Saturday, May 19, 2012

Anti-American, Zionist fever spreads deeper into U.S. Congress as representative calls for apartheid and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Congressman Endorses Apartheid, Ethnic Cleansing for Palestinians

In a Washington Times op-ed, Rep. Joe Walsh, a Tea Party Republican from Illinois, unveils his new plan for solving the Israel-Palestine problem:

1) Make the occupied territories part of Israel;

2) Give Palestinians who live in those territories "limited voting power" in the new, bigger Israel that they'll have suddenly become residents of. (Walsh doesn't define his euphemism, but no doubt the idea is that Jews get one-person-one-vote and Palestinians get something less, so that Israel can remain a Jewish state.)

3) Palestinians who don't like having "limited voting power" can move to Jordan...

Offhand, I don't recall a member of Congress in my lifetime saying anything so grotesquely at odds with American ideals about ethnic relations and for that matter basic human rights. Will the Anti-Defamation League denounce Walsh? Will the American Jewish Committee? Will AIPAC have anything to say about the congressman whose strongly pro-Israel views its newsletter approvingly highlighted? If not, why not?...MORE...LINK


Chris Moore comments:

The process of moral and intellectual disintegration that's happened to the stupid, greedy, and obstinate political class as epitomized by this congressman today is the same thing that's happened to Jewry regularly over the course of its history: it became a victim of its own greed, ambition and obnoxiousness, got slammed down time and again, dug itself a huge hole, and then has had to resort to fascist measures to pull itself even partially out of its binds.

The utterly inept leadership of post WWII America has dug itself a hole through open borders, jobs plundering globalisation, Wall Street and Beltway corruption, theft and greed, and neocon-engineered wars of aggression across the Middle East that have drained and traumatized the entire country.

Now, like a frenzied, panicked, seething tribal chieftain who has led his people to utter ruin through greed, stupidity and incompetence, the Washington political class is starting to get a wild-eyed, desperate air to its conduct, and it's compounding its errors by looking to the Jews (who played a huge role in digging all of these holes the U.S. is now in) for a way out.

This is why I say those leaders who harbor the Judeo mindset, the Judeo impulse, the Judeo mentality are utter poison for their countries and their civilizations. They can't control their own greed or their base, path of least resistance impulses to fulfilling their own megalomaniacal and self-aggrandizing ambitions, and when this fatal character flaw inevitably digs huge holes for themselves and those who have foolishly followed them, they double down on their stupidity instead of reversing course and untangling their thinking.

There's a reason that despite being one of the oldest continuing ethnicities on the planet, the Jews have a relatively tiny population, and one that is constantly under duress at that; it's because they have an insane doctrine that produces insane leaders.

Yet these people are where our own insane leadership is looking for guidance?

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