Friday, February 10, 2012

Israel's fifth column instructs us that Americans instead of Israelis should be sacrificed in a war on behalf of the Jewish state against Iran

Justifying Injustice
Yet Another War for Israel?

( -- by WILLIAM A. COOK --

“Men use thought only to justify their injustices, and speech only to conceal their thoughts.”

(Voltaire: Dialogue XIV, Le Chapon et la Poularde)

Voltaire’s wit often illuminates truth. Consider this revealing “thought” as expressed recently in Alert, the voice of AIPAC to its membership: “Some Americans believe if the Israelis strike Iran, the U.S. will pay the political costs anyway, so it would be better for the Americans to do the job and do it properly. Their clock is a bit different from the one the Israelis hear. Because of their vastly superior firepower, the Americans could strike Iran later, more devastatingly and more sustainably.” How just is it for AIPAC’s mouthpiece to declare that America should “devastate” Iran because it has “vastly more firepower” than Israel and could “do a better job” and “do it properly,” as though this were a clean-up “job” of a waste dump and not an illegal invasion of a member country of the United Nations that has done nothing under international law to threaten the U.S. much less attack it, while the Israeli government and its IDF look on happily content that it is American boys and girls suffering the consequences of the unwarranted attacks and not Jewish boys and girls? Has it come to this, that unnamed Israeli spokespeople, voicing AIPAC’s policies, determine what nation the U.S. should invade without consultation with the representatives of the American people?

Not that this sentiment has not been expressed before. Netanyahu told Piers Morgan the same thing in an interview last year, as I have quoted in previous articles, noting Israel’s Zionist government’s desire to use America’s military as their own claiming that what is good for Israel is good for America. That protestation completes the wit contained in Voltaire’s quote: because Israel is America’s only friend in the mid-east and the only Democracy, and the only nation in that part of the world aligned with the west, it alone deserves America’s “unquestionable” and “unbreakable” support.

Speech that conceals fails to mention that being Israel’s “only friend” has made the U.S. a pariah among nations in the world and made its touted “Democratic freedoms” a laughing stock as the other nations in the UN watch America “support” the Zionists’ agenda to attack Iraq and Lebanon and Gaza, abort international law as it, like Israel, commits extrajudicial executions in foreign states, equips Israel when it invades its neighbors to the north and attacks peace activists aboard vessels from peaceful nations including Turkey, and, ironically sits silently by as Israel dismantles what little of a democracy existed in that nation by creating new laws that deny full citizenship to anyone not a Jew...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Notice how the Zionists and their political lackeys frame the issue, that the clock is ticking loudly in the ears of Israelis (Another Holocaust! Another Holocaust) but Americans can afford to sit and wait (Appeasement! Appeasement!) to do a job that will eventually have to be done anyway.

How much longer do these Zionists and their sock puppet politicians think they can get away with neo-fascist wars of aggression for Jewish supremacy through emotional blackmail and implicit appeals to the Holocaust?

How much longer is the world going to allow a gang of Jewish thugs to extort backing for its religo-fascist gangsterism and Diaspora racketeering with this endless, phony victim shtick?

When is the world going to stand up to the racketeering Zionist gangsters and say: There likely would have been no Holocaust if not for Jewish fascists masquerading as Communists carrying out genocide in Russia.

So now the Jewish fascists and their mentally ill, ethno-religious ideology of aggression have re-located to the Levant in large numbers, are again (Iraq war, World War II, World War I) using their cells and agents to incite the U.S. into wars that will likely ultimately result in some new Holocaust, maybe of Muslims, maybe of Jews, maybe of U.S. soldiers, maybe of all three, and their bought-off politicians and cronies who run Washington are shouting "Forward!"

These people are insane, and anyone stupid enough to follow them over the cliff is insane.

Indeed, who is more insane: the wild eyed, screwball Zionist Jews, or the stupid goyim politicians who follow them around like lost puppies?

The Washington political regime has put the precous lives of American soldiers, and the fate of the country itself, into the hands of these screwballs? Now that's insanity.

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