Thursday, February 09, 2012

Zionist Jewry and its Goyim partners in government warmongering and racketeering crime plot to sacrifice more U.S. soldiers in another war for Israel

Jewry’s Push For War On Iran

( -- by Brother Nathanael Kapner --

Chris Moore comments:

How many wars for Israel does Zionist-occupied Washington intend to lie the American people into? How much blood will ever be enough for these insatiable, racketeering criminals? Just as there is never enough bailout funding, never enough taxes, never enough crony capitalism, never enough Big Government, there will never be enough wars for the neo-fascist, Zionist racket and its left-right accomplices.

What kind of species would sacrifice their own countrymen and long term interests of the U.S. for temporal luxuries, self-aggrandizement, money and careerism? The kind of species low enough to collaborate with racist, Zionist Jewry in wars of aggression, the kind that would sell its souls and sell out the country for peanuts, the kind that currently inhabits the seats of power in Washington.

Is this soulless species even human? I see no evidence of humanity in any of them. I do see profound evil, though, of the kind that grows upon spiritually bereft, Judeo-corrupted, atheist-materialist-mammonite-cultural Marxism-indoctrinated societies like a cancer. -- C.M.

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