Thursday, May 24, 2012

Judeo-"Christian" Zionist authoritarians vs. Greco-Christian tradition, Western civilization, free speech, and open inquiry


The Bible and western civilization are dedicated to a simple affirmation, enunciated by Christ: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” God offered the Hebrews the law, with its promise that truth is enlightening, redeeming and cleansing, that it will help people of goodwill to create happy, wholesome lives. The Greek philosophers also agreed that the whole truth could be discovered, banish superstition and create progress. In this article I discuss the evils of censorship, particularly by leaders of the pro-Zionist religious right. Such routinely keep from their followers vital truth about Judaism, Jewish control, and Zionist abuses in the Mideast.

To be a Christian and heir of the truth-seeking legacy means one abhors censorship. Of course, we are not obligated to provide a forum for lies or defamation. Government must restrict speech in wartime, because of national security, or to save human life. Generally speaking, however, all men should have free access to truth and follow leaders who speak it. It is an assault on God’s law and human freedom to censor vital facts and information, even for ostensibly “good purposes.”

Censors believe people can’t be trusted to make the best choices. Wise gatekeepers should limit access to information. The masses should only receive what is “constructive.” A perfect example is Europe’s harsh penalties for those who question facts about the Holocaust. Such inquiries are considered so damaging that they must not even exist. To evangelical Zionist leadership, it is also constructive to strike down all criticism of Israel or the fact of Jewish supremacist control.

We usually think of totalitarian governments as the great censors. Liberal media is also recognized for its biased gatekeeping of information. But evangelicals rival all other censors regarding facts about Jews and Israel. Evangelical news sources and Christian “watchdog” groups allow no hint of the true nature of modern Talmudic Judaism, Jewish control, or Zionist oppression against the Palestinians. There are several reasons. First, evangelicals are afraid of spreading the toxin of “anti-Semitism” to suggestible listeners if they speak any truth. Second, evangelicals fear being judged by God for “cursing” Jews with criticism. Third, evangelicals live in a culture so dominated by Zionism that they resist even considering the darker truths about Judaism for themselves, and certainly would not speak it out for fear for their reputation, friendships and social power. The price for “anti-Semitism” is so high that it functions like an intellectual checkpoint, bristling with machine guns, blocking the way to even considering the whole truth—much less passing it on.

Therefore, Christian media affirms by its actions that rigorous pro-Zionist censorship—by both Christian and secular media—is necessary and good. Truth about Talmudic Judaism’s teachings against Christians and Gentiles or about Israel’s ongoing genocide against the Palestinians is “bad truth.” They believe God Himself supports shielding society from this “bad truth.”...MORE...LINK

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