Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Have Diaspora Zionists destroyed prospects for democracy, necessitating a return to monarchy? Not if corrective actions are taken to save democracy

Introduction by Chris Moore:

In the following video, Brother Nathanael Kapner posits that democracy is the means by which the Diaspora Jewsh Zionists infiltrated Western civilization and have perverted it to carry out their own supremacist, ethno-nationalist interests and agenda, and that a return to monarchy may be the best remedy to the Zionist problem.

I disagree.

I don’t believe that the baby (democracy) should be thrown out with the bathwater (Jewish Zionist toxins).

I recognize not desiring that Zionist Jews be converted conflicts with certain Christian doctrine, but I honestly don’t believe the core of Zionist Judaism is capable of salvation into a higher consciousness, because it is comprised of sociopaths who could never undergo an authentic conversion, and if forced, would merely operate as subversive crypto-Jews (e.g. conversos).

Hence, I don’t think it makes sense to even desire the presences of hard core Zionist Jews in Western civilization, because all they will do is warp Christendom.

They now have Israel, they have no need to linger or dwell in the West, and they’re not wanted here except by other criminals, subversives and sociopaths who seek out Jewish accomplices, which is how Western civilization and democracy have been polluted...by criminal Zionist Jewry teaming with and leading other factions of broiling malcontents, sociopaths and charlatans (e.g. Communists, cultural Marxists, money-worshippers, neoliberals, neocons, Judeo-Christian Zionists, etc).

The presences of Zionist Jewry in the West provides these others with expertise, leadership, organizational models, technique, encouragement, aid and sustenance. And because these others have no higher principles, integrity and aims than ego-gratification, power, and self-serving material advancement, they're more than happy to sell their souls to the Zionist Jews at whatever price.

Better to send the Zionists off to fight it out with the like-minded Islamists (on their own dime) so we can go about rebuilding our civilization without having to contend with Talmudic masters of subversion and treachery burrowing away from the inside out, and entering into Faustian bargains with other treacherous (if lower I.Q.) snakes.


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