Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christian-hating Zionists use their Big Media perch to blackball and warmonger against Putin's Russia

Jewry’s Plan To Blackball Russia

TWO ‘MEDIA’ JEWS who enjoy lavish exposure by the Jewish-controlled Press are gritting their teeth hoping to take a bite out of Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin.

In a feature OpEd of the Jew-dominated Financial Times, “Time To Blackball Russia’s Autocratic State,” (& Here), Ian Bremmer and Nouriel Roubini—both Jews—just can’t seem to satisfy the anti-Christ rats in their bellies in their malice toward Christian Russia.

Bremmer (founder of the Eurasia Group as a means of bringing Jewish hegemony over Eurasia) and Roubini (touted as an innovative economist) are calling for Russia to be “blackballed” and justify their wishful Jewish fantasy with a pack of Jewish lies:

“Corruption is endemic in Russia. Graft is a particular problem. Capital flight has reportedly accelerated since Putin’s re-election in March.

Russia’s population is falling – because healthcare is poor, socially driven diseases such as alcoholism is rampant, and well-educated Russians are leaving in search of better opportunities elsewhere.” View Entire Story Here & Here.

Indeed, a froth-full of lies spew forth from Bremmer’s and Roubini’s Jewish lips.

Contrary to their assertions, there is NO demographic crisis in Russia. The population of Russia has increased by one million since early 2011. In the first quarter of 2012, Forbes Magazine responsibly reports, Russia’s population grew by 31,000.

Yes, there was a crisis in the 90’s when the drunkard Yeltsin was in the hands of the Jewish oligarchs. But, this crisis has been gradually arrested.

BOTH PUTIN AND MEDVEDEV, (after 80 years of Jewish Bolshevik domination), are addressing corruption and graft issues...MORE...LINK

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Anonymous said...

Russia is today anything but anti-zionist or christian. Brother Nathanael is eighter ignoring the fact or lying to the public.

Putin and Medvediev are both sucking on Israel - one of first things that Medvediev did after his election, was opening a new synagogue in Moscow.

He also likes to surround himself with hassidic rabbies, much like Obama, Bush and countless other western leaders. Putin is a ruthless businessman - with KGB education, he deals with jewish controlled west, Europe needs oil and gas as much Russia needs money.

After october revolution, when all Russian gentile elite was eighter killed or escaped to west, Russia was and still is dominated with jewish elite.