Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jewish supremacist agenda increasingly out of the closet, despite so many establishment efforts to conceal its existence

The Angry Arab says "Western media adhere overall to liberal standards except when it comes to the Middle East. They sound like fascist European media."
It is quite unprecedented. I mean, the key elements of the Zionist regime are Jewish but I never see Western journalists justifying attacks on Israeli civilians. When you read articles on Syria, including in the Economist, just replace the word `Alawite with the word Jewish and see how it sounds.
Actually, it's not unprecedented at all.

Jewish dominated, Jewish supremacist Western media always do this to whatever ethnic or racial group they are targeting for eradication or extermination. They single the group out, and then the behavior of a few of their elites to racistly demonize the group in its entirety.

It's Zionist standard operating practice.

And yet, whenever Jewish elites are singled out and criticized for self-serving behavior and advancing the Jewish supremacist agenda, they screech "anti-Semitism" no end.

Of course, their racism, self-serving double standards and supremacist agenda are the real reason so many elements of organized Jewry have always been so despised, are increasingly despised again, and why the "anti-Semitism" card is no longer working like it used to. -- C.M.


Philip Weiss says "the gutless laureate" New York Times columnist Paul Krugman buries the fact that wealthy Jewish Obama donors are abandoning the President over Israel, but doesn't speculate why Krugman does this, other than citing Krugman's previous claim that "I have other battles to fight."

But the real reasons are threefold:

1) The Jewish Krugman himself is a beneficiary of the wealthy Diaspora Zionist racket (which explains this middling economist's Nobel prize and prominent perch at the New York Times).

2) Krugman doesn't want the world cognisant of the fact that there is a wealthy Diaspora Zionist racket at all (and an extremely cohesive, racist, and self-serving one, at that).

3) Krugman doesn't want the world cognisant of the fact that so many wealthy American Jews are borderline treasonous Israel-firsters who put their loyalty to Israel ahead of all other issues.--C.M.


Jewish Zionist Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) calls for limits on First Amendment rights.

Zionist Jews pull this Big Brother, totalitarian crap wherever they go, from the early Soviet to the States.

See, the problem for the organized Jewish racket is that its a racist, murderous, insatiably greedy, authoritarian enterprise. And eventually, even the dumbest of useful idiots puts two and two together, and figures out the common denominator in all of this left-right warmongering and Big Brother totalitarianism is Zionism.

And that's when fascist Jewry shows its true face...when people have figured out its racket and start to speak out against it.

Chucky Schumer's mask is off. How do you like the "poor, downtrodden Jewish victims" now?

Is there any longer even a question why these Zionist snakes have been despised and slapped down by Western civilization for centuries?--C.M.


The World Response to Knesset Member Destroying the New Testament
Reaction is coming in swiftly from around the world after Israeli Knesset (parliament) Member Michael Ben-Ari tore up a specially bound and annotated edition of the New Testament. The book was given to all Knesset members by Victor Kalisher, head of The Bible Society in Israel, a Christian publishing house, at the same time that Christians United for Israel (CUFI) was holding its annual meeting in Washington, DC. Ben-Ari explained, “This book and those who sent it belong in the garbage can of history.”
Some have suggested that Christendom should respond to Zionist hatred of Jesus and the New Testament and their agenda to again exterminate millions of "anti-Semitic" Christians and send them into "the garbage can of history" by tearing up the Old Testament.

You know, that's actually a great idea.

The Old Testament should have been flushed centuries ago, and the racist, genocidal Jewish supremacist mentality along with it.--C.M.

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