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The Tribe and its Lackeys -- 8/22/12 edition, by Chris Moore

"Liberal" Guardian hires nakedly fascist neocon Zionist to provide its readers a new perspective.
Trevino is clearly a fascist, as are all Zionists...neocon, liberal or otherwise.

Ali Abunimah claims the explanation for the Guardian's motives comes down to money:
A colleague suggested that, by hiring Treviño, The Guardian was returning to its Zionist roots - indeed it had long championed the cause of Israel and Zionist settlement in Palestine. That might be true incidentally, however the motive appears to be something more mundane, but just as worrying for public discourse.

The Guardian has been losing tens of millions of dollars annually as its print circulation - like that of other newspapers - collapses. While it has an enormous and growing online audience, it has yet to find a way to sustainably generate revenue from it...

The solution, it seems, is to move rightwards in search of new audiences. "If, for example, the website's American traffic reached 40 million, it would make it on to the schedules of major advertising agencies," Wilby explains.
This is bull. The Zionist explanation makes the most sense because the Guardian could have expanded to 40 million traffic by sticking to liberal principles. Besides, pro-Zionism is also a lucrative stance in terms of appealing to money powers for financing/underwriting.

We know Abunimah is anti-Zionism when it's in the Levant, but why is he pro-Zionism (or soft on Zionism) when it's in the Diaspora?

I don't trust left-wing "anti-Zionists" who defend Diaspora Zionism, especially those that may harbor their own tribal affiliations and agendas of looting the West, or punishing the entire West to avenge their wronged Arab brethren.

If they want vengeance, they should take it out on the Zionists and their accomplices, both Diaspora and Levant, not average Westerners who themselves have been victimized by Zionists and their accomplices on an even larger scale than Arabs.


Israel’s secret Iran meeting between security officials and Rabbi who wants to ‘annihilate’ Arabs

Ahh, Rabbi Yosef is back, he of the famous quote "Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel."

The Judeo ideology is unapologetically tribal, and utterly filled with tribal lineage supremacist doctrine... what we today call racism.

Those who have been Judaized, which includes large factions of the Israel-first Dem and GOP leadership, have internalized this racism. This is why its so easy for the Beltway political class to carry on with the racist neocon wars.

Are the Judaizers even fully aware of their own hatred and racism, or just perpetuating their belief system? Certainly the Zionists are well aware of the racist essence of the Judaizing agenda, and deliberately implementing it on a political, cultural, religious and secular level.

Do not let Judaizers anywhere near your children, including through Hollywood productions and their offshoot, MSM "news."


Far-right Israeli settler says Netanyahu innocent, blames left-wing “Labor Zionists” for setting up 9/11 attacks

Interesting. So now the fact that 9/11 was an inside job and the casus belli for the Iraq war and police state War on Terror is becoming common knowledge, with all the best leads pointing towards Israel as the perp, are the fascist Zionists positioning themselves to scapegoat the Commie Zionists?

Nests of vipers.


Are Bibi and Barak planning a fascist coup in Israel?
Mitchell Plitnick: "Under conditions of war, the Prime Minister and Defense Minister will be able to garner much greater power, perhaps crush the dissent that has been brewing in Israel, have a hand in the Occupied Territories that is free of at least domestic pressure from peace and human rights groups, and could isolate and fortify itself against a rapidly changing Arab world. The idea is horrifying. This would be an Israeli police state. If this is what Bibi and Barak are considering, I don’t think they’d be able to pull it off. But the fact that it would fail doesn’t necessarily mean the B&B Boys wouldn’t still try. Barak, in particular, has no political future, and nothing left to lose. And, while this seems much bolder than
anything I’ve come to expectfrom Bibi, it could be seen as a natural outgrowth of the growing fascist tendencies he has displayed in his second go-round as Prime Minister."
This is not "much bolder" than Netanyahu's previous fascist participation in setting up the 9/11 attacks

"Tolerance" for an ideology of warmongering fascists, serial killers and sociopaths kills.


Paul Craig Roberts: Israel is a tiny insignificant state, created by the careless British and the stupid americans. It has no power except what its american protector provides. Yet, despite Israel’s insignificance, it rules Washington.

"Netanyahu is not alone. He has the american neoconservatives in his corner. The american neoconservatives are as crazed as Netanyahu. They believe in nuclear war and are itching to nuke some Muslim country and then get on to nuking Russia and China. It is amazing that no more than two or three dozen people have the fate of the entire world in their hands. The Democratic Party is helpless before them. The Republican Party is their vehicle."

I beg to differ. Both the Republican Party AND the Democratic Party are their vehicles, as the following demonstrates.


N.Y. Times glorifies American Jews joining the Israeli army, but "If he were a Muslim and going anywhere else in the world, he'd be labeled a brainwashed jihadi."

Of course the New York Times glorifies the Israeli army, because the New York Times is ideologically Zionist.

Zionism is the policy the U.S. is pursuing in the Middle East, not "Americanism" or "democracy," and the New York Times knows it, and is all in.

But these Diaspora Zionist Jews aren't joining a foreign nation's military. They ARE a foreign nation.

I applaud these scamps for one reason and one reason only...they admit to themselves and to the world what they really are (unlike their Diaspora Zionist brethren, who pretend to be loyal Americans and dedicated to Western ideals instead of the agents of ideological Zionism they are).

Racist Jewish supremacists, Jewish nationalists and Israel-firsters belong in Israel; that's only natural and rational. It's the Diaspora Zionists, operating as a "nation within a nation" that are the problem, and always have been.

Without its treacherous fifth column corrupting the American body politic and ever inciting wars for Zionism, Israel would be nothing, and once its fifth column is hustled to the exits for its treason, it will be nothing again (or at least not the threat to world peace it currently is).

These disingenuous, establishment left claims, that organized Jewry is not organically Zionist, is not inherently Zionist, are simply a means by which the mainstream left,
which is dominated by Jews, attempts to scapegoats Christianity and the right for the Zionist fifth column problem.

While it's true enough that Judeo-Christian Zionists dupes for neoconservatism on the right are a huge problem, the
Jewish supremacism on the corrupt U.S. left is easily the bigger problem, because average liberals and average Americans already know what Christian Zionists are all about; what they don't know, and what the left leadership refuses to address, is that "liberal"-posing Zionist Jews and their accomplices in the Democratic Party are a huge impetus, and a hidden hand, behind much of the warmongering agenda.

This is why the neoliberal Obama administration so seamlessly picked up the Mideast war agenda originated by the neocon Bush administration...because they're both fundamentally Zionist entities.

Besides, this idea on both the mainstream left and the right that Jewry should never be held accountable for its own racist agenda lest innocent Jews become "scapegoats" is classic Jewish supremacism...simply another variation of the concept that the precious "chosen nation of priests" can do no wrong, and to point up Jewry's true essence is some kind of sacrilege.

But did you ever notice how Judaized liberals never hesitate to scapegoat Christians, even though millions of Christians were murdered as scapegoats in the early Soviet Union?

Why does the sensitivity on the left apply to Jews only? The answer is that Jewish supremacism extends to the modern left, as well.

It must be nice for Zionist Jewry, being coddled by politically correct left-liberalism as well as by the Judeo-Christian right; in fact, Jewry has clearly gotten very comfortable with the idea that it is now politically untouchable, and with the idea that no matter how treasonous it becomes, the snakes and whores that comprise the contemporary establishment right and left will never have the courage, integrity, patriotism, or intellectual honesty to call it out on its treachery.

And why should it not be comfortable, given that
War, the most serious policy issue a country can face, and huge segments of mainstream media refuse to openly discuss the foreign interests pushing America into battle?


GOP USA columnist says Obama campaign going racist and anti-Semitic with cracks on GOP putting blacks in chains and kissing rings of Jewish mega-donors

Yet another example of a neocon Zionist Jew (in this case, Ben Shapiro) using the "anti-Semitism" accusation to force the Beltway liberals even further into the Zionist camp than they already are to prove that they're not anti-Semitic.

As Zionist Jewry no doubt sees the anti-Semitism accusation, it's a win-win. Their tribe gets strong, their ideology gets stronger.

But never mind that the tribal fracturing of the country continues thanks to cynical tactics like these, which Jewry pioneered, and which others then quickly emulate.

On the right we now have religious tribes, banksters and corporate special interests; on the left we have the tribalism of identity politics and Big Government fiefdoms...all of them grabbing what they can from the American body politic in an all-out plunder.

Meanwhile, average Americans attempting to keep their heads above water go unrepresented as the special interest tribal grifters loot whatever goodies they can get their hands on and charge it to the national credit card, sticking the People with the debt.

America needs a party that puts average Americans and patriots ahead of these special interests and tribal predators who are busy looting and destroying the country, and then blaming the other half of the racket.

In fact, toward that end, make sure you get to my article, As Romney and Obama both continue to demonstrate, America desperately needs a political party that refuses to put Israel first

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