Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Diaspora Jewry is "progressive" and "tolerant" claim its coddling liberal allies, but poll shows even young Jews are hard-core Zionists

Young Jews are Pro-Israel

(The Jerusalem Post) -- Mitchell Bard --

Today, it has become popular to malign young Jews and to suggest that they are turning away from Israel. We hear that they have been turned off to Israel by policies of the Israeli government and have become increasingly supportive of the Palestinians. Those of us who work with students know this is rubbish and now a new poll provides evidence that young Jews feel close to Israel, have little sympathy for the Palestinians, are hawkish on peace issues, and don’t believe public criticism of the government advocated by Jews on the far left is helpful.

The nationwide poll of 400 Jewish college students sponsored by the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise and The Israel Project found:

· 90% agree that Israel is the spiritual center of the Jewish people.
· 83% said caring about Israel is an important part of being Jewish.
· 73% said American and Israeli Jews share a common destiny.
· 89% have warm/favorable feelings toward Israel.
· 78% sympathize with Israel vis-a-vis the Palestinians.
· 84% think America should support Israel.

To further drive a stake in the idea that young Jews feel less connected to Israel than their elders, we can compare our results to the findings of the American Jewish Committee’s latest national poll. The AJC found that 68% of American Jews feel close to Israel and 31% said they feel very close. In the AICE/TIP survey, 66% of college students said they feel close to Israel and 26% answered very close.

Jewish students also have positive associations with Israel. When asked for a word to describe Israel, they chose words such as “Homeland,” “Jewish,” “Home,” “Strong,” and “Beautiful.”

By contrast, young Jews have mostly negative views toward the Palestinians. Only 15% of Jews rated their feelings toward the Palestinians as warm or favorable, only 2% said they sympathize with the Palestinians and only 1% think America should side with the Palestinians.

Jewish students are also relatively hawkish on final status issues. For example,

· 54% oppose a Palestinian state (only 27% support one).
· 62% say Jerusalem should stay under Israeli control; only 11% favor dividing the city.
· 47% favor dismantling some or all of the settlements; however, more Jews say no settlements should be dismantled (32%) than favor dismantling all of them (6%).

Young Jews also do not buy into the far left view that American Jews should express greater criticism of Israel. Nearly half (47%) the Jewish students said American Jews should support Israel and the policies of its democratically elected government and should express their disagreements privately; only 37% thought American Jews should speak out publicly against policies with which they disagree. A majority (58%) agreed that American Jews and Israelis have different experiences, knowledge, responsibilities and audiences and, therefore, criticism of Israeli policy by Israelis does not justify criticism of Israeli policy by American Jews in the United States.

To preempt the charge that the survey was biased toward more conservative Orthodox Jews, a plurality of the sample were Reform (43%) another 29% were Conservative and only 15% said they were Orthodox...MORE...LINK

The corrupt establishment left is in bed with the neocon right, and Zionist organized Jewry (the vast majority of Jews) are agents of the neocon right, which is how the gullible and duped liberal masses are controlled by the neo-fascists. To maintain the fiction that organized Jewry is NOT part of the neocon agenda, corrupt lefties constantly go on and on about how "progressive" and "tolerant" American Jews are, and that only older generations of Jews are hard-core Zionists. This is a lie, as this poll of younger U.S. Jews reveals. -- C.M.

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