Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Nobel laureate Gunter Grass nails Israel as the root of Mideast warmongering that threatens to wipe the Iranian people off the map

Renowned German writer calls Israel "threat to world peace", urges opposition to Iran strike

(World Jewish Congress) --

In a 'poem' published by several newspapers world-wide, the 85-year-old Nobel Literature Prize laureate alleges that not the Iranian but the Israeli nuclear arsenal presents a threat to world peace. Grass warns of a military strike by Israel that could "wipe out the Iranian people" and urges an immediate stop of German submarine deliveries to Israel.

The text, which was published simultaneously on Wednesday by several newspapers in Europe and the US and has triggered a lively debate in the German press, is entitled 'What has to be said'. In it, Grass - who became world-renowned through novels including 'The Tin Drum' and who in 1999 received the Nobel Prize for Literature - claims that Ahmadinejad was nothing more than a "loudmouth" and that Iran's intentions to build a nuclear weapon were "unproven". He also alleges that Israel disposed of a "growing nuclear potential" that was beyond international control. In Grass' words, the Israelis were planning to put nuclear warheads on submarines sold to them by Germany, and Germany could therefore become complicit in a "crime" that "is predictable".

In his poem, the long-standing leftwing campaigner says that "the nuclear power Israel is endangering the already fragile world peace" and accuses the West of "hypocrisy" in its dealing with the Iranian issue. He urges readers to end their "silence" and prevent the "causer of the present danger" to renege the use of force.

In a reaction, the Jewish publicist Henryk Broder called Grass "the prototype of an educated anti-Semite."...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The Zionist Jews respond with their standard disclaimer "anti-Semite" charge -- how original!

These people really need to get some new material. They've gotten away with papering over their crypto-fascism with the "anti-Semite" charge for so long now, they've gotten lazy.

Come on, put those big Jewish brains to work and come up with something new. Pull a couple of the clever Jewish grifters off of Madison Avenue and out of Hollywood, and put them to work on the project, like in the good old days.

Or maybe they're beginning to have some difficulty bringing non-knuckle dragger Jews into their crypto-fascist enterprise, now that it's become so blatant.


Anonymous said...

"Or maybe they're beginning to have some difficulty bringing non-knuckle dragger Jews into their crypto-fascist enterprise, now that it's become so blatant."

I don't think that's the case. My view is that they've boxed themselves in due to arrogance. I see no reason to believe that support has waned within the Jewish Establishment, which is not where the dregs gather. They'll spin a bit, and feign civil war, but I doubt much will change internally.

As for Gunther Grass, I wonder what took him so long to comment? It's good that he did, but a Nobel Laureate should have had the brains to see this long ago, and the backbone to comment before turning 85. Isn't he the type who supposedly stood against such things? I know, it's the German guilt, and it is interesting that he is speaking now.

Chris Moore said...

"As for Gunther Grass, I wonder what took him so long to comment?"

I would say he was probably cowed for fear of the anti-Semitism charge, and that the modern Western left has been just as guilty as collaborating with racketeering Jewry as has the neocon right in America, so he didn't want to go there.

I see a lot of parallels between Gentile "liberals" and Judeo-Christian Zionists in terms of their state of denial on the Jewish question -- with the lion's share of denial on the left tracable to the fact that the Jewish racket has made sure they're well paid to go along.

I think what is changing is people are realizing that the Zionist Jews (both Israel and the Diaspora Zionist racket) are running amok, and all the money in the world won't be able to fix the damage they do by starting WWIII.

And thanks to the Internet, I think they have a better idea of how insane and delusional these people really are.

Red lines are being croseed, desperation is setting in -- enough desperation to rouse even these liberal buffoons from their complacent Judeophile stupor, but still apparently not enough to touch the Judeo-Christian Zionist buffoons or the neocon right.

I wonder what role their religious suspended disbelief is playing in their refusal to face reality on the Jewish question?