Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Diaspora Zionists a greater threat to world peace than Israeli Jews

(by Chris Moore) -- Intelligent people who have studied the Israeli-Palestinian, Israeli-Arab, Israeli-Muslim and Israeli-Persian conflicts regularly point out that the discourse in Israel about the difficult, combative, and often irrational nature of organized Jewry is far more open and frank than it is here in the West. In Israel, Jews apparently often get on one another's nerves, and aren't afraid to air their own "anti-Semitism" (or what would be called anti-Semitism if it came out of the mouth of a non-Jew in the United States).

An example of this is the recent headline of an opinion piece in the Israeli newspaper Haaratz: "Has Israel’s leadership come down with mad-Jew disease?"

Can anyone imagine such a frank and honest headline appearing in a Western newspaper?

Because of the hegemony of political correctness in the West, critics' fear of the many institutions that have been corrupted by Zionism, the huge power and wealth of organized Jewry, and Zionism's shameless willingness to milk the Holocaust and the "anti-Semitism" card to the bone, Americans speak far less frankly and openly about the problematic and often criminal character of Zionist Jewry than their Israeli counterparts.

And this unwillingness to critically speak out has led to a fanaticism and belligerence in the diaspora Jewish Zionist community that often actually surpasses the belligerence and fanaticism of the most aggressive and violent of the Israelis themselves.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert got a taste of diaspora Jewish Zionist fanaticism on a recent visit to New York, where he was berated by Diaspora Zionists as weak and soft.

Now, keep in mind that Olmert is no bleeding heart himself, and has actually faced serious accusations of war crimes for his oversight of Operation Cast Lead, the 22 day Israeli siege of Gaza from December of 2008 to January of 2009 that amounted to a bloodbath in which 13 Israeli soldiers were killed compared to 1,300 Palestinians, many of them women and children.

Yet, as reported by the New York Times, Olmert was derided as a gullible appeaser by a crowd of hysterical and shrieking Diaspora Zionists when he urged Israeli caution and moderation on possible war with Iran, and said that current Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu should take American interests into consideration before plunging the Middle East into yet another war:
Drawing boos from a largely American audience in New York, he fired off a wide-ranging broadside against Mr. Netanyahu’s foreign policy, saying that the prime minister was unprepared to offer meaningful compromise to Palestinians, disrespectful to the United States and dismissive of the international community at a time when Israel particularly needs foreign support to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

“A nation has the right to determine what it should do to defend itself,” Mr. Olmert said at a conference held in a Manhattan hotel by The Jerusalem Post. “But when at the same time we ask the United States and other countries to provide us with the means to do it, no one is entirely independent to act, irrespective of the positions and attitudes and policies of other countries.”...

Illustrating how visceral the debate has become, and how entwined it is with politics in both Israel and the United States, some in the crowd peppered Mr. Olmert with shouts of “NaĂŻve!” and “Neville Chamberlain!” and booed loudly when he called for a less confrontational stance toward President Obama, whose political opponents Mr. Netanyahu has openly courted.

Mr. Olmert was booed again when he declared that while Israel should prepare the military ability to strike Iran’s nuclear program as a last resort, it should first push for American-led international action against Iran, including sanctions and possible joint military action.

This time, he responded caustically.

“As a concerned Israeli citizen who lives in the state of Israel with his family and all of his children and grandchildren,” he said, “I love very much the courage of those who live 10,000 miles away from the state of Israel and are ready that we will make every possible mistake that will cost lives of Israelis.”
This sequence perfectly illustrates the threat to American interests, Middle East stability, and even world peace posed by the noisy, aggressive and fanatical Diaspora Zionist "Israel lobby," which is actually far more than a lobby, and amounts to nation unto itself that uses its vast power, wealth and influence to berate, intimidate, and badger even the most battle-hardened leaders towards ever more war.

As hinted by Olmert, this nation of Diaspora Zionists is dangerously arrogant and reckless, because it has no skin in the game, and will happily incite conflict after conflict, war after war to be fought by American soldiers and Israelis themselves, even as it lounges by the pool "10,000 miles away from the state of Israel" and luxuriates itself in armchair-warrior splendor.

Hence, not only is this Diaspora Zionist nation of fanatics and warmongers guilty of treason against the U.S., but guilty of reckless endangerment of the state of Israel, as well.

Perhaps repatriation to Israel and a few years of mandatory service in the IDF might give a bit of perspective to these wealthy, overcompensating Diaspora Zionists who forever demand others engage in perpetual war to satisfy the warped impulses and warlike lusts they're too cowardly and self-serving to physically exercise themselves; perhaps shipping their overweight arses to Israel, shoving them into an IDF uniform and posting them on the wall will teach them what war really means, and why it shouldn't be instigated will-nilly from 10,000 miles away by pampered, insular chickenhawks who refuse to do any fighting and dying themselves, but merely count their money and shout for war and blood from the Diaspora Zionist peanut gallery, hatred, bile and spittle flowing from their toxic innards and flying off of their poisonous tongues.

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