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Jewish "liberals" refuse to name ideological Zionism when it comes to explaining rise of neocons and their wars of aggression

The left lacks an analysis of the neocon rise

The other night on CSpan, I watched Rachel Maddow give a lecture at Mount Holyoke College about her foreign policy book Drift. The speech was amusing, and her condemnation of Obama's use of drones was excellent, as was her sympathy for military families who have borne the brunt of these wars inside the U.S. But the speech was singularly lacking in analysis. Why are we mired in Middle Eastern wars? Maddow's analysis seems to be, That's just us. We've got a military establishment. They do this stuff. They can't be stopped. They build drones and like to fly 'em.

The same aphasia is at work in Ari Berman's piece on Romney's neoconservative braintrust in the Nation. It's a well-reported piece on the prevalence of neoconservatives in the Republican Party. And the Nation knows that neocon is now a curseword. It's on the cover of the magazine in huge letters.

Americans don't want to be stuck in these wars, Berman shows, citing polls. But why do the neocons have power? Berman draws a blank. It's because of a vacuum in the Republican establishment. Or a "dangerously myopic" black and white worldview. "A cold war prism," he says, quoting Joseph Biden. Though in a parentheses, Berman says that there is a domestic logic to Romney's hires-- "courting conservative elements of the Jewish vote." As if the power Sheldon Adelson wields is his ability to waddle into a polling place in Nevada.

I can justly be accused of being a conspiracy theorist because I believe in the Israel lobby theory. I find it a more compelling conspiracy than the Chomskyan conspiracy, a Military Industrial Complex of Lockheed and Grumman and Halliburton that got us into Iraq. Certainly my theory has an explanation of the rise and influence of the neocons. They don't have a class interest but an ideological-religious one. Like evangelical Christians who jam buses to vote on abortion, they don't care about financial self-interest. They are rightwing Zionists. As I observed here -- when Robert Siegel on NPR said it was anti-semitic to mention the Jewishness of the neocons-- neoconservatism came out of the rightwing Jewish community. I quoted 7 Jewish writers on this point, including Dershowitz: "the recent neo-conservative movement in America has also been dominated by Jews."...MORE...LINK


Chris Moore comments:

I wonder when Chomsky is going to write a book on this Jewish Zionist conspiracy? I wonder if he and his ilk will ever admit that a cohesive Jewish network is in partnership with the right-wing neocon powers that be to control and marginalize the opposition? I wonder if, in fact, he will ever admit that the Diaspora Zionist Jews have in many ways taken leadership of the money-powers conspiracy, and are now at the steering wheel?

Or are he and his ilk more likely to claim this is all anti-Semitic conspiracy theory?

So on the one hand, we have the Chomskyite/Jewish left, the establishment Democratic Party, and the neocon wing of the GOP, all of whom are either ideological Zionists, or part and parcel of the neo-fascist M-I Complex, or unwilling to criticize the organized Jewish supremacist racket for fear of being called "anti-Semitic" or "outing" their Jewish Zionist cousins; on the other hand, we have...what?

This is why I say Zionism (the Judeo-supremacist racket) is the linchpin of the larger neo-fascist racket, because it is utilized to either co-opt the left/shill for the pseudo-"liberal" Zionist Jews, or as a line of defense to stifle criticism of wars of aggression, e.g. "We're in the Mideast to protect Israel. You're opposed? What are you, an anti-Semite?" or "You believe a network of Israel-first Zionist Jews is the linchpin to pushing us into war in the Mideast? What are you, an anti-Semite?"

And Zionist Jewry, both Israeli and Diaspora, has knowingly and volitionally made itself a key instrument of all of this, and profited nicely by doing so.

This is why those who trot out the "anti-Semite" canard are more than likely either Zionist Jews, crypto Judeo-supremacists, crypto neo-fascists, useful idiots, or moral cowards who would keep opponents of neo-fascism spinning their wheels into perpetutity by endlessly dragging out red herrings.

Jews like Chomsky have been brainwashed by their upbringing and ideology to follow one key axiom time and again: never blame the Jews when an excuse can be found to blame the goyim.

Sure, Chomsky is on record as blaming Israeli Jews for this or that, but always with the caveat that they are victims of larger forces beyond their control, even when its Zionist Jews most evidently in control.

Left-wingers would do well to look to people like James Petras for intellectual leadership instead of people like Noam Chomsky.

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