Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Why the American melting pot is the paradigm the West should pursue instead of the racist, warmongering, Zionist Beltway status-quo

(By Chris Moore) -- The following video appears to be produced by a White nationalist, and while I disagree with White nationalism's conclusions and remedies, I wholeheartedly agree with this video's analysis about what is really going going on in terms of Israeli and Beltway Washington warmongering, and why.

(Given the moral equivalence between Nazism and Communism, I have no more problem running a hard right-wing critique of Zionism than I have running a hard left-wing critique of Zionism. In fact, to overthrow the crypto-fascist, Zionist paradigm, the Zionists and their accomplices are going to have to be squeezed from both the left and the right.)

After the video, I will make a comment on why I disagree with White nationalism, and the paradigm I would like to see succeed the current Washington neolib/neocon Zionist status-quo.

But first, this excellent critique that zeroes in like a laser on how and why these Israeli and Diaspora Zionists and their Beltway accomplices are the #1 threat to the planet.

Jews pushing America into war with Iran
( -- by Destroy Zog --

Now here's why I disagree with White nationalism.

My theory is that Western civilization itself was one huge melting pot of genetic blends from Greece and the southern tip of Italy up through the Scandinavian countries and everything in between, all essentially built around Christian and Greco-Roman thought, ethics, morals, values, ideology, disciplines, etc., in conjunction with the magnificent local cultures.

Later, the Germanic and Norman peoples became the standard-bearer for Western civilization (e.g. the Holy Roman Empire), and brought it to new heights. They additionally imposed Western civilization on the insular English through powerful leaders like William the Conquerer, and then the English themselves made huge contributions.

It was only with the so-called Enlightenment that Western civilization began to fracture and degrade, culminating in essentially tribal nationalist wars based on colonial greed and power worship (WWI and WWII). Jewish bankers and revolutionaries additionally encouraged this fracturing and bloodletting, implementing Communism as a Trojan horse.

In fact, these crypto-Zionist Jews were in bed with many WASP politicos like Woodrow Wilson and FDR, and with certain Big Business/Big Government interests (see Anthony Sutton here on the Bolshevik connection to Wall Street, and the Koch family's role in Communism here).

The point is that at the macro level, in the biggest picture, I don't see how the West can play the racial tribal game again, and ever get back to where it wants to be. That just ends in balkanization, and the kind of tribal bloodletting that was so harmful to Whites in World Wars One and Two, and that is culminating in even more bloodletting since the Zionists have exploited those conflicts (WWII and the Holocaust in particular) to claw their way to the top.

In fact, as you will see if you watch the video above, the (apparently) White nationalist narrator notes that Zionist Jews (and their many left-right accomplices from all races, but especially a lot of Whites, I might add) are an existential threat not only to Whites, but to 99% of humanity.

Actually, they're a theat to 100% of humanity, because Jews and their accomplices are just as vulnerable to nuclear radiation as anyone else if nuclear bombs start flying.

The American melting pot is the paradigm we need to pursue as the answer to racist, warmongering, Zionist Beltway status-quo, based on the massive, broiling European melting pot model that comprised the civilization that was once the greatest in the history of man -- Western civilization.

Those who reject the melting pot, like Zionist Jews, for example, should simply leave.

After all, isn't that why Israel a place for Zionist Jews who don't want to assimilate?


Anonymous said...

Interesting video. I agree with much of what was said about Israel and its supporters, and I believe that there is merit to the views on immigration into the West.

I honestly don't care who my neighbor is, as long as he is a good neighbor. I'm also not stupid enough to believe that white nationalism would create white utopias. At the same time, I don't believe that the melting pot ever worked, and our present problem with the Jewish community is proof of that.

I honestly don't know what could possibly cure the current balkanization in the U.S. and West due to massive immigration and acceptance of multiculturalism. It's obvious that most of the people coming to the West are coming as economic refugees at best, and many are even hostile. They aren't coming for the Greco-Roman or Christian civilization.

Do you believe that the melting pot can work when the people coming to the West are of very different cultural backgrounds, often having real or imagined grudges, and seem to have no desire to assimilate? I think the problem that this website devotes itself to is largely due to a hostile group which never intended to assimilate.

One thing I have noticed is that many so-called white nationalists, and even outright white supremacists, are more honest, less hostile, and even make more sense than many of the so-called assimilationist Jews or left wing critics of Zionism and Israel.

Would I want either group as rulers? No! However, if I had to choose, it wouldn't be a hard choice to make.

Chris Moore said...

"At the same time, I don't believe that the melting pot ever worked, and our present problem with the Jewish community is proof of that."

I think the melting pot worked fine when America forced its language and cultural norms on the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who arrived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

I wouldn't view multiculuturalism as consistent with melting pot assimilation. Multiculturalism is a quest for tribal ethnic identities and cells that can be built into coalitions, manipulated, pit against one another, etc.

Melting pot assimilation was the model before self-serving Zionist Jews took over the intellectual leadership of the country from the WASPs, who largely followed the melting pot model. The Zionists didn't want Israel-first Zionist Jews (who utterly reject assimilation) to stick out like a sore thumb, hence devised multiculturalism so they'd appear as merely one tribe amongst many.

Crass capitalism is also a problem for assimilating masses of immigrants. All it ever wants is more, more, more, and quarter over quarter growth, whatever the cost to society. The crass capitalists figure they can move behind gated communities and otherwise use their money to insulate themselves from oversaturation.

I think by rooting out self-serving, troublemaking and subversive Zionists, Marxists, and crass capitalists, requiring English as the mandatory common language, and implementing a program of pro-Western cultural normalization, the country would be just fine.

Of course, those are no small orders. But on the plus side, such huge chunks of the problematic troublemakers on both left and right have coalesced around the Zionists that flushing them and their accomplices would flush probably a large majority of the troublemakers, in the same way that something like 10% of criminals cause 80% of the crime.

That's one reason I am so passionate about destroying Zionism in the U.S. It's the linchpin to saving the country.

Anonymous said...

I still disagree with your view of the melting pot for the same reasons that I listed in my earlier post. But I hope that your view is correct, because if I'm right, the future is much iffier.

I'd also say that earlier waves of immigrants were much less in number, and of mostly European backgrounds, which made them easier to assimilate than present immigrants. I can personally like an individual and admire his culture, and still question whether or not he will be a good fit as an immigrant.

I also think it is worth mentioning that white nationalists and white supremacists are far more likely than most immigrants and anti-racists to defend Western Christian civilization. I don't believe that many WNs or WSs are atheists, and the neo-pagans are at the fringe of the movement.