Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zionist delusions abound: World opinion of Israel under his leadership at record lows, yet Time Magazine declares a smug Netanyahu "King"

‘King Bibi’ is ready for his close up, and ‘Time’ is willing to oblige

...More hot air from the coronation of the Great Man in Time: Netanyahu, “would like to be a hero, but he will not be one at the expense of Israel's security.” Huh? What does that mean? Does that mean that Netanyahu is willing to set his Brobdingnagian ego aside to arrange a peace deal with Mahmoud Abbas, or drop the sabre he’s been rattling at Iran over its nuclear program? Or does His Majesty see a bully little war against the Islamic Republic as the sort of thing a humble servant of the people would do in time of crisis, and not heroic? Who knows? Kings have always used some caveat like Divine Will to change their mind as they see fit. Why should we expect no less from the new monarch in Jerusalem?

The fact is, Israel could use a real leader right now. They’re gearing up again for the socio-economic summer protests in Tel Aviv, and Gaza is a set piece from John Carpenter’s Escape From New York. The West Bank is a powder keg made worse by the settlers and the Border Police. Iran thumbs its nose at Israel’s irrational threats to bomb. What’s worse is that hasbara, Israel’s traditional tool in reducing bad press, has become increasingly ineffective in dealing with the country’s perpetual PR issues which result from its policies. The Netanyahu government’s intransigence on the Palestinian issue and its war-mongering pillow fight with Tehran have made it such that almost nobody thinks Israel is cool anymore, and its place in opinion polls is down there with the Iranians, Pakistan, and the like...MORE...LINK


Chris Moore comments:

Zionist Jewry has always existed in an insane fantasy world where despite being reviled the world over, at least God thinks they're the "chosen."

The problem is that the corrupt, Zionist-owned media, and the corrupt, Zionist-owned political class thinks the same thing, or at least profess to, and behaves as if its true by tying the American people and the U.S. military at the hip to these delusional supremacists.

So because a corrupt and stupid political class has teamed up/been bought-off by a corrupt and delusionally supremacist people, America must go down the tubes in order for the politicians and the Jews to persist in their sick fantasy world.

With such an inane, incompetent, delusional and downright stupid "leadership," it's a small miracle that the U.S. can still even function. I guess it just goes to show that it can often take a parasitic "elite" much longer than expected to kill the host.

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