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The Tribe and its Lackeys -- October 27, 2012 edition, by Chris Moore

Mark Dubowitz with the Orwellian "Foundation for the Defense of Democracies" lays out the Zio-fascist strategy for squeezing the lifeblood out of Iran

Here's a useful academic video of a couple of cold, calculating Zionist sociopaths relishing their ignoble craft of laying the groundwork for the starvation of Iranian women and children, in both Dubowitz and the Fox "news" hostess cheering him on. As one might expect of sadists at this level, they seem to take great pride in their ghoulish calling.

In fact, their low moral and ethical level is exactly the kind of behavior one would expect from Zionist kissing cousins to the Israelis who dreamed up the shocking government policy of squeezing the Palestinian population through engineered malnutrition, as recently exposed through the "Red Lines" documents disclosure.

The Zionists are truly proving to be the best and most transparent case study in how collective sociopathy operates, replicates and spreads.

The key for a lot of these psychotic cults seems to be the creation of a fully self-contained false consciousness (e.g. the world is only a few thousand years old and the cult has long been at the center of divine will) which then justifies everything the cult does, and makes it seem simply the natural order since time immemorial.

It's perhaps the modern contradiction between the sub-conscious knowledge that they're living a cynical, cowardly lie and their own stubborn certitude that their cult's version of history is 100% accurate that seems to slowly drive the Zionists and their lackeys insane, and that cultivates high numbers of sociopaths and psychopaths among their own ranks and the ranks of their reptilian partisans.

In this day and age, the entire Zionist ideology is increasingly being recognized as the stubbornly-ignorant-in-the-face-of-science cult of primitive tribalism that it truly is, and is probably well into the beginning of its end stages; but in the short term, the tensions that build between science and the cult's stiff-necked, anachronistic world view seem to be creating an inordinate number of sociopaths among those who cling to its backward ways while simultaneously trying to hold themselves up champions of objectivity and progress.

Deep down, they know they're frauds and con artists who can't survive in tough world of reality. Instead, they psychologically cling to their stunted, insular, cult world view where the entire world can be easily explained and understood through a series of pre-fab, Judeo-supremacist components originally dreamed up by Jewish storytellers centuries ago and built upon steadily and relentlessly by their opportunistic charlatan heirs since.

And it's this very self-knowledge of psychological and moral inadequacy that seems drive so much of their violent imperative to attack and destroy any developments, political change, resistance or new perspectives that might expose them for the cowards and frauds they are. 


"Serious anti-Semitic attacks" allegedly experienced by Steven Spielberg growing up in Pheonix...true tale, or apocryphal myth-making of the kind commonly conjured to advance the Zionist "victim" racket?

Billionaire Stephen Spielberg is back flogging the Jewish victim shtick song and dance, this time on '60 Minutes' claiming he personally long-suffered under the traumatic and oppressive sting of American anti-Semitism.

The whole Jewish victim narrative has become about as threadbare as the story of all those big bad Palestinian attacks on the poor little Israeli Zionists (the tall tales that have been leveraged into blank check welfare and endless wars for Israel). In fact, I'd really love to see a Spielberg depiction of Israeli Jim Crow and apartheid. No doubt it would feature the poor Jews clinging to Mediterranean cliffs as the Palestinian bullies drilled down upon them mercilessly from above.

Zionists are pathological liars who routinely conjure vast "Jewish victim" narratives worthy of Hollywood epics. In fact, the entire enterprise and "victim" identity, even as Jews are the wealthiest ideological class in America, is part and parcel of the Jewish Zionist racket.

It's a cycle of Jewish greed and aggression followed Gentile retaliation, and then overwrought Jewish victim posing based on an entire bodyguard of lies about who started what first and how the Jews were the victims every time.

And talented Jewish con artists and propagandists like Spielberg are crucial to the entire enterprise that works for the Zionist Jews and their accomplices for a time, but absolutely no one else. And one that in the long run turns against the Jews as well, once they are yet again exposed as the murderous, charlatan "nation of priests" that they are. 


Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11

Of course Israel did it. This has been common knowledge in "elite" Shabbos Goy Beltway circles for years. It's the unspoken black yarmulke found in the WASP bedroom next to the used condoms.

And this goes to the problem with the post-Christendom, post-Western civilization "elites"...they're ignoble  snakes on par with Zionist Jews in their greed, deceit, conniving and treachery, snakes that will whore themselves off to the Zionist Jews at the drop of a yarmulke.

Jewry has no honor or nobility, but rather primitive, predatory, tribal-advancement instincts; it doesn't understand the concept of patriotism, other than through the principle of circling the wagons around the tribe no matter how low its Zionist leaders sink. "Patriotism" for Zionist Jewry means loyalty to the Jewish nation above all others, wherever it may reside, even to the point of blatant treason whenever necessary...and then lying through its teeth about its treachery.

And yet, in the post-Christendom world, Jewry is held up by itself and by its accomplices as the cat's be respected, deferred to, emulated, and imitated. This, obviously, is going to quickly result in the worst rising to the top, and in the best being ridiculed relentlessly for their honor, nobility and adherence to traditional Western principles, which itself will quickly result in a state of perpetual strife, conflict and warfare...the Zionist-cultivated hell-on-earth of which we are only now beginning to get a full taste.


But look...elements of Jewry seems to realize the hell on earth they have cultivated. Here's a Zionist Jew, Dr. Haim Shine, who argues Jews now belong in Israel for their own safety. 
"History has proven that every time tensions rise between Christians and Muslims, the Jews are the first to pay the price. The blows being traded these days are between two warring civilizations, a tectonic clash threatening human dignity and even humanity's lifespan.

The State of Israel must make every effort to bring Europe's Jews to Israel. Israel is the only place on Earth where Jews are free to live their lives, under the rule of no one but themselves."
So first the Zionists engineer a clash of civilizations between Islam and the West. (Remember, the Iraq war was initiated and instigated first and foremost by Jewish Neocons and the Israel lobby who had swept from the Trotskyite left, through the Democratic Party, straight into the establishment Right, pursuing the Israel-first and messianic Zionist agenda at every step along the way. This was calculated, pre-meditated, cold-blooded treachery of the kind that only a powerful, tightly-knit, disciplined cult of practiced treachery is capable.)

Then the Zionists argue that Jewry belongs in Israel for its own safety.

But given the level of Zionist deceit and treachery, perhaps they have a point; perhaps they DO belong in Israel, for their own safety and for the best interests of American and Western civilization.

There are only two other choices: continue the perpetual wars for Zionism instigated by the Israel-first fifth column and its low-cunning, decrepit Shabbos Goy accomplices; or start pogroming organized Jewry every time its messianic Zionist fanatics get out of control, in the best tradition of Western civilization.

Perhaps kicking Zionist Jew ass straight into Israel really is the most moderate, rational middle way. God knows everything else has been tried.


Romney's Israel-first, super Zionist money man, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, throws another half million to “America’s Rabbi” Shmuley Boteach's bid for Congress

"America's rabbi"? LOL. In "Americans" Adelson and Boteach, we get two blatantly Israel-first Zionist Jews trying to further stack Congress with Israel-first fifth columnists to continually exploit Americans for the Zionist agenda (as if Congress wasn't already stacked to the gills with Israel-first Zionist Jews, most of whom, btw, are Democrats).

And most of the money that these billionaire Zionist Jews throw at their political stooges and lackeys ends up right back in the pockets of the Zionist racket through huge media buys in Jewish-dominated mainstream media.

Pretty clever. The Zio-fascist network gets a stranglehold on key institutions and pressure points of democracy (Congress and the fourth estate of mass media) and on key economic institutions, and then throttles them to serve Zionist interests, funnelling more and more money into their own coffers along the way.

It then it fends off critics by labelling them "anti-Semites" and "Nazis."

And America walked right into the Anglo-fascist/Zionist/Commie trap:

"WWII, the greatest event since the advent of sliced bread. Sacrifice your first born to protect Communism, Imperialism and Zionism. It's the most noble thing you can ever do."

Little did the Commie and Imperialist snakes know that they were in bed with the most savvy and accomplished serpents of all time, who probably intended all along to leverage WWII into a mechanism for Zionist predomination and perpetual wars for Judeo-supermacy...all of them fought, of course, at the expense of Gentile, not Jewish, blood.

"Hey Christendom! Give us everything we ask for from tens of billions in reparations to hundreds of billions in welfare, military largesse and wars for Israel! Let us ethnically cleanse the Palestinians at will on behalf of Greater Israel, and set up a de facto Jewish supremacist apartheid and Jim Crow state on behalf of the messianic Zionist agenda! No? Anti Semitism! ...Hitler! ...Holocaust! ...Oh, and by the way, the evangelical Judeo-Christian Zionist rubes don't have a problem with anything we do, so why do you guys? You're just picking on us poor, downtrodden Jews again, you Nazis!"


Invoking concept of "theological anti-Semitism that set the stage for Hitler's Germany," U.S. Jewish Zionist groups condemn liberal Christians for questioning aid to Israel, suggest Jewish extermination via Iranian nukes is their true agenda

Yet another example of how anyone not 100% on board the Neocon/Zionist agenda will be accused of anti-Semitism and Nazi genocide.

In fact, its gotten to the point where contemporary American "liberalism" might best be defined as the multi-cultural veneration of tribalism at the behest of the ultimate American tribal entity -- the Diaspora Zionist Jews. And these Jews have leveraged their high position in the multi-cultural hierarchy -- a hierarchy they that they themselves significantly engineered -- towards wars for Israel, glorification of Zionism, and the Diaspora Judeo-supremacist agenda.

So I always have to chuckle when mainstream U.S. liberals and lefties (the Democratic Party is deep into bed with Jewry and the Judeo-supremacist agenda) go through the empty exercise of denying they're Zionist lackeys by insisting "Not all our Jewish bedfellows are Zionists!"

Yeah, only about 95% or so. If not, where are all the Jewish anti-Zionist members of Congress?

And Neoconservatism, by the way, is just the lame, weak and greedy modern American right version of the same phenomenon, essentially an ideological declaration from the corrupt and decayed vestiges of conservatism that "We can't beat 'em, so we'll join 'em." There probably hasn't been a more sleazy, disgusting, pseudo-patriotic set of "conservatives" in the history of the West than the Zionist-lackey snakes on the right trying to pass themselves off as American patriots.

Of course, mainstream left to right, there's not an iota of principle in either end, it's just pure, greed-motivated cynicism and opportunism, which is the natural end result for a country with a corrupt "elite" that has turned its back on Western civilization and is now simply a soulless, Jewish-lickspittle animal of greed, avarice and money-worship, cringing before its Zionist masters.

The belly-crawling, contemporary American "elite"...what perfect bedfellows for the Jews...what perfect dupes for the Jews...what perfect prey for the Jews. But rather than admit their own weakness, cowardice and soullessness, they'd rather take the entire country down with them.

"Tolerance" for the narcissistic pathology of Zionist collaboration is the equivalent of "tolerance" for treason...a recipe for national suicide.
There are no more treacherous, back-stabbing operatives in the history of the world that deserve death for their treason more than the Shabbos Goy, Zionist front men camouflaging and enabling the organized Jewish rot and predations from within. And they're not just the enemy of the country and the civilization...they're the enemy of all decent humanity.

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