Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Integrated Jews are trying to put the genie back in the bottle, but Zionist Jews have their hooks deep into Judaism

It’s apartheid in the West Bank, but Obama and liberal Jews are too ‘intimidated’ to say anything — Perlstein in Rolling Stone

All It's finally happening. The great slumbering and privileged body of integrated American Jews is lifting its head and saying, Wait, you are doing what in my name? Peter Beinart is giving them a doorway. Paul Krugman went through it a week back. Rick Perlstein at Rolling Stone now enters. An accomplished historian/journalist, Perlstein avoided this issue like the plague, he says.

Note in my excerpt his relentless focus on what Zionism has done to Jewish identity, note his focus on Jewish power. Oh and notice the writer who writes about everything admitting that he has been gutless on this question. He was intimidated, he admits. As Obama was intimidated by the lobby. Notice that Perlstein has glommed a statement in Beinart's book that others have walked past: an Obama official saying it's "apartheid" in the West Bank.

This is a real challenge to the Tablet Jews, tribal parochial Jews. The integrated Jews are waking up and asking, Where did my identity go?...

Chris Moore comments:

Exploited to the max by the more ruthless, aggressive and sadistic Jews, and now being exploited to the max by the more ruthless, aggressive, and sadistic Gentiles, Zionism is no longer simply a Jewish ideology, but is now an aggressive international ideology that has less to do with Israel and more and more to do with perpetual international warmongering and neo-fascist Globalist greed, all underpinned by the concept of Judeo-supremacism and smuggled in under the auspices of combatting "anti-Semitism."

Some Jews are now trying to put the genie back in the bottle, but it's too little, too late.

Decent Jews made a massive mistake by letting Zionist Jews get their hooks in Judaism, but it was probably an inevitable mistake.

Similarly, decent Americans made a massive mistake by letting the Zionists get their hooks in the U.S., but that might have been inevitable, too.

The good news is that Western civilization now sees and understands what's going on, and it and decent Americans too are beginning to re-assert themselves against Zionist predators.

Americans of conscience are going to have to join with Europeans of conscience to re-assert the values of Western civilization and utterly reject these neo-totalitarian Judeo-values of Zionism.

Jews are going to have to decide: do you want to embrace Western values, or cling to Judeo-Zionism? No more having it both ways.

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