Monday, April 30, 2012

Zionist Jews eager to fight Israel's enemies to the last American: 72 percent want U.S. to attack Iran

'Majority of Israelis back US-led attack on Iran'

Jerusalem: A recent poll carried out by an Israeli newspaper revealed that most Israelis are supportive of a strike on Iran if it is led by the United States.

The poll result published on Sunday by The Jerusalem Post daily showed that 72 percent of 500 respondents support the US-led attack, while only 14 percent of respondents oppose it.

However, 45 percent said they would support an Israeli unilateral attack on Iran and 40 percent said they would not

Zionist Jews, always eager to fight Israel's enemies to the last American soldier.

No wonder their diaspora Zionist Jewish-American agents in the U.S. routinely abuse their U.S. citizenship rights and power positions to relentlessly lobby for/incite war.

If the Jews want to destroy Iran, why don't they simply emigrate there? They destroy whatever they touch in a few short decades; just look at America. -- C.M.

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