Tuesday, May 08, 2012

In shadow of sweeping political change, sweating French Jews angle towards Israel

Thousands of French Jews Consider Aliyah

Some 5,000 French Jews participated in an aliyah fair in Paris.

The fair, organized and run by the Jewish Agency, took place Sunday as French voters went to the polls and elected Francois Hollande as their new president, beating incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy, considered the favored choice in the Jewish community.

“I cannot recall having seen such a massive number of people interested in aliyah since the days when lines of people stretched out of the Israeli embassy in Moscow,” said Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky, who attended the fair. The annual fair usually attracts about 2,000 visitors, according to the Jewish Agency.

A new survey conducted in March, of the 500,000-member French Jewish community, the second largest in the Diaspora, found that French Jews have grown so disgusted with anti-Semitism that more than one quarter of them are considering emigrating...

The mood among French Jews is like a “severe depression,” said Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, a founder of The Israel Project.

According to Ynet, official results show that 92.8% of French nationals residing in Israel (9,186) voted for Sarkozy

Chris Moore comments:

I guess the Diaspora Zionist racket isn't looking too promising to these conniving opportunists anymore. Time to pack up the grift and return to Swindler Central, eh Moshe?

No wonder all those Israel-firsters in Congress are so busy voting their Zionist brethren record billions of the American people's money...I guess a lot of them figure they'll be living there themselves soon enough.

Gee, nice to know that lifeboat Israel is taken care of in plush style on the precipice of potential Western economic collapse as a consequence of Zionist racketeering, economic chicanery and endless wars for Israel.

And no doubt, all these Zionist-Globalist, neo-Royalist thieves in Congress and in the extended racket are financially socked away, and have escape plans at the ready to who knows where themselves.

But what are average Americans supposed to use for a lifeboat? Oh, they're not part of "the Chosen" set, so who really cares about them, right?

Let them eat cake.

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