Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Holocaust has become a sadistic cudgel that cynical Zionist opportunists shamelessly exploit for perpetual war

(By Chris Moore) -- Much of the world is attending Iran's Non-Aligned Movement summit, as Washington and Israel sit on the sidelines, fuming.

Stephen Lendman reports:

After the UN, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is the most important world body. Hopefully its 16th summit will infuse it with new life.

As host, Iran has a historic opportunity. At the same time, it can enhance its own prestige and enlist support against hostile Washington/Israeli designs.

August 26 began six days of sessions and discussions. Proceedings began with an experts meeting.

During the opening session, Egypt’s permanent UN representative, Mootaz Ahmadein Khalil, ceremonially passed NAM’s presidential baton to Iran. For the next three years, Tehran will head the organization.

Hosting NAM is significant. Assuming leadership affords added prestige. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mihmanparast said 118 foreign delegations will attend. Russia and China are there as observer nations. So is Australia. Participants sent 27 presidents, eight prime ministers, nine vice presidents, six special envoys, up to 25 foreign ministers, other high-level ministers, and two kings.
Israel's shopworn, oh-so-typical response to the fact that Iran is hosting a successful international summit? The Holocaust card, as reported by Gil Ronan:
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu attacked the participants in the Summit of Non-Aligned States being held in Iran. "70 years ago, six million members of our people were annihilated in a genocidal act," he said. "Today, representatives of over 120 states are in Tehran, where the regime denies the Holocaust and is acting to destroy the Jewish state...

"It appears that many in the international community have learned nothing," Netanyahu said. "I think this is a disgrace and a stain upon humanity."
The Holocaust card, crown jewel of the entire, shopworn Jewish victim shtick canon, has become a convenient, all-encompassing excuse for Zionist Jews to not only castigate political opponents who had nothing whatsoever to do with the Holocaust, but even to condemn those that Zionist Jews themselves have victimized.

For example, an Israeli judge recently ruled that Rachel Corrie, an American peace activists murdered by the Israeli government in Gaza while trying to protect Palestinian homes, was responsible for her own death.

As Chris McGreal
the difficulty lies in what then to call the Israeli army when it, too, at particular times and places, has used indiscriminate killing and terror as a means of breaking Palestinian civilians. One of those places was Rafah, in the southern tip of the Gaza strip, where Rachel Corrie was crushed by a military bulldozer nine years ago as she tried to stop the Israeli army going about its routine destruction of Palestinian homes.

An Israeli judge on Tuesday perpetuated the fiction that Corrie's death was a terrible accident and upheld the results of the military's own investigation, widely regarded as such a whitewash that even the US ambassador to Israel described it as neither thorough nor credible...

The Israeli military commander in southern Gaza at the time was Colonel Pinhas "Pinky" Zuaretz. A few weeks after Corrie's death, I (as the Guardian's correspondent in Israel) spoke to him about how it was that so many children were shot by Israeli soldiers at times when there was no combat. His explanation was chilling...

"Every name of a child here, it makes me feel bad because it's the fault of my soldiers. I need to learn and see the mistakes of my troops," he said. But Zuaretz was not going to do anything about it; and by the end of the interview, he was casting the killings as an unfortunate part of the struggle for Israel's very survival.

"I remember the Holocaust. We have a choice, to fight the terrorists or to face being consumed by the flames again," he said.
Holocaust...Holocaust...Holocaust...the ultimate rationale for organized Jewish predations, violence and aggression.

But the problem for the Zionists is that the Holocaust card conveniently ignores the WWII context of the Nazi attacks on Jewry, in which tens of millions of Gentiles on all sides were being butchered in all-out war...and that was on the heels of decades of Bolshevik and Stalinist mass murders leading up to WWII, also amounting to tens of millions of Gentile deaths, many of which could be laid at the feet of a cohesive
network of Jewish Communists and its Western Jewish Zionist banker backers.

It all just goes to show that burying true history for purposes of political expedience or political correctness does not solve anything, but rather leads to more abuses and massive bloodletting down the line.

Had the Jewish elements been held accountable for the Communist holocaust, Israel would never have been granted the blank check that it is using for butchery in the Mideast, and trying to use to start WWIII.

Instead, the
Zionist/Communist holocaust in the early Soviet sphere was ignored or dismissed as "conspiracy theory," organized Jewry (with a lot of heavy lifting and propaganda) successfully leveraged the Holocaust to portray itself as the all-time, ultimate victim, and Zionism has again been granted a blank check for bloodletting under the auspices of never "being consumed by the flames again."

It's way past time to call organized Jewry to account for its role in Bolshevik mass murder, if for no other reason than to shut Zionists up once and for all about the overblown "Holocaust (TM)," and to prevent them from using it as an excuse to start yet another world war.

For Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Holocaust rhetoric has limbic appeal

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