Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Tribe and its Lackeys -- 8/14/12 edition, by Chris Moore

In case you missed them, from LibertarianToday.com:

Does Mitt Romney share the ethics, personal culture and values of the Israel-first casino billionaire poised to become his biggest donor? Sadly, yes


Again insisting Jewish culture and wealth are what make Israel supreme, Romney now drags the U.S. into his Jewish supremacist paradigm


Using U.S. election as leverage, Netanyahu demands Obama commitment to attack Iran by November 6 or face reprisals

What U.S. electoral leverage could Netanyahu possibly have over Obama? How about a wealthy internal fifth column doing Israel's bidding and threatening to withhold political contributions and support without an Obama commitment to the Zionist agenda and attendant wars?


Would situationally liberal N.Y. Times ever run an editorial about too many Blacks in Alabama or too many Jews in New York City? No. But "too many Palestinians and Arabs" in Israel gets thumbs up.

Yet another example of how Zionism is the spearhead for neo-fascism...only this latest brand isn't anti-Jewish, but Jewish supremacist.

Racists always find a way to smuggle their ideology into power, and it helps to smuggle it in under the guise of religious freedom...and doubly helps to smuggle it in within the whole "anti-Semite" sword, and the Jewish-victim-shtick-dogma shield...and triply helps to smuggle it in (at least in the Zionist Diaspora) with a veneer of "liberalism" and "tolerance," as epitomized by the liberal rhetoric utilized for decades by the not-so-crypto Zionist New York Times.

The good news is that supporters of institutional racism, both Jewish and Gentile, can now be identified by their affinity for Israel and Zionism...no matter what other smokescreens they utilize.


Support for Israel is support for "the civilized man" vs. "the savage," says controversial bus ad recently approved by New York federal judge

So warmongering Zionism is world "civilization" and any opposition is "savage?" If the possibility of that is true, what about the possibility of the opposite thesis, that support for warmongering Zionism is savage and opposition to Zionism is pro-civilization?

After all, Zionist Jewry and its lackeys have proven themselves the greatest enemies of both Western and Islamic civilization.

How is it, exactly, that those bent on the destruction of civilizations are representative of "the civilized man"?

These people are predatory destroyers, not builders; they're drooling racists, sociopaths, and money-worshippers, not refined; they're particularists, exceptionalists and elitists, not the stuff of leadership of great civilizations.

Such a premise that Zionism represents world civilization only makes sense from the perspective of fanatical, racist Jewry and its agenda to "repair the world" (tikkun olam) by destroying all non Zionist-compliant Gentiles and re-populating with Jewry and Gentile Noahide lackeys.

Of course such an objective and agenda is pathologically violent and criminally insane...which goes a long way towards explaining why Jewry has been so historically "persecuted," i.e. held accountable for its crimes, murderous misdeeds, and agenda.


A 2009 National Journal poll of "Congressional and Political Insiders" on 'Which media figures influence the insiders?' found a battery of pro-Iraq war Zionists lord over the minds of Washington politicos

A quick glance at the list finds that 6 of 10 are Jewish, and all, with the possible exception of Noonan and the deceased Broder, are either neocons or neolibs.

Another example of how Jewish thought permeates and dominates the corrupt Beltway political class. Our politicians have been trained, manipulated and brainwashed by national media to view the world through Zionist goggles.


Constitutional or neo-fascist? Flanked by a battery of Israel-firsters, Obama signs U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act which amps up U.S. militarist backing of explicitly Jewish state

Look at these pseudo-"progressive" ghouls, Zionist Jew Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), the Act's sponsor in the Senate and Zionist Jew Howard Berman, (D-Calif.) it's sponsor in the House, drooling over Obama's shoulder as he signs.

Statist liberals may profess to oppose "far right" Zionist Jews, but they really aren't very different than the left-wing Zionist Jews that they praise. Both subscribe to and benefit from the same racist Jewish racket/ideology, only far-right Jews are more honest about its racism.

When are liberals going to get it through their heads that organized Jewry is purely an ideological construct, but one that truly believes itself to be a distinct race that is "chosen" by God?

Whatever their political leanings, dedicated members of Jewry desire tap into the racist network/affiliation's overflowing coffers and its lucrative racket, and in most cases are merely protecting their own economic interests by insisting it is some sort of sacred and persecuted "ethnic group" (one that is apparently entitled to its RICO ways because it is supposedly "immutable") but the fact remains that Judaism is merely a series of rules based largely on mythology and group supremacist doctrine that governs a social and political affiliation that has devolved into a highly racist network that is, in many cases, criminal in nature.

Zionists can declare Jewry an "ethnic group" and "chosen" by God and a sacred "nation of priests" that is "gifted" and "exceptional" until the lot of them and their useful idiots are blue in the face...but none of that is going to change the history and reality of what they are...namely, akin to a wealthy, openly and operationally racist, exclusive, highly political version of Freemasonry, only with a much longer, bloodier and more racist history.

In fact, "left-wing" members of Jewry may be the worst of the lot, because they pose as (and successfully pass themselves off as) "humanitarians" and "humanists" and "progressives" even as the nature of their organization is obviously totally contrary to every aspect of all of the above.

Left-wing Jews are crucial to the racket, though, because they provides it rhetorical cover and the ability to declare that "not all Jews conform to racist thinking" -- which may be true, but is totally irrelevant. The long-term nature and rules of their organization/affiliation/racket are what they are...a racist, racketeering, increasingly murderous and out-of-control enterprise.


Media Consolidation: How 6 Media Giants control 90% of what we Read, Watch, or Listen to

And nearly all of them controlled by Jewry.

Remember Zionist Jew Haim Saban's prescription for taking control of America's political class as reported by the New Yorker:

'His “three ways to be influential in American politics,” he said, were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets. In 2002, he contributed seven million dollars toward the cost of a new building for the Democratic National Committee—one of the largest known donations ever made to an American political party.'

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