Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Tribe and its Lackeys -- 09/04/12 edition, by Chris Moore

Israeli officials increasingly angry U.S. hasn't attacked Iran per their orders, apparently won't be drawn in if Israel bombs on its own

Jason Ditz reports that:
Israeli officials are, as is so often the case these days, furious at the US for what they say is an attempt to undermine their push for a war against Iran, with a number of officials taking shots at Gen. Martin Dempsey for yesterday saying he did not want the US “complicit" in such an attack.

The term “complicit” enraged a number of officials, who say that the word has “criminal connotations,” while Vice Premier Moshe Ya’alon bashed the US, accusing them of “undermining” the repeated Israeli threats to attack.
The Zionists are indeed criminals, with a proven track record of systematic ethnic cleansing, brutalization and mass murder of the Palestinians.

The Iranians, on the other hand, have attacked no one other than Saddam Hussein in our lifetime, and that was in self-defense.

Once Israel, to whom Washington provides essentially blank check diplomatic, financial, and military support, disarms itself of nuclear weapons (or is disarmed through sanctions) perhaps the Beltway will be in a position to call the Iranians out, or at least enter into reasonable discussions.

But while belligerent, racist, genocidal Israel has nukes and is using them to back up its territorial aggression and ethnic cleansing, there is nothing irrational or unreasonable about others in the neighborhood pursing a nuclear program as well.

I understand why those of the Judeo-supremacist orientation think the Jewish state should have nukes but others in the neighborhood should not, but clearly these types are at least as irrational, dangerous and anti-Western as the right-wing mullahs, and as racist as anyone on the planet.

Americans need to deal with their own Zionist problem in the Beltway first, racist Israel second, and then we will be in a position to bargain with the Islamic Middle East, but until we clean up our own neighborhood, we can hardly cast stones at Middle Easterners for engaging in an arms race started by Israel.


Report: U.S. sent messages to Iran declaring it won't be drawn into war by Israeli strike unless Iran retaliates against U.S. bases

I hope this is true. And if so, it means we should now anticipate an Israeli strike against Iran, immediately followed by an Israeli false flag attack against U.S. bases purporting to be Iranian originated, but actually instigated by the Jewish state.


Writing for left-liberal Salon, Chris Mooney headlines "Is the Right-Wing Psyche Allergic to Reality?" and answers his own question, "A New Study Shows Conservatives Ignore Facts More Than Liberals."

But based on how modern left-liberals contort their own facts to justify their own deep-seated Judeo-supremacist beliefs, I seriously doubt contemporary right-wing "conservatives" are any more or less delusional than contemporary left-wing "liberals."

Certainly, Judeo-Christian right-wingers like the buffoonish Rep. Todd Akin, whom Mooney uses as a straw man "conservative" knuckle dragger, are conditioned by the Old Testament intellectual framework towards psychological compartmentalization that takes certain concepts on faith and without putting them through a process of deductive reasoning and rationalism.

But Judeophile liberals are also conditioned by the pseudo rational Marxist-Trotskyite framework to take a similar leap of faith towards irrational Big Government authoritarianism, also spoon fed to them by Jewish gurus, and originally based on messianic, Jewish supremacist doctrine.

(Remember, Jewry doesn't proselytize due to its doctrinaire racism, and hence needs a pseudo-"secular" Big Brother state to enforce and police the interests of the Zionist hierarchy, and suppress and censor criticism of Jewish predomination.)

Left-liberals also take it on faith that the Jewish gurus who intellectually dominated the left historically and dominate left-liberalism contemporaneously, and the totality of Jewry itself is somehow "Chosen by suffering and persecution" in a kind of historical dialectical process, ignoring the fact that the alleged Jewish persecutions always were overstated, and additionally were merely blowback against organized Jewish racketeering, racism and predations. (The Nazi Holocaust, for example, was largely blowback against the Soviet holocaust instigated by Jewish Marxists and Bolsheviks, and their Western Jewish banker backers).

This quasi-religious faith in Jewry's mythological "Historical Choseness," contrived by self-serving Zionists, is in part why the "liberal" Democratic Party has essentially turned its hierarchical, intellectual and financial leadership over to Diaspora Zionist Jewry, not unlike the way the establishment GOP has turned its own intellectual leadership over to neocon Jews based in part on Judeo-Christian myths of Jewish religious choseness.

Only when establishment "liberalism" liberates itself from its own Judeo-supremacism and forsakes the Zionist agenda can it sustain the claim that it is any more rational, measured and analytical than the GOP. Until then, it must be assumed that articles like this are the product of Judeophile liberals blowing smoke up the arses of liberal rubes, or people who themselves have compartmentalized and subsumed their own superstitious Judeo-supremacism, and completely ignore its existence when it suits their crony socialist propaganda needs to do so.


In yet more secret Nixon administration documents released by the State Department this week (a slow-bleed process absurdly designed to suggest that the Zionist neocon-dominated GOP is anti-Semitic) "Nixon complained that the strong Jewish lobby in Washington was taking orders from the Israeli government," YNet reports.

"The strong Jewish lobby" of course = the Diaspora Zionist racket, which is stronger today than it's ever been.

If Nixon was worried 40 years ago about Israel-first/Diaspora Jewish Zionist power in the U.S., he'd be beside himself with dread today, at least in theory.

But the mildly corrupt Nixon was simply a precursor to the far worse political whores in the far more corrupt, contemporary Beltway, so the truth is that if he were an up-and-coming politico right now, he'd probably just end up taking the Zionist cash and keeping his mouth shut, as do most of the average, careerist snakes that comprise so much of the Washington political class today.


New York Times' resident guru Tom Friedman once again displays his Imperial chutzpah in sermon to Egypt

Stephan Walt reports that the Jewish Zionist Friedman "offers some unsolicited advice to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, explaining why it was a huge mistake for Morsy to visit Tehran for the Non-Aligned Movement meeting, on the heels of a visit to (horrors!) China."

Walt says Friedman was "angry that Morsy wasn't willing to stick it to Tehran on behalf of Washington's regional agenda, even if doing so wasn't really in Egypt's interest."

Of course, Friedman and the New York Times are most angry that Tehran has not been successfully isolated and demonized in preparation for the next Zionist-Imperialist war of aggression, and instead has successfully hosted the 120-nation Non-Aligned Movement conference, bringing itself thoroughly into the mainstream of the world community.

This must drive Israel-first Zionist Jews like Friedman crazy, that the world now takes a look at their advice, and then does the exact opposite...in recognition of the fact that they're self-serving snakes, gangsters and fascists trying to manipulate the geopolitical puzzle pieces into place for yet another world war.


Zionism is Judaism and criticism of Israel is racist anti-Semitism, says California State Assembly in effort to curb "hate speech"

It just goes to show, whether one condemns "Zionism" or one condemns "Jewry," the Judeo-supremacists will accuse you of racism, anti-Semitism and hate speech.

Honesty is always the best policy. There is no shame in being anti-Jewish. After all, Judaism is not a race, but rather a racist ideology...regardless of what the Jewish Zionists, Judeo-Christian Zionists, Judeophile liberals and other Judeo-supremacists claim in order to throw up smokescreens to conceal their own conspiratorial thieving, racism, racketeering and warmongering.

In fact, it's a racist ideology originally formulated by renegades splintered from the larger Semitic race, and carried forth to this day by their racist heirs. Hence, Jews by themselves can't be victims of racism any more than can be Nazis.

Anti- Jewishness may be a lot of things, but it's not 'racist.'

Political correctness, hate crimes, claims of intolerance and religious persecution in the U.S. are more often than not mere divide-and-conquer mechanisms employed by the Zionist racket and its tribal spin offs designed to suppress legitimate political criticism of Zionism and the corporatist, crony capitalist and crony socialist rackets that are plundering average Americans and the futures of their children.

America is a melting pot of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not some whorehouse to be pumped and dumped by self-serving tribal grifters and other low-cunning moochers, con artists, banksters and warmongers, which seems to be the "vision" shared by the Zionists and their accommplices.

The entire criminal Zionist leviathan needs to be subordinated to the People...and ushered to the guillotine if it refuses to cease and desist its totalitarian, State Capitalist fascism.

And this means never again allowing it to falsely pass itself off as some sort of persecuted victim of "racism."


Zionist vandals desecrate ancient Jerusalem area monastery: 'Jesus is a monkey'

Well, at least it's nice to know what Zionists, both Judeo-"Christian" Zionist and Jewish, really think of Jesus. (It seems it's not just Jews and left-wing Marxists and Trotksyites who hate Jesus, but certain right-wing pseudo-Christians, as well).

But then, anyone who knows anything about the Jewish religion and the Talmud already knew that Jewish doctrine claims Jesus is boiling in hell, and that his mother was a "whore" and Jesus the issue of one of her Gentile customers, which explains the "monkey" reference. (Zionist Jews believe non-Jews, so called "goyim," are animals -- in Jesus' case, they apparently believe he's a "monkey" because the Talmud says his father wasn't Jewish.)


Anonymous said...

Jason Ditz, as well as most of the writers and moderators at the Anti-War website, is Jewish. At least several years ago, it would not allow anyone to type in comments mentioning the word j e w, but were sent to 'moderation'. Once on Anti-war radio, Scott Horton, a Jew, said that anyone who criticizes Jews probably lives in a trailer.

And as far as your stating Nazi holocaust of Jews, Chris, are you referring to the Holohoax? I have recently read that the acronym Nazi for the National German Socialists was thought up by a Jew and can be defined as trashy people.

Chris Moore said...

I'm less concerned about anti-war Jews who are fighting against the warmongering Jewish paradigm than I am about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Marx, Trotsky and neocon-worshipping Gentile useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned long-term with many of the anti-war Jews than I am with the Isreal-first Zionist types. In the short-term, the Israel supporters (and I suspect that most of the anti-war Jews are still supporters of Israel)are the greater threat, but they can be outed for what they are. The Jewish supremacists who want America for their own Zion are the bigger threat in the end.

Chris Moore said...

The authentically anti-war Jews are ipso facto working against the Zionist interest, because the key to Zionism, both left-wing and right-wing, is divide and conquer warmongering.

It's true, there are Jews who feign anti-war or "liberal" sympathies as cover for their true nature and agenda of militant authoritarianism, both foreign and domestic, similar to the Jewish Bolsheviks in the early Soviet (who "opposed" WWI only so they could pull off their coup and set up a de-facto Diaspora Zionist/Judeo-supremacist government), but given that the wars the U.S. is currently engaged in are also for de-facto Jewish supremacism, to explicitly oppose them is to explictly oppose Zionist interests.

Some really cynical Jews may only authentically oppose the wars because they feel Diaspora Zionism is the best route to de facto Jewish supremacy, and want to pursue Diaspora Zionism as the vanguard movement instead of Levant/Israeli Zionism, which is too obvious, and who may even want to throw Israel under the bus for this reason, but these are so few, and organized Jewry is already so vested in Levant/Jerusalem Zionism, that they're tilting at windmills.

The most dangerous Jews are clearly the pro-Israel, pseudo-liberal Diaspora Zionists who maintain affectations of "humanitarianism" as cover, and who think they can have their cake and eat it too, and are willing to impose Judeo-supremacism both domestically and internationally at gun point under the "humanitarian" auspices of saving or protecting the Jews.

But you see, there are plenty of pro-Zionist Gentiles of this orientation, as well, who are in bed with these Jews for neo-Imperialist and crony State Capitalist interests.

Frankly, I'm not entirely sure which is worse, particularly since many of the warmongering Gentile neo-Imperialist conceal themselves behind Christian affectations, when in fact their essence is utterly anti-Christian and pure power-quest and greed based, yet like the Jewish Pharisees who persecuted Jesus, they hold themselves up as pillars of society and civility.

Scratch the surface or prick their puffed up posturing, though, and their demonic nature quickly reveals itself.

Anonymous said...


the truth said...

You are a great writer I applaud your work and you hit the nail right on the head with every single entry you crank out.