Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Message From Chris Moore: Between posts on, please follow me on Reddit

As I continue to distill my thinking and writing down to a coherent and actionable anti-Zionist, pro-Western Civilization philosophy, between Libertarian Today and essays, please follow my posts, quips, thoughts, ideas and opinions (and clashes with agitated Zionists) on, where I post as Ijob911.

And don't forget to register and use the upvote button on reddit to counter the downvote brigades organized there by the Tribe to suppress critical posts and discussion about Israel, its Diaspora Zionist fifth column in the U.S., and their corrupt "Judas Class" lackeys and drooling useful idiots. -- Chris Moore


Anonymous said...

Good to see that you haven't given up. I'm not interested in Reddit, but I'll keep track of you elsewhere.

Chris Moore said...

"Given up"? No, as the line goes, "I'm just getting warmed up."

And reddit is a good place keep in shape, mostly sparring with Jew-lackey, Judeophile "liberal" rubes who don't know they're useful idiots...the left-wing equivelent of Judeo-"Christian" Zionist rubes.

The collapsing, schizo, Judaized, West has produced nothing so much as "dumb" and "dumber" because it needs easy-pickings for the Zionist Ponzi scheme...all of which Zionist Jewry is increasingly desperate to paper over with WW III.

Anonymous said...

The Jews at reddit have shadowbanned your account:

Anonymous said...