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The Tribe and its Lackeys -- October 12, 2012 edition, by Chris Moore

Jewish Zionist coalition declares war on Protestant coalition for questioning unconditional aid to Israel

Zionists, the ultimate welfare mooches, apparently don't like it when Christians question their gravy trian--something that Mitt Romney will no doubt never do.

Isn't it funny how certain people criticize 47% of Americans for allegedly being government-dependent mooches, but somehow when it comes to Zionists and Israel, the ultimate welfare mooches who have received more than $100 billion in welfare largesse from the U.S. over the years (not to mention trillion$ in Mideast wars fought on their behalf) the sky is the limit?

I guess in certain Zionist-infiltrated, Judeo-supremacist circles of America, it's only natural that "the Chosen" squeaky Jew get the oil and the needy Gentile gets the shaft.

But it's nice to see that some Protestants are finally waking up, and hopefully will ignore the overplayed, screeching "anti-Semitsm!" card that has been milked to the last drop by opportunistic Zionist con artists and grifters forever engaged in emotional blackmail.

It all raises the question of who's worse: shameless, greedy, craven organized Zionist Jewry, or the hapless suckers and saps who indulge it and insist the rest of us get suckered right along with them in order to validate their own superstitious hick beliefs that "the Jews are God's Chosen People" (yet another cynical, charlatan-Jew con).


 In her article CNN seems to consider damaged motorcycle more important than injured Palestinian children, Alison Weir shows us graphic reality of Zionist Jew aggression that the American MSM refuses to disclose,

Of course owned by Jews, CNN has internalized the Jewish Zionist value system wherein non Jews (goyim) are animals with no human value, particularly compared to the Jews who might be persecuting them. So to many the CNN reporter, producer and executive, the killing of a Palestinian child is no different than squashing a bug (whenever it is a Jew doing the killing and the prey is Gentile).

Zionism is a progressive, soul-rotting, sociopath-creating disease, which is why selling ones soul to Zionist Jews for money, careerism, ambition or other ephemeral pursuits is such serious business, and why America is in such serious trouble, particularly considering the fact that AIPAC owns the souls of about 90% of Congress.

Of course, the Jew-owned mainstream "secular" left denies there's any such thing as a soul, therefore it can't be purchased, and the Judeo-Christian Zionists have happily surrendered their souls to the Zionist Jews nearly for free, declaring them "God's Chosen People" (if you can imagine that...the eternal enemies of Jesus himself a "chosen people"...and these people still have the temerity to go around identifying themselves as "Christians.")

From the corrupted political mainstream U.S. left to right, can any people so ignorant and disdainful of our Greco-Christian heritage and the great accomplishments of Western civilization and the American Founders, and so willing to sell their souls for a pittance for Zionist gorging, even survive much longer? Do they deserve to survive?

It's time to start isolating not only the Zionist Jews, but those whose souls are owned by them as well. Like the vampires of myth, they multiply exponentially, which certainly explains America's steep decline since Zionist Jewry has ascended to elite status.


From left to right, the question of Jewish Zionist dual loyalty and Israel-first activism simply won't go away, and is only getting louder.

Honestly, how long did the Jewish Zionists and their accomplices think they could get away with their rank Zionist racism, the holier-than-thou phony righteousness and the Judeo-supremacist double standards before they were called on their Jewish nationalist fifth column subversion, hypocrisy and treachery?

Did they really think they could simply utilize an authoritarian, Big Brother government to paper it all over and bash the critics into oblivion they way they did in the early Soviet forever?

Did they really think Westerners were a bunch of ignorant rubes who could be used and hoodwinked forever for Israel-first and Zionist bankster wars?

Of course they did, because they're delusional Jews who have convinced themselves the world is only a few thousand years old and their Yahweh god has been on their side from the beginning (despite all manner of of evidence otherwise).

Never underestimate the ability for false consciousness, compartmentalization, and delusions of invincibility of stiff necked cults under the sway of collective mental illness and doctrinaire messianism. Masada-like, they'll take their fanaticism all the way to mass suicide, if necessary.

No wonder so many Jews over the course of history have said "later" to the cult, and joined the human race.


If you can believe this, now the psychotic Tribe and its degenerate lackeys are picking a fistfight with the fighting Irish.

Take a look at this article: ‘Irish hatred for Israel is embodied by Gerry Adams’ claims journalist; Israeli newspaper claims Irish are worst anti-semitic people in Europe

But of course the Irish are anti-Semitic; they've historically resisted the Anglo-fascist/Zionist partnership in banksterism, war-profiteering, and money-worship.

Hasn't the world learned yet that anyone who resists the Anglo-fascist/Zionist Jew partnership in aggression and civilizational destruction is "anti-Semitic" and deserves death for their Nazism?

How proud the Anglo-fascists must feel to have aided Stalin and the Jewish Bolsheviks in the WWII cover up of the Communist mass murder of tens of millions of Christians, dissidents and peasants over the early decades of the Soviet, and in the ongoing cover-up.

Ah, but Anglo-fascists and Zionist Jews don't consider out-group goyim to be human beings, so in their squirming little brains it's not mass murder.

Funny how those who resist the murderous treachery of money-worshippers, and who refuse to sell their souls to rich Jews and their accomplices, suddenly become "anti-Semitic."

Why, the American Founders themselves were no doubt "anti-Semitic" for kicking Brit ass -- a job, btw, that needs to be done again -- Anglo-fascist Brit ass and Zionist Jew ass.

Let's put the Irish on these sadists and sociopaths. They'll give 'em the good arse kicking they crave.


M.J. Rosenberg says Iran sanctions are taking their toll, but grandiose neocon plans to install a Beltway puppet like the Shah are just another half-baked, neo-Imperialist fantasy.

Unfortunately, half-baked plans haven't stopped the blundering Beltway rubes from rolling over for the Zionist agenda yet. But what should one expect from intellectually lazy dimwits who have contracted out the formulation of their world view to a Jewish Zionist fifth column?


The New York Times headlines it "Proudly Bearing Elders’ Scars, Their Skin Says ‘Never Forget.’

I headline it: Culture of grievance: Young Israelis keep the torch of resentment burning by branding themselves with concentration camp tattoos

But, whatever. I guess it works in terms of keeping the Tribe polarized from the evil goyim and perpetually on edge. It also doesn't hurt in terms of keeping the reparations gravy train rolling, as well.

In fact, it probably won't be long before these kids are declaring they were really the captives at Auschwitz...and the scary thing is they'll eventually come to believe it because it is so convenient to their persecution complex psychodrama, to their pocket book, and to the whole Zionist narrative and racket.


Here's another earnestly Jewish article that nicely captures the absolute insanity of the Zionist mind: "Combined Power of Torah and Atom: The nuclear reactor in Dimona, for the first time in its long and hush hush history, will feature a full fledged synagogue."

Yes, that's combined power of Torah and Atom, not Adam.

Nothing like Synagogue, State and Atom to undermine Mosque, State and Atom.

And they say Zionists and Islamists are opposites. They're too much alike, if you ask me...only the Zionists are far more couth in their endless haggling, carpetbagging and strong-armed money-grabs.

And they're also somewhat more sophisticated in their racketeering:

After deliberately spurring Arab anti-Semitism by ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, Israel now demands reparations for spooked Jews who fled Arab countries

So after Jewry has already taken the Germans for tens of billions for their alleged "anti-Semitism," now it's apparently going after the Arabs.

The Jews should change their bread and butter slogan from "Never Again" to "Never Enough."

Good God, when is the world going to learn that Zionist Jews deliberately stoke anti-Semitism in order to keep the Tribe cohesive, and as part of their reparations and "save the endangered Jews" money racket?

The way to deal with this is not to coddle Zionist Jews, but rather to treat Zionists and their lackeys as the pariahs they are, and to inform the Jews who are allowing themselves to be so easily used and manipulated that they are suckers who could easily put an end to poisonous Zionist machinations simply by refusing to call themselves Jews any longer.

Nothing angers the Zionists more than the realization that all of their scheming and conniving has had the opposite effect of their intentions, and there is no higher calling than to sabotage the Zionists and their apocalyptic, perpetual war pathologies.

The most honorable and noble act any individual Jew can perform is to refuse to any longer call him or herself a Jew, refuse to give a dime to Zionist-tainted causes, and let the Tribe know that its all the fault of the Zionists.

There's a reason there are so few Jews in the world, and the reason is that the best of them turned their backs and never looked back at the charlatan Zionists who were deliberately engineering their demise to feather their own nests through various extortion rackets to which deliberate incitement of anti-Semtism is indispensable.

But Zionist brainwashing and Tribe control techniques have been perfected over the centuries, often making escape seem futile. For example, see this article on how "Jews who have never been on the run and don’t know how to run are taught that they are on the run."


On the run or not, control freak, drama queen and attention whore Zionists may be starting to wilt on the world stage, because Netanyahu has dragged Jewish state ideology directly into international spotlight, and Zionist pettiness is now on full display for world to see.

And the world is getting an eye full of the fact that Judaism/Zionism is an elitist, self-serving, ethnocentric "Chosen People" ideology that is simply not suited to lead the diverse masses. It can't help but to hoard, and to feather its own nest at every opportunity, and then sneer, ridicule and eventually criminalize out-group complaints about being abused and exploited.

This is why the U.S. under Zionist influence has been a massive flop. Zionist Jews simply suck all of the oxygen out of the system for themselves and their Zionist network interests, and the weak, stupid and greedy Judeophile liberals and Judeo-Christian Zionists roll over for it all.

The Zionists and their accomplices must be purged from the U.S. body politic come hell or high water, because anything less will result in eventual Islamist, Chinese, and Globalist class domination of a hellish, Orwellian world, and Western civilization will be dead and gone forever.

This cannot be tolerated, no matter the cost.


And patriotic remnants in the intelligence community seem to understand this:

Major U.S. Intelligence Community study concluded Israel and its agents are greatest threat to American national interests due to their Israel-first distortion of U.S. policy

But they're not the only ones. The other good news is that even the liberal set is starting to show signs of Zionist fatigue.

No longer taboo, anti-Semitism "thrives among the well-educated, successful, cosmopolitan set that I bump into in the international community," whines this self-described blond-haired, blue-eyed southerner who married herself a Jew, and is now trying to get in on the anti-Semitism victim shtick racket.  (The things certain women will do for boggles the mind.)

And who knew that the politically correct liberals dispalying their "anti-Semitism" that she's bumping into might actually have a bit of spine? I guess some of them must have finally been clued in by apostate Jews such as Max Blementhal, who warns Don't be fooled by "liberal" Zionists; they're even further right than Western neo-fascists.

And even the notoriously liberal New York Times is getting in on the act a bit with its (albeit politically motivated) outing of "Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a Zionist, [who] has begun spending $6.5 million on an air-and-ground strategy to reach Jewish voters who may view Mr. Obama as unreliable on the question of Israel’s security."

A billioanre Zionist Jew casino mogul trying to buy an election? Isn't that an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory?


The one thing a like about the Sheldon Adelson's of the world is that they're so blatantly crass and crude, all of the money and spin in the world can't hide the true nature of their Diaspora Zionist machinations, which work something like this:

A. Israel-first Jews get rich via the Diaspora Zionist network.

B. They then use their American-made millions to buy off politicians, buy elections, and pursue the interests of Israel/Zionism first.

C. The U.S. ends up fighting war after war for Israel.

D. The Diaspora Zionist Jews then portray the consequential, inevitable and justifiable anti-Semitism against the Diaspora Jewish Zionist network as "proof" that Jewry needs the existence of Israel to ensure Jewish survival in a hostile world comprised of irrationally bigoted and intolerant Gentiles bent on "cultural genocide" who despise organized Jewry for no reason whatsoever.


Of course, cultural genocide of 'anti-Semitic' Western civilization has itself been the Jewish agenda for centuries, from Marxist Jews through Zionist Jews -- but that doesn't matter to Judeo-supremaicists, who consider resistance to "the Chosen's" agenda to be heresy.

After all, according to Marx's Jewish guru Moses Hess,

 "The Messianic era is the present age, which began to germinate with the teachings of Spinoza, and finally came into historical existence with the great French Revolution."

"To this coming cult, Judaism alone holds the key. This "religion of the future" of which the eighteenth century philosophers, as well as their recent followers, dreamed [...] Each nation will have to create its own historical cult; each people must become like the Jewish people, a people of God."


"The Christian... imagines the better future of the human species... in the image of heavenly joy... We, on the other hand, will have this heaven on earth."

This is all messianic Zionism, that the Jewish "nation of priests" will be the archetype, that the Jews will attain for themselves heaven on earth, that the Christian consciousness will be eradicated, and replaced with a cult of Jewry.

In fact, I view Marxism, operationally, as a secular version of Judaism in that it divides enemies, opponents, antagonists and even allies into categories, and then pits them against each other with an eye on ultimate exploitation and subjugation at the behest of Jewry.

In the case of Marxism, it pits women against men, children against their families, race against race, class against class...

The idea, of course, was to break or destroy the ruling bourgeoisie, which was predominantly Christian. The ultimate effect of this, most obviously in the early Soviet and later in the West, was that the ruling class was overthrown or infiltrated by Jewry, and is now serving messianic Zionist interests.

Was that Marx's intention all along? Given his close intellectual relationship with socialist Zionist Moses Hess, who had a tremendous influence upon Marx's thought, I believe it probably was.


And apparently France's Socialist president Francois Hollande has been reading his Marx and Hess as well, judging from the deal he just cut with French Jewish leaders.

Of course, the man would never consider a deal like that with Christians; they can't possibly be targets for cultural genocide. But he'll happily do a handshake deal with the devil for the Jews.
So again, I have to ask: Do sell outs of Jesus, Christendom and Western civilization like this deserve to survive?

Can they be allowed to survive?

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