Tuesday, May 08, 2012

In pocket of wealthy, fake "liberal" Zionist Jews like Dem Jane Harman, statist liberal establishment media do warmongering bidding of their masters

That was Jane Harman of Newsweek trying to quash Medea Benjamin’s stellar soliloquy against drones

Last week Medea Benjamin wrote about confronting John Brennan on drones at the Wilson Center. I only watched the video today, and was awed by Benjamin's bravery. Watch her being frogmarched from the hall and with perfect timing proclaiming exit lines that would make Shakespeare proud...

No one pointed out that the person on the dais at the Wilson Center next to Obama drone boss John Brennan is the head of the Wilson Center, Jane Harman. You can see Harman in red flitting angrily to the microphone to try and shut Benjamin up. She fails.

Harman is a great partisan of the war on terror...

The former congresswoman from California is a fierce supporter of Israel right or wrong and is also on the board of Newsweek/the Daily Beast...

It's sad to see the liberal media establishment so aligned with the militant powers that be. But that reminds me of a big reason I started blogging. In 2004 I was at the Republican convention in New York when Jodie Evans, who along with Benjamin is a leader of Code Pink, stood up during George W. Bush's speech and ripped off her coat to expose a pink slip with the words You have blood on your hands. She started speaking and was dragged from the hall. I will never forget the sight of Evans being brutally dragged up the concrete steps of Madison Square Garden right past me, her shoes flying off. She came out of jail a day later barefoot.

And the reason I'll never forget is that I was sitting in a giant pecking order of establishment media, and they were indifferent. They were too busy noting who was getting close to the big stars in the media, they were bent over their notebooks recording George Bush the warmonger's words. Because almost all of them were in on that war themselves...

Chris Moore comments:

Here's some background on supposedly "liberal" warmongering Jewish Zionist oligarch and Israel-firster Jane Harman.

And here is an estimate of her personal wealth at about $435 million.

Clearly, just another mega-wealthy, crony State-enriched "liberal" Zionist wolf in sheep's clothing.

Who says Zionist crime doesn't pay?

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Anonymous said...

Jane Harman is the former US Representative from California's 36th Congressional District who has a net worth of $200 million dollars. Jane Harman is the current US Representative from California's 36th Congressional District. She is a Democrat and has served as a representative from California from both 1993-1999 and again from 2001 to the present... http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-politicians/democrats/jane-harman-net-worth/