Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why the double standards between N. Korea and Iran vis-à-vis nukes? Because Israel lobby has corrupt Beltway sewn up

Mainstream Media & Bloggers Are Too Scared To Mention AIPAC In Iran Coverage

Look, I don’t blame them. As I can testify from personal experience, telling the truth about the lobby is dangerous. And by the lobby I mean not only AIPAC but all its satellite organizations, journalists, flacks, bloggers, rabbis, etc, who will come after anyone who talks about the lobby’s role in determining U.S. policy on Iran.

But come on.

Every piece of legislation dealing with Iran, including all the sanctions bills, were written in AIPAC’s offices and then handed over to favored senators and representatives for introduction. For the last decade, every AIPAC annual conference, attended by the President and half the Congress, has had as its centerpiece the need to confront Iran. Just this week, as negotiations began in Baghdad, the Vice President met with the ultra-right Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, which is led by this guy. (Watch the youtube, you will fall off your chair laughing). And the next day the Senate Majority Leader met with the same group. The message to the Conference in both cases: trust us, we will not deviate from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s policy that sanctions not be lifted no matter what Iran offers. And we didn’t!

To put it simply, there would be no Iran hysteria was it not for the lobby. After all, was there hysteria over North Korean nuclear weapons? The North Korean regime is insane which the Iranian regime is not. And we have over 100,000 troops in South Korea, not to mention that Seoul, the South Korean capital, is virtually on the border with the crazy north.

But Iran is different. And that is because of the lobby. (If groups other than the lobby cared much about Iranian reprocessing, would not Biden and Harry Reid have met with them. Of course, they would have. But they know Iran is strictly an Israel lobby issue. And that means it is enmeshed in the question of who will or will not receive campaign contributions from PACs and individuals who take their marching orders from the lobby...MORE...LINK

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