Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Jewish Zionists don't belong in Western civilization, and how they can be voluntarily compelled to Israel

(By Chris Moore) -- Just as Islamism is totalitarian Islamic-supremacism, Zionism is totalitarian Judeo-supremacism. Hence, the following are some of the basic principles and logic behind my opinion that Zionists belong in the theocratic Abrahamite realm of the Middle East, and not the Greco-Christian realm of Western civilization, with its traditions of reason and logic, constitutional law, equal rights, free speech, and separation of religion and state, along with a history of opposition to centralized, totalitarian power.

But first, some near history background, particularly on the mass murderous Communism that set the stage for the tragedies of Nazism and World War II, that under girds the proposition that Jewish Zionists don't belong in the West:

Jewish Karl Marx, informed by the beliefs his Jewish Zionist guru Moses Hess, essentially "invented" Communism. "Jewish blood"-worshipping Vladimir Lenin and Zionist-in-gestation Leon Trotsky, along with initial Zionist collaborator Stalin, implemented the original Communism with the assistance thousands upon thousands of supremacist left-wing Jews before many eventually split with Stalin.

Communism, like the hyper state capitalism that has run amok today in the U.S., is an atheist-materialist convention, designed to cultivate humans into slaves and slaves into animals controlled by Judeo-supremacists. Indeed, capitalist Jewish bankers financed the original Communism, and Judeo-"Christians" such as the Koch dynasty, profited handsomely from its monopolistic, totalitarian, slave labor essence.

Zionists love atheist-materialist ideological Trojan horses as mechanisms for their racket because Judeo-supremacists are self-serving misanthropes who seek to enslave non-Jews to Jewish tyranny, per an imperative of age old, elitist, racist and Jewish supremacist religious doctrine, and atheist-materialism for the out-group masses accomplishes two of their goals simultaneously: Judeo-supremacism (slowly but undeniably implemented via their own religious/racket cohesiveness) and the control, subjugation or elimination of non-Zionists through a process of material deprivation of those who don't join or acquiesce to their ideology.

Judeo-supremacists thus first get their hands on the money and credit creation levers of a country or civilization (the central banks) and then use that control to both richly finance and promote their own people and agenda and "starve" critics, competing powers or alternative ideological perspectives.

And in atheist-materials societies, where everyone is madly scrambling for the material means central to existence, the citizenry will always be at the mercy of central bankers or money commissars who control the means of survival and prosperity, which is exactly where the Judeo-supremacists in control of the central banks want them.

Even in the United States today, slowly but surely, racist Zionist Jews and their accomplices are using their control of the money supply to promote themselves as our masters and overlords, the chosen race to whom the usual rules don't apply, and to whom average Americans are increasingly indentured.

We're already fighting wars for Israel in the Middle East, U.S. Jews are already hugely disproportionately over-represented in Congress relative to their 2% of the population and disproportionately wealthy even among the super rich, the Zionist-corrupted, financial sector government "regulators" have already given Zionist racketeering, theft and bubbles engineered on Wall Street a complete "pass," with permission to continue at will.

And don't for a minute believe that many of the Gentile Beltway "elites" are not part and parcel to all of this...they've helped engineer it all because of their own corruption, greed, and low character.

The country is slowly being plundered for the benefit of the Beltway Zionist oligarchy and its plutocratic cronies, and drained of its youth, finances and future in endless wars for Israel and Judeo-supremacism.

Greek and Christian thought, the basis of Western civilization that we must return to, are the antithesis of this Jewish Zionist and Judeo-“Christian” Zionist warmongering and crony capitalism, as well as the antithesis to Communism and Fascism, all of which are Godless, misanthropic mechanism for human enslavement, notwithstanding the fact that some of the Judeo-supremacists masquerade is "religious."

The verdict is in on Zionism, and it can no longer be denied that it is anti-Christian, anti-Western, fanatically patriarchal, authoritarian to outright totalitarian, tenaciously subversive, and insatiably greedy -- all of which leads to criminal racketeering and political dysfunction on an epic scale.

And this is why Zionist Jews, who form the core and vanguard of Zionism (and just like their Islamist fellow Abrahamites, conflate "religion" and politics no end) belong in the Middle East, and not the West.


So once it is concluded that the most fanatical of Zionist Jews belong in Israel and the Abrahamite realm, the next question becomes, how do we get them there?

And the answer is...we don't. The most committed and tenacious of them will go voluntarily, because their leadership has treasonous blood on its hands, and will implicate the rest of the fanatics in its criminal treason.

And we all know what that treason is:

1) Instigating/facilitating the 9/11 attacks as the "Pearl Harbor event" used to lie America into Mideast wars for Israel

2) Actually carrying out the conspiracy to lie America into war for Israel

3) Compounding their crimes by conspiring to lie/coerce America into war with Iran

If these truly treasonous Zionist Jews, the ones that could be proven to be involved in the crimes outlined above, were publicly put on trial and executed for their treason if found guilty, the rest of the Israel-firsters would quickly decide whether they want to be Americans or Israelis.

High profile, public trials for treasonous Zionist Jews and Judeo-supremacists would do wonders for flushing out the criminal Diaspora Zionist racket, with the added benefit of not harming innocent Jews.

Indeed, most "anti-Semitism" can be traced back to the original sin of the abhorrent behavior of the conniving Judeo-supremacists and their subversive, self-serving, self-enriching machinations that inevitably blow up in the average Jew's face, either because these foolishly get drawn into the Zionist racket, or because they're left holding the bag. And after factions of Jews pay a price for Zionist racketeering and murder, Zionists then use this as "evidence" of pervasive anti-Semitism, and claim they're entitled to special rights, rewards, reparations and privileges as "persecuted" victims.

So here are the simple principles of Zionist-rejection summarized:

--Zionist Jews belong in the Abrahamite-Judeo realm of Israel because they have a pathological, uncontrollable compulsion to conflate politics and religion into supremacist doctrine and agenda.

--Islamists belong in the Abrahamite-Islamic realm for the same reason.

--Zionist Jews claim they should be given a "pass" for organizing as a self-serving, ideologically fanatical racket because of the small numbers that comprise their demographic. But can anyone imagine Islamists saying they're entitled to their fanaticism because they're a tiny minority?

--In both cases, because their way of life is so completely at odds with and outright hostile to Western civilization, let them "sink or swim" and make their own way WITHOUT Western resources in the realm of Abraham.

None of this is to argue that all Jews and Muslims should be banned from the West.

Jewish and Islamic freedom lovers willing to respect (instead of subvert and wage war against) the Greco-Christian moral authority of the West, and abide by the traditions of Western civilization including separation of religion and state with limited government intrusion into private life, constitutional rule of law, and freedom of speech, would likely remain welcome in most Western countries -- so long as they didn't revert back to conspiracies to set up and utilize authoritarian and totalitarian central governments to institutionally assert the supremacy of a their respective supremacist "religious" ethno-ideologies.

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