a protest by the LSE’s student Palestine Society came to blows after water balloons were hurled at the protesters.

After the attack on the protesters, which was captured on film, a fight broke out with one participant being punched in the face. Protesters claim that those who threw the balloons were members or supporters of the Students’ Union Jewish Society, although leaders of that organisation have condemned the attack.

It began as members of the Palestine Society formed a mock checkpoint outside of the St. Clements Building. Students were stopped before entering the building and asked by protesters for “ID” or “papers.” As the protest continued, certain Jewish students complained of “harassment and intimidation” as access to St. Clements was supposedly blocked.

Palestine Society members taking part in the protest claimed while students were asked for their “papers,” only protesters were physically stopped from entering the building.

Niamh Hayes, a member of Palestine Society, said: “we are only trying to recreate the conditions Palestinians have to face on a day-to-day basis".

Soon after making those comments, a group of counter-protesters ran down Houghton Street screaming “death to Israel” launching water-filled balloons at the protest. After soaking the protesters, they retreated with the Palestine Society members following.

Quickly a brawl broke out with a member of the Palestine Society protest punching a counter-protester in the face and various skirmishes taking over Houghton Street...MORE...LINK

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