Saturday, June 02, 2012

Jewish-worshippers of both left and right must be held accountable for their treachery, criminalism and ignorance

Introduction by Chris Moore

Jewish worship is one thing that politically correct left-liberals and right-wing Judeo-Christian Zionists both seem to enthusiastically agree upon. No wonder both the Democrats and Republicans have joined hands to fight Mideast wars for Israel and international Zionism for over 10 years now.

In the following video, 'Teutonic Warrior Chick' does a good job of calling out the Judeo-Christian Zionists for the Jewish-worshipping snakes, suckers and fools they are (although she ignores the cynical and ignorant liberals, who worship/collaborate with Zionist Jews as much or more, and are the whores who unlocked the back doors so the Zionist Jews could infiltrate the institutions of power, and now dominate the Democratic Party and U.S. left liberalism).

Of course, Christian Zionists aren't the least bit "Christian" unless you consider being a Christian to mean being a doormat and eventual slave for Zionist Jews. (Actually, current slaves, if one considers the indentured servants in the U.S. military, many of them evangelicals, being forced to fight wars for Israel and international Zionism).

The traditional Christians of Western civilization had zero tolerance for Zionist criminalism, theft, racketeering, and tribal racism, which is why they booted Jewry from so many locations throughout Western civ.

If Western civilization is to be saved, not only must the Israel-first Zionist Jews be booted to Israel but their left-right accomplices, enablers and useful idiots must be held accountable for their own treachery, criminalism and ignorance, as well.

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