Monday, May 14, 2012

What do the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender have in common with the Judeo-Christian Zionists? Both are in bed with Zionist Jews

After LGBT forum, Oren will headline for notorious homophobic pastor John Hagee

What does the Equality Forum’s LGBT Summit and a conference hosted by a notorious homophobic pastor have in common?

The same headlining speaker.

Last Saturday, Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren gave the keynote address at the Equality Forum’s “International Equality Dinner” in Philadelphia. The dinner was part of the Equality Forum’s annual Global LGBT Summit, which this year highlighted Israel as a “featured nation.” Queer activists protested the summit for being used in a “pinkwashing” campaign to cover Israel’s oppression of Palestinians by exploiting queer struggles.

Nevertheless, having used his keynote speech to misrepresent the advances in queer rights in Israel (as I explain below), Oren is now set to attend a banquet at the Christians United for Israel Summit in DC on July 17, where he will be sharing the stage with CUFI’s founder and chairman, the homophobic pastor John Hagee...MORE...LINK


Chris Moore comments:

And the cynical and depraved shall all rally around their Zionist Jews, and the Zionist Jews shall pit the depraved against one another to advance the Zionist agenda, and pit them against their own nations. And those who the Jews used to pervert and betray their own nations, and the nations themselves, shall fall under the Zionist yoke.

And the Jews shall revel and fatten in their stolen wealth. And the sick who brought their own nations low, and the enslaved citizens of those nations, shall gnash their teeth in bitter enmity.

And the nations will fester and rage under the Zionist yoke, and the Jews shall be brought to harsh task for their predations.

And the cycle will continue as the seasons until man and the nations learn little tolerance for the Zionists and their predations, and learn little tolerance for the sick, greedy and depraved who open their legs and nations to the Jews.

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