Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are Thoms Friedman and the Diaspora Jewish Zionist racket he represents entering a crack-up phase?

(By Chris Moore) -- Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi and Salon's Glenn Greenwald rip neolib New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and his increasingly incoherent, contradictory and downright crazy analyses of the Middle East, and Greenwald goes on to formulate a laundry list of links to critics who rightfully hate the puffed-up pontificators guts and aren't afraid to say so.

But "sociopath" Friedman is merely a symptom, or rather a manifestation, of a larger and more depraved animal than neoliberalism...namely, he's a creature of ideological Jewish Zionism and its ruthless, greedy, warmongering agenda and utterly malignant, self-serving nature.

Albeit a high-profile one, the Jewish Friedman is but one cell of Diaspora Zionist Jewry, and the problem with him and nearly everything he writes is that all of it s crafted with an eye on serving Israel and Diaspora Zionist tribal interests -- a collective racket that is all part and parcel of the neocon Zionist Jews and the Israel lobby that was
caught red-handed lying America into war for the Jewish state.

The neolib and neocon Zionists who designed, propagandized for and implemented the decade-long, ongoing U.S. policy of scrambling eggs in the Mideast (not "nation building," but deliberate, systematic "nation wrecking") have done so to serve the Zionist racket by using the U.S military to scramble Israel's competition for Mideast hegemony one after the other.

The reason Israel-firsters Friedman, the neolibs and neocons have all become totally incoherent is because their decade of lying about their intentions, about who and what they were working for and towards, and about whose intests they were really serving (not U.S. or Arab peoples, but Israeli and the Diaspora Zionist racket itself) has finally caught up with them.

These people are not a "nation of priests" (as they bill themselves) but essentially a nation of murderous, fast-talking shyster lawyers with blood on their hands who have been caught lying through their teeth time and again. Yet, like most unprincipled, zero-integrity criminal hustlers, when they're caught red-handed and in a series of lies, instead of coming clean, they simply escalate the lying...now to the point, as is the case of the Friedman column under discussion, wherein their lies now completely contradict each other in the VERY SAME ARTICLE.

At this point, I have to question the collective sanity of these people, and wonder if they're suffering from some sort of mass group sociopathy, and in the midst of a collective emotional and mental breakdown.

What's so frightening is the amount of money, influence and power these people have been allowed to acquire by their corrupt and venal Gentile accomplices, a group that now together resides and presides at some of the highest levels of so many of our corrupted institutions.

America is literally being steered by a collective of crazies who are spinning out of control, which can only lead to disaster for everyone.
Is Diaspora Zionist Jew Thomas Friedman having an intellectual and emotional breakdown right along with the rest of his nutty, warmongering tribe?

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Anonymous said...

It's going to an awful moment if and when they secure their power within America. They have their big governor's in power in Chicago and New York - one changing the laws so he could remain in power.

For the last century they've been quietly rising in status in America, finding opportunities to help themselves and install their tribal cohorts when the opportunity presents itself - in every business market, media perch and government position possible. Tom Friedman is one prime example of this network.. See Cockburn's article on Freidman.

But will their racketeering continue to work into the age of open and accessible information? It's a key question to understanding if their corrupt realm will ever topple.
As Israel is their prized empire, without a corrupt congress and media to sing Israel's praises, it is really a slow burning colonial enterprise that is creating concentration camps for Palestinian Arabs. It's an open secret at this point in America.

And it's no wonder why the Arab states are distrustful of this pariah state. Imagine if a group of Russians came to take over Oklahoma, claiming it was rightfully their land - they kill the women and children and create a refugee situation for niehgboring states like Colorado, Texas, Kansas, etc. Do you think that those states are going to look at this new state with enthusiasm and acceptance? The State Department's middle east foreign policy is foolish to support Israel. It damages our credibility and is a drain on American resources.

Walt and Mearscheimer provided a foundation, but the story has been almost censored, as was Reed's Controversy of Zion. It baffles me that they manage to continue their corrupt racket - we need the RICO Act applied to this criminal enterprise. Because even if Israel settles on territorial limits, the racket will continue to pervade America.