Saturday, June 02, 2012

"So Soviet": How AIPAC and the New York Times work together to propagandize for hard-core Zionism

Rightwing attack dog Josh Block doesn’t work at AIPAC, but speaks for it — and ‘NYT’ and ‘Foreign Policy’ go along with ‘Soviet’ arrangement

All Yesterday the New York Times did an article on J Street, the liberal Zionist lobby group that AIPAC regards as a threat, and pretty high in the story, it quoted Josh Block urinating all over the upstart group:

"Josh Block, another former Aipac official, called J Street “a gnat” in the Israel debate and “a fringe organization with no credibility.”

This is a now a tradition at the Times. Helene Cooper has quoted Josh Block as a "former AIPAC" official at least three times in the last year or so, and always on critical policy matters...

MJ Rosenberg has said that Block is essentially working for AIPAC but without the official title. And he calls the deception "very Soviet." Rosenberg tweeted not long ago:

'When u call AIPAC & ask to speak to a spokesman, they "no comment" tell you to call Josh Block, the rightist who is their former spokesman. Block gives the AIPAC line but it is attributed to him and not AIPAC. So Soviet.'...MORE...LINK

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