Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Alan Dershowitz wants treasonous, criminal Zionists free to continue their predations just like he wanted murderer O.J. Simpson free to continue his

Explosive Dust-Up Over Iran Policy

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in late April, Israel put its raucous, divided political culture on full exhibition in New York for a day — and New York did not like what it saw.

The occasion was the first-ever Jerusalem Post Conference, an all-day public seminar on Israeli policy, held on April 29 at Manhattan’s Marriott Times Square Hotel. The star-studded event brought together some two dozen Israelis from the worlds of government, defense, philanthropy and journalism, along with a handful of American Jewish activists, and put them on a stage before a paying audience of 1,200 for a day of speeches and panel discussions...

An emotional climax came in the late morning, when famed Harvard University legal scholar Alan Dershowitz came to the stage and begged the assembled to tone down their rhetoric. “The first rule” in gatherings like this, he said, is “do not ever, ever boo a president of the United States” when “speaking on behalf of the state of Israel.” The audience of mostly American Jews greeted his plea with a mixture of polite applause and derisive boos...

Chris Moore comments

Dershowitz wants these Zionists to maintain the facade and pretense that they're loyal Americans instead of revealing to the world that they're warlike Israel-firsters who won't stop their warmongering until they get another world war.

Give it up, Dershowitz. Over time, you simply can't succeed in keeping these noisy, hyperactive, warmongering Diaspora Zionist from revealing their true nature. Why would you even want to try? You can't engineer them into something they're not.

Are you trying to protect them from righteous backlash against their essence? Are you trying to protect them from the justice they deserve for their treason? Why would you want to protect murderous criminals, unless you're a murderous criminal yourself?

Actually, I know exactly why Dershowitz wants to camouflage their treason and criminalism...he's a Zionist Jew shyster lawyer who has aided and abetted O.J. Simpson and all manner of other clearly guilty criminals. Obviously, he has a sick, subversive, Zionist Jew thing for making sure criminals remain free to continue their predations on Gentiles and their civil societies.

And this is the problem with all Zionists, both Jewish and Gentile: they have a subversive, criminal-like, well poisoning character that can't help but wage war against the best interests, functionality and general peace and prosperity of non-Zionists and their societies. They have a subversive, treacherous, racketeering streak in them that will abuse and betray the good will of those around them at the first opportunity it is advantageous to do so.

Alan Dershowitz, shyster-lawyer ally to predatory criminals, is simply a caricature of this mentality, but make no mistake...all Zionists have a criminal streak that can never be trusted, and that ultimately cannot be tolerated by those who seek law, order, harmony, peace and prosperity for all, instead of simply for their narrow, predatory racket or self-serving tribe.

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