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The Tribe and its Lackeys -- November 4, 2012 edition, by Chris Moore

Israel war game simulation concludes attack on Iran would be no big deal

From the Telegraph article: 
By the game’s end, Iran’s nuclear facilities had been almost totally destroyed. Hezbollah and Hamas had done nothing more than launch a few token rocket salvos at Israel, while Iranian missiles had been of only limited effect. Iran had also failed in its attempts to have the sanctions on it removed and, thanks to US cover in the UN Security Council, it had also failed to have sanctions placed on Israel. It was the game’s clear loser.
Oh, isn't that a Hollywood ending, probably dreamed up by a couple Jewish scriptwriters imported from Tinseltown, of the type that have emitted so much cultural pollution in the U.S. and comprise the treasonous, Diaspora Zionist fifth column.

Of course, the Jews know that the real scenario likely to take place under such circumstances is a massive Mideast war that will consume thousands upon thousands of innocent women and children, not to mention U.S. soldiers.

This is how Zionist Jewry deliberately incites wars between its enemies and its useful idiots, and then it withdraws and lets the two sides beat each other to a pulp, so it can then come in as the carpetbagger and profit in the aftermath.

It's been doing this for centuries. This is its modus operandi and its raison d'être...pathological tribalism and warmongering combined with subversion and intrigue. It makes the Jews feel so smart and "chosen" to set events like this in motion, manipulating people like chess pieces and then laughing about how stupid and easily exploited they are.

The irony is, the Jews then scream like stuck pigs when all their intrigue and warmongering inevitably blows back upon them, and then claim to be history's ultimate persecuted victims...the whole victim shtick being another component of their racket.

This is why I have zero sympathy for organized Jewry, and believe neither should anyone else...organized sociopaths operating a system of predation deserve whatever vile fate blows back upon their system of tribal fascism, greed, usury, warmongering and exploitation.


Nutty Netanyahu says strike on Iran would be good for Arab world, and other news on Zionist insanity around the globe

Nice rundown that gets at how insane and dangerous the Tribe truly is, featuring various news items on international Zionism and the crocidile-teared Jewish psychopaths at its core.


Netanyahu caught on video discussing the Messianic Zionist agenda with a cabal of rabbis

This video captures the black-hatted, black-hearted core of racist, Judeo-supremacist, Messianic Zionism, which is the principle ideology of Israel and its supporters.

The"Moshiach" that the decrepit old rabbi refers to is the Jewish Messiah, which is supposedly coming to impose Judeo-supremacism across the entire world, and establish the Jewish people as the masters of humanity.

Here is more on the the ancient and current Jewish doctrine and dogma at the core of Messianic Zionism.

So don't let Jew-lackey, "secular" Zionist accomplices on the left get away with their racket-serving lies that "Judaism is separate and distinct from Zionism." (Tribal fascist) Jewry is the living, breathing core of Zionism, as is Jewish religious doctrine.

These black-hatted snakes in the video from Netanyahu all the way through the surging cabal of rabbis who surround him are organized Judaism at its base essence.

And Jews who don't believe Zionism is the true (tribal fascist) nature and essence of the Jewish ideology live in complete denial.

Everything about Judaism is designed and engineered to keep the Tribe polarized from "the Gentiles" and "the nations," and in a perpetual state of war, agitation and sword's point to accomplish this.

Even Jewish cultural myths revolve around the glorification of the Abrahamites and Israelites stealing from, murdering, manipulating, subjugating and exploiting non-Jews, just as the Zionists are doing today, and then rationalizing their treachery by claiming its all demanded by their God and crucial to the survival of the Tribe. But when their tribal fascism inevitably gets a lot of Jews whacked out, the ideology then goes into "victim" mode, and professes injury and bewilderment as to why the world hates them so much, claiming it's just because they're "different."

Until the West recognizes organized Jewry for the tribal fascist entity that it is, and quits pretending most Jews aren't Zionist fascists, and quits pretending Jews are innocent victims and a holy "nation of priests" (all Zionist smokescreens designed to conceal Jewry's true essence) the Zionist problem and its perpetual war agenda will continue to torment us all.

Any Gentile who claims to want world peace, but refuses to act against the Zionist problem is a liar, a fraud, and coward.

 BTW, for a second there, I thought Netanyahu was G.W. Bush. Funny how all these belly crawling snakes who sell their souls to Jews end up with the same psychotic looks in their eyes, and the same sh*t-eating grins on their faces.


 Even as most of their U.S. brethren continue to opportunistically feign liberalism, Israeli Jews don't bother to hide their neocon ideology

The Jerusalem Post says Israel is a "Red State" that supports Romney, but most U.S. Jews are "Blue State" liberals who support Obama.

Sure they do, out of pure Democratic party machine opportunism. Zionist Jews largely own the Democratic Party, and Obama is simply hired help. Yet as a "vulnerable" minority, these "American" Jews obviously can't be as blatantly fascist and Israel-first as their Israeli cousins, so they maintain a phony facade of liberalism as cover for their racket.

And that's about the only good thing about Israel...that it has allowed the world to see the true nature and character of Diaspora Zionist Jewry, and how it manipulates, uses and exploits the nations by feigning "liberalism" and "progressivism," but in the end is truly only dedicated to its tribal fascist interests and racketeering.

Diaspora Zionist Jewry's domination of the U.S. left has been crucial to keeping American liberalism on board the fascist Neocon/Zionist warmongering and neo-imperialist agenda. They're essentially a Trojan horse for base tribalism deep inside the liberal camp, pitting liberals against each other and directing energy on the left towards maintaining wars for Israel.

American conservatism has been duped by neocon Jews, and American liberalism has been duped by neoliberal Jews, but the question has to be asked, why were Beltway Democrats and Republicans ever in bed with these Zionist snakes in the first place?

The answer is that like their Zionist masters, the Beltway Class itself is corrupt, decrepit, and black-hearted to the core.


It seems some mainline Christians are finally growing a pair, and no longer allowing Zionist shysters to keep them on the defensive.

Christians won't let Zionist shrieks of "anti-Semitism" hide their sadistic system of racial supremacy and discrimination any longer

  Sent to every member of Congress, letter from fifteen Christian denominations urging investigation of aid to Israel for human rights abuses sparks enraged reaction by Zionist Jewry, blanket accusations of "anti-Semitism"
As Presbyterian activists tried to get their church to divest from companies doing business with the Israeli military in 2004, Jewish establishment groups reacted with outrage. One outcome of that outrage was a group of church leaders agreeing to hold an interfaith dialogue with members of the Jewish establishment. Now, groups like the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the Anti-Defamation League are boycotting the interfaith dialogue because of the letter to Congress.

But the interfaith dialogue was already on rocky ground. Some Christian members who participated in the dialogue found it to be frustrating. Rather than a forum to discuss common ground as well as the Israel/Palestine issue, it turned into one where Jewish leaders brought up alleged anti-Semitism within churches.
Zionist Jews are like shyster lawyers, always trying to keep their opposition on the defensive, never debating in good faith or with good intentions, but merely stalling for more time to perpetrate more abuses and thievery.

"Anti-Semitism" accusations have become a complete joke, milked by Zionist Jewry to the last drop, exploited for endless wars, endless shekels and economic usury.

People who do anything but laugh when Zionist Jews and their thieving political accomplices trot out the shopworn "anti-Semitism" card are suckers and fools who even Zionist Jew shysters mock for their stupidity.

America can no longer afford "tolerance" for Jewish Zionist con artists nor their stupid lackeys who insist all of us be doormats for racist Jews as they are.

It's not in the average person's interest to rally to the aid of tribal fascist Jewry, because Zionists are economic, social and political predators who will ruthlessly plunder, exploit and subjugate even those with a record of helping them, just as the Israelis have done to America.

But thanks to Zionist brainwashing (which includes Jewish, Judeo-"Christian" Zionist, and Judeophile liberal  Holocaustianty propaganda), the People have essentially been trained and conditioned to sacrifice themselves and their own best interests on the alter of "the Chosen Race."

This is why I have to wonder if the Judas Class -- the snake Gentiles in bed with fascist Zionist Jewry who constantly assure their fellow Gentiles that "You can trust the Jews, but those who criticize them are bad...bad!" -- if these aren't even more depraved and evil than the Zionist Jews themselves, because they're the equivalent of a trusted family member who unlocked the back door on behalf a murderous gang of thieves who robbed, raped and killed the family, and then threw him a few shekels for his treachery.

No country can long survive a Judas Class "elite" that has sold its soul to the Jews.


“It is simply true that large and extremely influential Jewish donor groups are the ones agitating for a US war against Iran...those groups are devoted to promoting Israel’s interests.”--Columnist Glenn Greenwald, predictably resulting in accusations of "anti-Semitism."

It's anti-Semitic to hate the Semitic "race." Jewry is a fascist sub-set of the Semitic race, and hence not entitled to call anti-Jewishness "anti-Semitism." It's just another example of how Zionist Jews worm their way behind other peoples, and then claim criticism of fascist Jewry and its racist messianic agenda is an attack on other peoples as well.

They do this because it's their modus operandi to get other people's to do the fighting and dying for the Judeo-supremacist agenda, just as the Jewish Neocons have done with the phony "War on Terror"...yet another example of the fascist essence and character of organized Jewry.

Of course, the whole "anti-Semitism" shtick is utilized by more than warmongering Israelis; it's also aptly exploited by the Diaspora Zionists and their allies for economic and social predations, as Kevin MacDonald notes. 

How the 1% in the U.S. gets ever richer as the 99% gets ever poorer: Jews have supplanted WASPs as the wealthiest, most entitled elite, but to mention this is of course "anti-Semitism."

But I'm not sure the generations of WASPs that sold their souls to the Jews wasn't always destined for demise. Indeed, the absolute worst, greediest and most low-cunning of the WASP's sold out the country for ten cents on the dollar to Zionists, and then intermarried with Jews to solidify the contract.

Now the lot of these snakes have circled the wagons around their stolen loot by agreeing to label anyone opposed to the 1% to be "anti-Semites."

All "anti-Semitism" is and ever was is the 99% fending off the economic predations of the 1% money-worshipping degenerates, predators and thieves in bed with Zionist Jews. This is why "anti-Semitism" is so's code that the thieving 1% uses to identify those who are unlikely to roll over for its Judeo-fascist theft.

Zionist-Socialist axis? At press conference where Netanyahu accuses Iran of wanting to "annihilate" the Jewish people, France's Socialist president demands tougher sanctions on Iranian people 

Hollande: Iran Must Prove It Doesn't Seek Nukes
Netanyahu hails French leader's statement as "extremely important" after they meet.

Vichy II: Socialist president of France provides warlike National Socialist prime minister of Israel diplomatic cover

It didn't take the Zionist Jews long to get to Hollande.

And here's a picture of  Hollande doing his deal with the devil.

It just goes to show the extent to which the post-Christendom West "leadership" is comprised of ignoble, dishonorable and belly crawling snakes and whores who will sell their souls and sell out the People to the highest bidder, and how those same "leaders" seem to take special sadistic glee when those bidders are Jewish.

Eventually, the day will come when the People are liberated from the Zionists and their lackeys, but things will have to get worse before they get better until the People finally realize their corrupt, degenerate politicos from left to right are under the thumb of warmongering, tribal fascist Zionist sociopaths and psychopaths.

Frankly, I can't wait to see the Hollandes, Bush's, Blairs and Sarkozys of the world with their heads in the guillotine for their treason.


Fascists vs. Fascists: Zionists outraged passages from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion read aloud by Golden Dawn in Greek Parliament

Golden Dawn and the deafening silence of Europe

It's amazing what Zionist bankers will drive people to.

Those who don't want to confront the Zionist problem are directly responsible for this; Nazism is simply a mirror-image reaction to the economic and social predations of organized Jewish Zionist gangsters and their accomplices, and always was.

And who came first anyway, the Zionists or the Nazis? Didn't Hitler simply apply Zionist tactics to Germany...victimism mixed with racial supremacy? Clearly, he learned nearly everything he knew from Zionists and Jewish Bolsheviks...which is yet another example of how the behavior, methods and tactics of fascist tribal Jews have always been the principle root of "anti-Semitism."

So now we have Greek fascists playing by the same tactics as the Jews, and asking themselves if the Jews can have their own sovereign homeland, why can't the Greeks have theirs? But I guess the Jewish Zionists don't want competition from a non-kosher fascist movement. They thought they had the moral rights to fascism at this point all sewn up and requiring a kosher stamp of approval before going mainstream (like neocon and Israeli fascism have).

I'm not sure why Zionists snakes think others can't play by the rules they do, but these ""Chosen Race" types never have been known for their lack of psychotic tribal narcissism.

Don't the Greeks know that non-Jews are aren't human beings, and hence not entitled to any Zionist-free sovereignty? Only Jews are fully developed human beings, and hence entitled to both sovereignty and dominion over non-Jews (Zionist Jews believe).

Judeo-supremacists think about non-Jews like humans think about monkeys. The idea that non-Jews should have sovereignty seems as absurd to them as the idea that monkeys should have sovereignty. (And still Jewry claims to wonder why it's so hated and "persecuted." The real question is how its lasted as long as it has, given its murderous racism and arrogance.)


In Zionist Israel, even the left is a willing party to ethnic cleansing, apartheid and messianic state racism

So much for the politically correct claims from the multiculturalists that "Judaism isn't the problem, Zionism is." If even left-wing Jews are drooling racists, and they are, clearly there's something about the unrestrained Jewish culture and ideology that, at its core, cultivates tribal fascism.

Ah, but to criticize the Jews is to engage in "conspiracy theory."

Indeed, perhaps the racist, apartheid Jewish state is just one big anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

Israel? What's that? Some anti-Semitic caricature of the Jews from the Protocols?

And the Israel lobby and Jewish Neoconservatism? Same thing.

After all, the Diaspora Jews can do no wrong. They're a "Nation of Priests" and "History's All Time Greatest Victims" due to jealousy over their sublime moral superiority, not mentally ill racists with delusions of grandeur and "choseness."

Sorry, but it is the culture, stupid. And the cult that follows. And there's no enforceable law out there that the Jews are God's Chosen Race who must be liked by all and that Israel has a God given right to welfare and wars to enforce its Chosen Race existence. 

What's so shocking is the idea that somehow it's shocking that a lot of people don't like or support racist Jewry. That this is seen as so taboo just goes to show how deeply Zionist/Jewish supremacist propaganda has penetrated so much of the modern Western consciousness.

The Jewish Donors Behind the Foundation for Defense of Democracies
In case there are still doubts about the Jewish nature of neoconservatism, a recent article “Documents Shed Light On Those Underwriting The Foundation For Defense Of Democracies” by Eli Clifton at Think Progress should clear things up. The FDD supports all the past and future wars in the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Iran. It supports “the Bush administration’s militant “war on terror” and policies espoused by Israel’s right wing Likud party.” Yet the FDD statement of purpose completely omits any mention of Israel. Touring their website would lead one to believe that there is no connection at all to Israel or anything Jewish.

All of the identifiable donors to The Foundation for Defense of Democracies are Jews, including a host of well-known Jewish activists like Edgar M. Bronfman ($1,050,000) and Michael Steinhardt ($850,000)...
It's funny how Jewry on the one hand complains about its supposed persecution down through the ages, but has always had its hand in warmongering and war profiteering. You'd think it would have occurred to them by now that there are ties between playing with fire and getting burned, but I guess psychopaths who are utterly convinced they're a "Chosen Race" are always able to convince themselves that the rules that apply to everyone else don't apply to them...yet another example of how Jewish cultural delusions of racial supremacism are at the root of most of Jewry's travails down through the ages.

Of course, it's not in Zionism's interests to admit that, but rather to claim Jewry is picked on for no reason other than because it's "different."

Yeah, it's different all's run by a enduring cabal of psychotically racist and murderous Zionists.

International poll finds a plurality of 46 percent considers Israel the biggest theat to the Mideast

Of course Israel is the biggest threat to the Middle East, because not only is it engaged in the ethnic cleansing the Palestinians, not only does it regularly engage in fascist attacks against its neighbors like the Gaza war, not only did it play a huge role in manufacturing the "evidence" of WMD that was used to lie the U.S. into Mideast wars, but additionally it's got a subversive Diaspora Zionist fifth column in the U.S. that pushed the U.S. into the Iraq war, is trying to push the U.S. into a war with Iran, and is hell bent on starting WWIII.

The best way to stop Israel is to stop its neo-fascist, Messianic Zionist fifth column in the U.S., and to put its members on trial for treason against the American people.

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