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The Tribe and its Lackeys -- September 19, 2012 edition, by Chris Moore

In Maureen Dowd accuses the neocons of fomenting war -- and is promptly tarred as an anti-Semite, Philip Weiss notes how the neocons, the Zionists and their left-right lackeys easily police the public discourse surrounding the issue of warmongering Israel-first Jews simply by calling their critics anti-Semites. He then lays out more evidence in the case that Israel-first Jewish neocons and their neoliberal fellow travelers were the decisive component in fomenting the Iraq war.

One error he makes, though, is the claim that "the neocons came out of the Jewish conservative community."

Actually, they originally came out of the Trotskyite Jewish Communist community, and they haven't changed their militant, Big Government As A Crypto-Zionist Instrument Of Judeo-Supremacism-mentality a whit.

From the Kevin MacDonald review of Jacob Heilbrunn's They Knew They Were Right:
As Heilbrunn shows, the neocons are people “of an uncompromising temperament who use (and treat) ideas as weapons in a moral struggle” (p. 13). He gets at the
passion of Jewish involvement in political causes, tracing it back totraditional Jewish attitudes in Eastern Europe: “As one Yiddish newspaper putit, ‘with hatred, with a threefold curse, we must weave the shroud for the Russian autocratic government, for the entire anti-Semitic criminal gang’” (p.25). Regarding Max Shachtman, an early neocon follower of Trotsky, “his father transmitted his hatred of the Russian, German, and Austro-Hungarian empires to him” (p. 29). The proto-neocons of the 1930s “reveled in their hatred of capitalism and their snobbish alienation from American society” (p. 43). When George H. W. Bush became president, “the eastern establishment Republicans brought in by Bush, men like James Baker and Brent Scowcroft, represented everything the neocons despised” (p.194).
So the Jewish neocons originally weren't "conservative" at all, but very anti-traditionalist, anti-Western civilization/Christendom, anti-capitalist and anti-establishment.

Of course, the richer the Jews have gotten in America (they're now the richest grouping in the U.S.), the more the latest incarnation of Jewish neocons have embraced State Capitalism, but a couple of overriding principles have remained the same: A profound hatred of Western civilization (now, additionally, a profound hatred of Islamic civilization too), and the infiltration and deployment of a pseudo "secular," Zionist-occupied Big Government as an instrument of Judeo-supremacism, per the original Trotskyite model in the early Soviet.

And of course, the habitual labelling of their critics as irrational and bigoted anti-Semites.


Allison Weir writes about the Jerusalem Post report that US taxpayers paid more to Israel's defense budget than Israelis did themselves over the last three years.

As Weir notes:
American taxpayers give Israel over $3 billion per year (over $8 million per day), more than to any other nation, despite the fact that Israel is smaller than New Jersey and is in the top 30 richest countries in the world.

Per capita, Israelis receive $10,000 more U.S. tax money than average.

Some of the other top recipients of US tax money, Egypt and Jordan, were provided this assistance in return for diplomatic recognition of the Israeli state.
This is what happens to a country when it allows a Judeo-supremacist political class (Jewish Zionists, Judeophile liberals, Judeo-"Christian" Zionists) to take over its leadership. It sets up a Zionist hierarchy that rewards Jewry above all others, installs its cronies at the top of the pyramid, and enslaves the populace on behalf of the racket.

This is why Jewry has historically been kicked out of so many countries in Western civilization.

Of course, the Zionists and their lackeys claim all of that was due to irrational Christian anti-Semitism, and today, that anyone who doesn't want to enslave themselves to the "Chosen Race" Jews and turn over their first born to fight wars for Israel is a racist anti-Semite as well.

Hence, the question has to be asked: What came first, the chicken or the egg? The racist, predatory Jewish racket or the "anti-Semitic" backlash against it?

Of course, we've all heard the Zionist narrative, that Jews have always been but innocent victims, "persecuted" for no reason whatsoever, or due to religious bigotry and irrational conspiracy theories.

But those who have dug into the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and then dug deeper into racist Jewish doctrine, economic and political behavior and into the history of messianic Judeo-supremacism know otherwise.


The Washington post calls neoconservatism "Romney’s foreign policy: An ideology that dare not speak its name"

I wonder if Romney knows that intellectual godfathers of neoconservatism were ex-Commie, Trotskyite Jews who brought their Big Brother ideas West and re-packaged them as State Capitalism; that they started out in the Scoop Jackson wing of the Democratic Party and then expanded into the GOP.

Yes, he knows all right. He just doesn't care, because he also knows that nearly the entire political class is today under the intellectual sway of this psychotic, totalitarian, Big Brother ilk, and doesn't seem to care about that much, either.

Consequently, the U.S. is dying a slow death, as did the same ideas put into practice in the Soviet Union, and won't be long for this world as a super power unless something responsible is done about these Zionists.


The Jewish Virtual Library has tabulated total U.S. aid to Israel between 1949 and 2009 at over $100 billion.

As Weir note's above, that's a huge amount of aid for a country that's always been tiny, and even today has under 8 million people. That's far more aid per capita than US spending anywhere on earth by a huge function. (And the Beltway political class tries to claim it's not Judeo-supremacist.)

And when you add in the costs of the Iraq War and War on Terror, which were largely engineered by the Israel lobby and Diaspora Zionists on behalf of Israeli and Zionist interests, and are being priced conservatively at an ultimate cost of $3.2 TRILLION by the experts, the total package to Israel comes to a whopping $3.3 TRILLION in direct and indirect aid, which is 20.6% of the $16 trillion in accumulated U.S. national debt.

Here's an older article from If Americans Knew on aid to Israel that goes into the nuts and bolts of how the Zionist fifth column accomplishes this dirty work, making clear that Congressional members of the Tribe don't serve Americans, they serve themselves and their true nation, Israel.

To whit:
Probably the only members of Congress who even suspect the full total of U.S. funds received by Israel each year are the privileged few committee members who actually mark it up. And almost all members of the concerned committees are Jewish, have taken huge campaign donations orchestrated by Israel's Washington,DC lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), or both. These congressional committee members are paid to act, not talk. So they do and they don't.
These people are serving their tribe, it's interests and agenda, and only their tribe. But they call themselves "Americans" because their true constituents in Israel need a fifth column to do their bidding and engineer U.S. wars to secure their land grabs and bully their Islamic rivals.

But it's not enough that the fifth column is ripping off Americans right and left, they also must send American children to fight and die to secure the ethnically cleansed territory stolen by a bunch of Jewish fascists.


Don't miss my LibertarianToday.com article Democrats' God and Jerusalem plank at recent convention exposed the dark underbelly of neophyte Zionism that motivates elites of both mainline parties

Along those same lines, take a look at another article by the tireless Allison Weir which notes that "A comparison with the Republican platform’s statements on Israel shows the Democratic platform to be for all intents and purposes identical. This is not surprising, given that Israelists dominate both parties."


The Telegraph says that Benjamin Netanyahu's angry threats against Iran have put West on edge over possible Israeli attack, and that Netanyahu is starting to lose it.
A fortnight ago, the Israeli prime minister exploded in anger during a meeting with the American ambassador to Tel Aviv, furious at the Obama administration's reluctance to state at what point he would authorise force to prevent Iran becoming a nuclear power.

A senior congressman who witnessed the encounter said that Mr Netanyahu was "agitated" and "worked up", describing the meeting as the tensest he had ever attended with a foreign leader.

Last week, Mr Netanyahu publicly turned his wrath on Barack Obama himself, warning the American president that if he was unwilling to set fixed red lines that Iran could not cross, he had no "moral right" to prevent Israel taking military action of its own.
Netanyahu is apparently having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that it's going to be continually harder and harder for the Zionist nation (Israeli and Diaspora) to again lie America into another war for Israel.

He's behaving as a predatory sociopath who's been put in a box might, pacing wildly and hurling curses at the "bastards" preventing him from any longer preying upon law-abiding citizens.

And here we have Netanyahu ringing in the Jewish New Year by...surprise!...more fear-mongering on Iran.

Netanyahu is utterly shameless, and thankfully is making it increasingly difficult for even the most Judeophile liberal sap or Judeo-Christian Zionist dupe to have any sympathy for the Diaspora Zionist nation and its hard-propagated "eternal victim" status.

I mean, c'mon Netanyahu. You're killing the golden goose. And don't you have any gratitude to your fifth column for the U.S. wars its already engineered for Israel?

Even many Israelis themselves are starting to sweat over this guy, with the opposition now accusing him of plotting to overthrow Obama by portraying him weak on Iran prior to U.S. elections, and with military elements now inferring he might be a threat to national security by jeopardizing the U.S sugar daddy.

They all must be reading the New York Times, which says Netanyahu appears "willing to use the pressure of the presidential election to try to force Mr. Obama to commit to attack Iran."

Another war for Israel coerced by the Zionists...Déjà vu all over again.

At this point, it couldn't be more obvious that the entire reason the U.S. is bogged down in the Mideast, and has been for a decade, is because Zionists are using the U.S military to fight wars for Israel and for a larger Zionist-Imperialist agenda that has nothing to do with average Americans, nothing to do with American security, and nothing to do with 9/11, which was merely the casus belli used by the Israel lobby and its agents to lie the U.S. into war.


It turns out that the Judeo-Christian operative behind the film that sparked embassy assaults has ties to Islamophobic neocon agent provocateurs.

By God, the neocons are sick people. First they hoodwink the U.S. into a war for Israel, which incites Islamism and a massive Islamic backlash, then they go about provoking ever more Islamic anger with agitprop like this film that resulted in the murder of a U.S. Ambassador, then they use the death to accuse Muslims of being fanatics and extremists who will only ever be pacified by an even bigger war and occupation...ie WWIII.

Nearly everything they do seems done with an eye on sparking wars, which is apparently their modus operandi for ratcheting their power ever tighter, and apparently what they view as the best means to messianic Zionist ascension.

These people are pure, toxic, radioactive poison to the American body politic.


And now the neoliberal MSNBC is getting in on the warmongering act from a different, albeit unoriginal, angle.

RACHEL MADDOW: Attack on US Embassy in Libya had NOTHING TO DO WITH "THE MOVIE". (Attack was planned strike by Al-Qaeda-esque military unit.)

Al Qaeda again? Hasn't that horse been opportunistically flogged to death by now?

Rachel Maddow is just another Zionist lackey pandering to her Jewish media bosses.

So much of her pseudo-liberalism is part and parcel of advancing the Judeo-supremacist interest, including her "liberal" authoritarianism, which is designed to protect the Zionist racket both domestically and international from "anti-Semitism"...aka accountability for its warmongering treachery and economic predations.

She puts on her oh-so-compassionate air, counts her money, and keeps her mouth shut about the real agenda and power behind most of the Beltway warmongering and neo-totalitarianism, like the good little leftie authoritarian she is.

I guess Maddow calculates that a government engineered to protect "persecuted" Jewry will also be inclined to protect "persecuted" lesbians like herself, or at least that's what she wants the liberal rubes who buy into the whole contrived, victim-chic identity to believe. We're in this together, with the Jews.

How is it that so many of these identity politic activists and news celebrities like Maddow who are on board the Zionist agenda end up as multi-millionaires? And are they really "in this together" with anybody else besides the Jews?


Writing in the American Conservative about "How We Became Israel," Andrew Bacevich, who lost a son serving in the Iraq war, observes
"The process of aligning U.S. national-security practice with Israeli precedents is now essentially complete. Their habits are ours. Reversing that process would require stores of courage and imagination that may no longer exist.... the United States has succumbed to Israeli illusions."
So the host has now morphed into the parasite.

And people wonder why the U.S. has gone psycho both domestically and geopolitically? The Beltway is essentially Zionist occupied territory, and the corrupt politicos there have been utterly Judaized.

And here's DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz right on cue to prove it, condemning "dangerous" Republicans for politicizing Israel, yet insisting that Obama is even more Israel-first than was George W. Bush and the (neoconned) GOP.

All of which plays into the hands of the cunning Netanyahu, who has Obama and Romney bidding against each other for "prize" of taking U.S. into war for Israel.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the Diaspora Zionist fifth column, its wealth, power, and its racket loot, which is the real prize that Obama and Romney are fighting over.

What a diabolical scam: get control of a nation's economic system, and then use it to turn the politicians into puppets.

This is what makes Zionism, which is essentially an elitist instrument of tyranny and totalitarianism fueled by messianic ideological fanaticism, so detrimental to democracy. It essentially cuts the People out of the democratic process, rendering the politicians play-things for the Money Powers.

And of course, the second level of diabolical brilliance is that it creates a smokescreen over the entire process of corruption simply by deploying accusations of "anti-Semitism," which keeps the politically correct rubes on the left from making too much noise about what is so blatantly a neo-fascist and neo-Imperialist enterprise.

It additionally deploys "liberal" Jews and their accomplices in mass media, government hierarchy and other institutions to keep left-leaning critics at bay as "extremists."

It controls conservative critics by painting them as Nazis, or by invoking the mythological "Judeo-Christian tradition" as the "values" the Zionists are pursuing with their wars of aggression.

They've got all the bases covered for the successful overthrow of democracy.


On the eve of the latest 9/11 anniversary, Kurt Eichenwald of the New York Times took us back to 2001 to report on how the neocons conviced Bush not to worry about the U.S. being attacked by Bin Laden, which the CIA was urgently warning the White House about leading up to the attacks:
An intelligence official and a member of the Bush administration both told me in interviews that the neoconservative leaders who had recently assumed power at the Pentagon were warning the White House that the C.I.A. had been fooled; according to this theory, Bin Laden was merely pretending to be planning an attack to distract the administration from Saddam Hussein, whom the neoconservatives saw as a greater threat.
Gee, I wonder why the Jewish Zionist neocons surrounding Bush wanted him to ignore Al Qaeda? It's almost as if they wanted to do everything in their power to ensure that the attacks were a success in order to use them as the casus belli for wars for Israel.

I guess their plan worked to a T.

This certainly helps explain why Netanyahu is absolutely hell-bent on dragging the U.S. into yet another war for Israel.

It's as if the man is desperately trying to bury some dark deed from his own and Israel's past by starting an epic Mideast conflagration.

I suspect he's trying to bury his personal, the Israeli government, and the Diaspora Zionist role in the 9/11 inside job, because he knows it would destroy Jewry's hyped and hard-earned "victim" cred and devestate the messianic Zionist agenda for another thousand years, if not kill it permanantly.

This means there must be powerful Western elements that know the Zionists did 9/11, and Bibi knows that they know, which also explains the constant glaze of sweat on his upper lip and his desperation to start World War Three to bury it all in one big, epic conflagration.

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